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  1. Windows XP Build

    Get something based on Core2Duo/Quad, Athlon X2/X4 or Phenom II. I'd stick with anything Radeon 7000 series or lower, or Nvidia 600 series or lower as far as GPU. And of course 4GB RAM max for 32-bit systems. Intel and Crucial include driver/software support to allow for TRIM under XP on their SSD's as well. Unfortunately we still have the odd XP machine I have to support at work so its the bane of my existence. I started using XP when it was project Whistler back in 2000. I'm happy to never see it again personally
  2. You don't need pictures on your desktop like that 'lol.png', or .rar files, word docs and .exe's that I can see in there. You don't need random shortcuts to stuff like 'nuclear prank' on your desktop Half those shortcuts can be pinned to your taskbar like Spotify and Gyazo and your browser shortcuts Get rid of the rest of the shortcuts. I'm sure things like VMware Workstation and Steam run on startup and are in your tray. Stop trying to make it look like OS-X Half those game shortcuts on your desktop, you can get to by right clicking the game launcher in the tray.
  3. Active Directory Question(s)

    Active Directory would be safer, in terms of the fact that you wouldnt have users with local admin to do whatever they wanted. You could also integrate it with a proxy to increase your web security as well, and you would know the machines are up to date as far as patches. As for Windows 10 "Automatic Updates", that's not a thing on Domains. You set your Group Policies, and setup a SCCM/WSUS server to push updates to your Windows 10 machines. Typically you push Defender updates daily, Microsoft security roll ups monthly, and theres an annual release for major version upgrades, which you might want to do once a year as a package via Configuration Manager - the latest is 1709 You can truely control who has admin access to their machine, what they can install on it or what folders they can access, where programs can run from, etc....if anything you're adding security. You just need to ensure that you properly secure your AD Forest. e.g have Domain Admin groups, and strong passwords for local admin accounts on the AD servers and put the right policies in place for the various domain roles. Also you should have a minimum of 2 AD servers if not 3 in a forest of that size for maintaining integrity of your directory database, and make sure you have a tested backup system....last thing you want is to not have a restore point should something happen to your forest. You should also typically restrict the services that run on the AD controllers. For a domain that size you'd probably want Active Directory, DHCP & DNS on there. Everything else should be on different servers. Keep in mind, you dont need to lock absolutely everything down. You could allow everyone local admin on desktop machines so they can do whatever they like to them as they currently do. But essentially youre just centralizing authentication and updates.
  4. Server PSU Brands

    Athena are great as well, used a few of them. The Zippy ones are on Amazon, can see this one from iPC Direct who are a popular seller for server hardware: https://www.amazon.com/Zippy-P2M-5800V-800w-Power-Supply/dp/B008NF3H04
  5. As @Electronics Wizardy pointed out, i'd be very careful with getting 8TB Seagates out of external enclosures. From experience with SMR (Shingled) drives, you do NOT want these in a RAID. While reading off them is consistant, theyre designed as long term storage devices, and writing to them is extremely inconsistant. I have some Seagate Archives at home, and they drop as low as a few KB/s in sequential write. Make sure you're using PMR drives. WD Easystores used to have whitelabel WD Red's in them, but I believe now have been swapped for HGST He8's, which while they do have TLER disabled by default and it is recommended for ZFS still, ZFS deals with a lack of TLER better than a hardware raid.
  6. Personally I would go for a RocketRAID 2760A: https://www.amazon.com/HighPoint-RocketRAID-2760A-PCI-Express-Controller/dp/B004HIN8NW That way you get 24 ports at 6Gbps with only a single card to worry about. I'm running a raid controller with a Intel RES2SV240 which is a 6Gbps SAS Expander, but theyre quite expensive and they only give you 20 ports out since you need to use 1 port as the uplink to your HBA. The Backblaze's use the Rocket 750 but thats probably a bit overkill for this build given it supports 40 lanes
  7. Server PSU Brands

    I've never gone wrong with Zippy. Seasonic also do 1U & 2U PSU's
  8. Windows 10 cpu clock speed issue.

    I'm going to beat the dead horse. So in your active power plan, under Processor Power Management, you have maximum processor state set to 100% for "On battery"?
  9. Installing Win 10 and goes back to Bios

    Check in your bios that your M.2 mode is set to SATA. Also you just have the M.2 drive plugged in? Not trying to plug anything else into SATA port 1?
  10. Windows actually Getting Worse??

    Thats cool, you know Edge has an 'Import from another browser' function, which can import your Favorites and Passwords from Chrome? It can also sync to Edge on Windows Phone, Android and iOS...(even Mac)? Chrome doesn't actually have an adblocker, I assume you're talking about ABP (Adblocker Plus)? The plugin is on Edge as well. I also use Chrome, because I've been using it for about a decade as well - and used to do a lot of Unix work so would sync Chrome on my Linux desktop as well. Also when I used to do a lot of dev, Chrome (and Firefox) had much better developer toolsets. The one thing Edge doesn't have is an x86_64 Linux version - it has to be run under WINE. But the point is for many Edge is a perfectly fine solution and its in every way just as capable as Firefox and Chrome
  11. Windows actually Getting Worse??

    Yes, they want you to use Edge, on their own OS? Edge btw is the fastest of the 4 core browsers and was the first to introduce a number of features - have you even given it a chance? It's been the first to support several new standards such as HEVC with PlayReady 3.0 hence to watch Netflix 4K in browser, you had to use Edge before Firefox & Chrome caught up. Edge has also been ahead of Firefox as far as html5 compatibility and second only to Chrome. It has all of the add-on support and cloud syncing functionality of the other browsers. But no one is forcing you to use it, and it takes 2 seconds to switch your defaults back after a major update which only happens once a year.
  12. Windows actually Getting Worse??

    You don't have to setup a PIN - there was a link to skip it. But you can remove it under Settings > Users and Accounts I don't have background processes running for games and windows store apps other than my Spotify which I installed and want running. Maybe try checking under Task Manager > Startup and see if they are in there to disable. But i've not had it installing apps I don't want too. Havent tries this, will need to test it My opinion is that its still in a transition to WUApp's , and each iteration theyre stripping away the older legacy ways of launching things, and moving closer towards their new "universal" environment. Theyve been running new and legacy in parallel since they switched to the new interface in Windows 8, so if anything they've actually been stripping a lot out of it. The only additions i've really noticed is Cortana. I don't believe MS should "just add what ever they want" but theyre still in a transition phase with Windows 10, and still have a lot of the old legacy stuff to remove. I couldnt care less about the telemetry, theyve been doing telemetry reporting since Windows 7. In the corporate world you can disable that stuff via GPO's and push out reg keys, and personally at home I don't care. It's not personal data, and I have much of it disabled anyway. If you don't think every single app on your iPhone/Android is doing some sort of telemetry reporting in some way then you're disillusioned. Theres much wrose out there than Microsoft. Facebook? YouTube? Google? even LTT with these forums will be collating your data to improve target audience.
  13. I used to live in West Sydney so I know exactly what you meany by "it gets hot" and I know thats nothing compared to parts of WA Anyway as above, new fans can make a huge difference to older gear. I got a new Cisco switch which was absolutely buzzing from the noise the fans made. The network is on the other side of the house and I could hear them whiring at night. I got some fresh replacements and its practically silent now. It's a pretty standard line that if you open the PSU's they are null and void. Have you checked to see if there's any sort of warrant seal sticker? If not maybe open it anyway and check what brand fans they are. Many 1U PSU's and network gear use SUNON 40mm fans, so theyre super easy to get hold of on eBay if thats the case and....they even have a silent range of fans (which is what I got for my switch). The best thing you can do with Storage is put them in as ventilated an area as you can, to stop those fans from ramping up. Does the place have a garage? Have you considered patching through to there?
  14. I wouldn't replace my Desktop with one because im a gamer at heart, but having worked with our Unix teams - one of them has a Chromebook with the latest ChromeOS which is a very feature reach environment these days. Theyre awesome in that a hardware failure, theft or a catastrophic issue that results in a refresh isnt a problem, practically everything done on it just resyncs back. Using my mates one on the entire day it easily lasted the 8 hours at work. And its just such a clean interface. As far as a tablet OS, I would highly recommend it over Android.
  15. It doesn't sound like an installer, it sounds like you're executing the shell program. Thats exactly the behavior to be expected. You don't double click shell programs. You open Command Prompt, navigate to the path of the .exe, and then execute the program commands. e.g