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    i5 2500k @ 4,2 GHz
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    gigabyte z68ma-d2h-b3
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    kingstone 8GB 1333MHz
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    gigabyte R9 280 @ 1100MHz
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    Some cheap case for 20 Euro
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    westerndigital caviar blue 7200rpm 1 TB
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    Seasonic 600W 80%Bronze
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    24" LG 24MP55HQ
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    collermaster Hyper tx3 push-pull + 2 ARCTIC F9 Low Speed 92mm and 2 AIREN Red Wings 80 as case fans
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    Windows 7 64bit ultimate

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  1. I see a 0% increase in non Amd games and a 19% increase in an Amd optimized game... Som joke's on you.
  2. Nope, they said it is about 25% faster than a Vega64 not the rtx 2080. They specifically said it's in Paar with a rtx 2080.
  3. They have never shown any performance numbers, where the radeon 7 would be 20%+ faster than the rtx 2080. What they did, is basically thrn being on paar.
  4. It definitely does not have a disabled CCX, any core count would be made in a linear fashion. So for a 12c CPU it means, that they are using two six-core dies. It also makes more sense in terms of yields. Using defective dies for such a multi chip approach reduces costs in the long run. And they can be binned for speed, so we shouldn't sacrifice singlethreaded performance.
  5. Amd is actually growing in the GPU market, currently they have about 36% of the market and Nvidia has lost some share. And if you take into account how many GPUs they have sold via consoles, than it's a totally different ballgame.
  6. Nah, the next slide actually talks about nda and stuff and the one for the coffee lake family lifts on October, so Q4 release with limited availability https://www.cnews.cz/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/intel-roadmapa-procesory-cervenec-2018-hkepc-01.png
  7. The first sentence in the roadmap literally says that intel is going to start manufacturing those 8c/16t CPUs at the end of Q3... Not that they are going to release them.
  8. Why now? Those eight core CPUs are not coming out in Q3, so, yeah...
  9. Could be a power limitation, my gtx 965m exceeds the limit of my power supply when I overclock it. Is your laptop plugged in, when you are gaming?
  10. I expect a marginal, maybe 10-15% increase over the Pascal generation, something similar to the Fermi generation.
  11. The gtx 1080 is basically on par with Vega 64, although the second one consumes much more power. Vega 56 is faster or equally fast as the gtx 1070. Rx 580 faster than the gtx 1060 6GB. Rx 570 faster than the gtx 1060 3GB. The rx 560 1024 competes well with the gtx 1050-1050ti. And the rx 550 trades blows with the gtx 1030.
  12. Tell me how is there a lack of competition, when Amd actually has a similarly or brtter performing card in almost every price segment, except for the absolute high end.
  13. You are, AMDs GPUs are great at undervolting and in the case of laptops, everyone should just undervolt their CPUs. Skylake, kaby Lake and coffee lake are great at it and you can reduce your temperatures by 5-10 °C.
  14. Wtf are you talking about? Clock for clock, Amd is about 3% behind intel, there are only two reasons why intel is better let's say at gaming. They use higher clockspeeds and they are using a ring bus architecture which has lower latencies between cores when compared to AMDs infinity fabric and latencies between two ccxs. That's the only reason why Amd is behind, where have you found that type of information about the ipc difference? Do you even know what ipc means?