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  1. Windows server in a VM?

    Who buys $6500 worth of drives, and can't spend $100 on a decent controller?
  2. We get that occasionally. You will probably need someone to power cycle the server to correct it for now. May also want to check what version firmware the server is running - it may need an update.
  3. Dell PowerEdge R710 for video rendering?

    an i7 3770K OC'd will render just as fast as 2 X56xx CPU's. Let alone a 4790K or newer. Theres also E5-2670's (8C/16T) CPU's for a really good price which will smash all of them if you can find a decent price LGA2011 board.
  4. Synchronise Primary Server

    You're talking about HA (High Availability) or DRS (Disaster Recovery). In the Hyper-V world its called Failover Clustering I believe. You can use SCVMM to migrate a VM if you find you need to balance the load between the nodes.
  5. Servers

    RedHat / CentOS: https://www.howtoforge.com/samba-server-installation-and-configuration-on-centos-7 Debian / Ubuntu / Mint: http://linux-sys-adm.com/ubuntu-16.04-lts-how-to-install-and-configure-samba/
  6. https://www.amazon.com/TS-431X-2G-USARM-based-Hardware-Encryption-1-7GHz-10GbE/dp/B06WP2K3LM
  7. If it looks much nicer, then it sounds like you're either using an old media pc with old graphics interface or are using lower quality / older video codecs. I personally have an HTPC in the lounge with an i3 KabyLake installed with the sharky007 codec/filter pack, and have the latest version of Kodi (XBMC) running which I have with its own library from network shares off the NAS. I also have a Plex server which allows me to transcode to devices that don't have the power to playback 1080p DTS or 4K content, and it also gives me the ability to 1) Play my library in a Netflix type interface from work when im not busy, and 2) To share my library with friends and family.
  8. Well I know that FreeNAS is BSD - i deal with Linux, BSD, Solaris, etc....at work - but his options were all Full Linux distros, my point was that he doesn't need to go for a full linux distro, when there are stripped down dedicated NAS builds available with virtualization features. Don't sweat the small stuff, like the guys that constantly keep having to point out redundancy isnt backup
  9. This is basically it ^ And mdadm is extremely robust, theres a reason that most QNAP's & Synology's are built on it. It just doesn't have the more advanced filesystem features of ReFS, BTRFS or ZFS. Since you don't want Windows for some reason, ReFS with Storage Spaces is out. There are many Linux options out there which can run Plex - you don't necessarily have to go with a full Linux distro with the likes of FreeNAS, unRAID, Rockstor, etc...and their support for VM's, Dockers & Containers. Personally i'm not a fan of Mint - my top picks currently for a server OS are Debian 9, Centos 7+ or Ubuntu 14.04+
  10. Until you realise 6 months down the line, there are still no AM4 boards with official ECC support....
  11. You'll need to decide on your filesystem first - as that will determine your hardware, and partially your OS. Personally i'm quite happy running a hardware RAID in RAID6 - using a LSI 9271-8i with a RES2SV240 expander with 12 drives. If I was looking at larger drives though i'd probably go with ZFS on Linux, since my rebuild time is already approx 5 days.
  12. Cheap VPN Server Build

    Get a Synology NAS then and configure a VPN server in DSM: https://www.synology.com/en-global/knowledgebase/DSM/help/VPNCenter/vpn_setup
  13. Cheap VPN Server Build

    A VPN server isn't a storage server, its a gateway. How much storage are you looking at?
  14. 2 x E5540's (2 x 4C/8T) render at the same rate as my i7 3770K - so i imagine rendering with 2 x X56xx's is still slower and less efficient than a more modern CPU like KabyLake or Ryzen. As for GPU's, more cores (CUDA / Stream) is more important than VRAM. As for memory, more memory is better. I can easily saturate my 32GB when im rendering videos. I'd go at least 16GB PSU, Case, Cooler, etc...doesn't really matter
  15. 2U Server case with 4-5 double slot GPU support

    5 GPU's and 6 HDD's is a hell of an order for a 2U especially supporting an SSI EEB motherboard. Rosewill make a 4U case for mining (if you dont require pci-e bandwidth), but you'd have to make your own custom HDD mounts for it. There are 2U cases from the likes of PNY but theyre very expensive and come as a barebones at the minimum, as theyre for AI learning machines.