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  1. So I bought an 06 Yaris, toyed with that for a month, crashed it into Riley's car, sold it for about the same I paid for it and now I sold my CX-5 and I got a Prius Prime. Not spending on gas is great thanks Btw holy fug the panel gaps on Hondas lately.
  2. XMP profiles, much like auto overclocks are very hit or miss. Try setting the XMP specs yourself and see if the PC behaves the same. My kit worked on a mobo but didn't work on another, it wasn't representative of the RAM kit not meeting spec. Not to say it's impossible that you have a RAM not meeting spec. It's an approved kit, right? Asus' BIOS for the Ryzen 3000 series has apparently not been that good either. Have you updated by any chance? You're running on X470 rather than 570 so I'd want to think so but it's worth making sure.
  3. Yes? It's not a #1 but I've encountered it and not just because I work here. Whatsapp and FBM definitely trump it for usage but yeah.
  4. Empty the D. (into another drive or whatever) (sorry not super helpful but I couldn't help myself)
  5. I made a Terraria reference? Edit: oh, yeah no.
  6. You can daisy chain some of them. I think some APC models allow for it.
  7. It really isn't fixed but go right ahead.
  8. You can reference the change lists of the updates that followed it to know if it will affect anything else.
  9. Yes so long as you want to resolve your issue. Being on the cutting edge of updates is really not always better and can cause more headaches (namely, the ones you're experiencing) at times. Just keep on the lookout for future updates addressing this bug. Nvidia releases patch notes and they've already fixed some of the multi-display problems in the newest patch, just not all of them.
  10. Here's the page if you want to find old drivers. https://www.nvidia.com/download/find.aspx Try this one, it's 399. https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/137727/en-us
  11. It should replace it, hence my reference ot the "clean uninstall" option in the installer.
  12. Download the older drivers straight off the Nvidia site and perform a clean install. There should be an "archive" submenu.
  13. Yes. A lot of us have run into those issues here and at home. My workaround since Adobe requires those drivers be updated so far is to either not run the 2019 updates or to... Run Quadros with enterprise drivers that haven't been affected (the regular update stream is), lol.
  14. DDU is not necessary @CharminUltraStrong. The Nvidia clean install option will do in this case. But for your info @DrThots, DDU is a piece of third party software that does full/clean uninstallations of drivers.
  15. So you have an Nvidia GPU as predicted. You would actually need to roll back the drivers if you don't want to have to deal with this until Nvidia fixes the problems it's been accumulating with multi-display setups and DisplayPort since I believe the September or October update.
  16. Allow me a guess: You have an Nvidia GPU and are running the 410+ series drivers as well?
  17. Original Core 2 Extreme (another variant was later added) iMac 2007 24 Macbook Pro 15 2007 Various editions of the iPod Nano iPhone 6s+ Macbook Pro 15 Retina, 3 revisions. Best was the 750 based one. I haven't bought a laptop since having sold my last one. The iMac's screen eventually yellowed but was sold nonetheless 4 years into its ownership period. The Macbook Pro had a GPU issue not covered by their program so I parted it out. All the iPods were sold. The 6s+ was sold. The first Retina had image retention issues. The second one was great but I switched out to an AMD model thinking Apple would have it in order; it had worse D2D battery life than the outgoing model and would heat up like mad. I bought my mom a Macbook Pro 13 and it developed a screen delamination problem (fixed under repair program) followed by a logic board issue, but worth noting the techs did a bad QC job because her half her keyboard lights wouldn't light up when we got it back. Apple offered to repair this issue but we never got around to it. We could probably get it repaired in full now. Worst experience was definitely having to buy new Macbook Power bricks all the time because my cat learned that he could wake me up/get my attention by chewing on cables. We sort of braided the most exposed ones over time but holy replacing the units over all these years cost me a ton. I can't remember the last time I've had a component fail in a PC I've built. I've had weird software issues beyond my control or degradation but otherwise they're all still operational. Some were sold to community members so I wouldn't know what the long-term on them is but most are still within my family so yeah.
  18. Fallout 76 PC beta is out today Unpredictable behavior 2.mp4
  19. I don't want to be that guy, but this is a political stance. The poll in of itself is also political, factoring the question/and the limited answers. You can't really get away from it. Your belief does not address arrangements outside of employments or revenue obtained from investment income. This is important because the question is about income, not wages or salaries. The poll's question does not account from everyone participant's context (e.g. cost of living variance due to social, economical and political differences). You're just asked what the top and bottom earning tiers should be, assumingly to establish a certain level of equality in income distribution. OP's accompanying message is different, though. That message calls for clarifications from the participants of this poll. I'm not even sure why there's a poll people instead of asking them to just share their thoughts while factoring in their local differences (perceived and otherwise) since that's ultimately the point. The answers, poll or otherwise, will give you a glimpse into the politics of every participant and will become political by nature, just like you've given us insight into your politics. I think the only advice I can give is to keep this a level-headed discussion. Respect your peers. We all have different opinions and that's what makes us who we are.