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  1. Partner directed me to this thread and I just wonder why nobody here's asked lol
  2. So I bought an 06 Yaris, toyed with that for a month, crashed it into Riley's car, sold it for about the same I paid for it and now I sold my CX-5 and I got a Prius Prime. Not spending on gas is great thanks Btw holy fug the panel gaps on Hondas lately.
    1. Red :)

      Red :)

      Context: The picture before the twins picture was a picture of a pot.

  3. XMP profiles, much like auto overclocks are very hit or miss. Try setting the XMP specs yourself and see if the PC behaves the same. My kit worked on a mobo but didn't work on another, it wasn't representative of the RAM kit not meeting spec. Not to say it's impossible that you have a RAM not meeting spec. It's an approved kit, right? Asus' BIOS for the Ryzen 3000 series has apparently not been that good either. Have you updated by any chance? You're running on X470 rather than 570 so I'd want to think so but it's worth making sure.
  4. Yes? It's not a #1 but I've encountered it and not just because I work here. Whatsapp and FBM definitely trump it for usage but yeah.
  5. Empty the D. (into another drive or whatever) (sorry not super helpful but I couldn't help myself)
  6. I made a Terraria reference? Edit: oh, yeah no.
  7. You can daisy chain some of them. I think some APC models allow for it.
  8. It really isn't fixed but go right ahead.
  9. You can reference the change lists of the updates that followed it to know if it will affect anything else.