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  1. i heard its pretty bad.
  2. HI! im looking into buying a digital copy of the new God of War, where i live the game costs 93$, so im looking to get it for 60 without getting a physical copy. I found on Bestbuy a digital code for sale but it says this on the digital code page (Electronic Download) "Download: Instructions to redeem this item are usually e-mailed within 1 hour. A BestBuy.com account is required to purchase. Download in US only. Non-returnable. " i was wondering whether its safe to get the game off here (i don't live in the US), like will it cause any issues or something?
  3. so ive had my LG V30+ for about 3 weeks now and have had a bevy of issues, from the speakers not working to the phone scratching easily to the headphone jack not working after applying a Dbrand Skin. should i go to the store and ask them to replace my model with a new one or something else? THANKS!
  4. Hi! so i have an LG V30 i bought 3 weeks ago, today 10 minutes ago i applied a Dbrand Skin with the Phone On (accidentally), since then my phone will only register 1 earphone, like if i connect a pair of headphones only 1 earpiece will work. will this fix itself? or should i go to a professional?
  5. Hello! I've recently bought an LG V30+ and went on Amazon to get a tempered glass screen protector and discovered that they are all pretty bad filled with fake reviews, only real good ones i found cost around 50$ and that is a bit too much for me, so i started looking into silicon screen protectors. but i was wondering how effective is a Silicon Screen Protector? i tend to drop my phone and i don't want the glass to break or scratch. my previous phone, the Nexus 6P, would always have a Tempered Glass Screen Protector on it and i changed around a dozen in the 2.5 years i owned it. so i was wondering if it's a good idea to get a Silicon Screen Protector? (considering everything i mentioned), how good are they? do they actually protect your phones from falls? (i use a case either way with my screen protector)
  6. Longshot

    Could A D-Brand Skin make my Phone Snippier?

    it came today ill put it on my phone and update if it changed anything
  7. heres the thing, considering how verizon customers already have the update, the update is already complete. what are the chances it will reach all other LG V30s (Unlocked and Locked)?
  8. Longshot

    Best 144hz Monitor for 200$-250$?

    Great! whats it called?
  9. Longshot

    Best 144hz Monitor for 200$-250$?

    im looking for a good monitor that is 144hz with good colors
  10. Longshot

    Asus VG248QE or BenQ Zowie XL2411

    Which has better colors \ looks better i play almost exclusively single player games
  11. Longshot

    Could A D-Brand Skin make my Phone Snippier?

    ya as in more Slippery
  12. Hi! I've just bought an LG V30 and was looking into getting my first phone skin, I thought about getting the White Marble and was wondering if it could make my phone slippier. (i know its a dumb question)
  13. i dont know i was simply wondering atm, i didnt check anything yet. is there one it might work with?
  14. so ive recently gotten an LG V30 and im not a huge fan of LGs OS so ive been looking into installing Stock Android onto it. but i wondered if i do install it, will i lose the Headphone Jacks Hi-Fi audio feature?
  15. Longshot

    LG V30 vs Pixel 2 XL?

    was wondering which is considered better? THANKS!