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    I love lamp
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    New Zealand
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    Engineer / Support Analyst


  • CPU
    i7 3770K
  • Motherboard
    EVGA Z77 FTW
  • RAM
    32GB Corsair Vengeance 1600
  • GPU
    2 x EVGA GTX1070FTW
  • Case
    Corsair 600T (White)
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    2x256GB Samsung 850EVO / 4TB WD Black
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    OCZ ZX 1250w
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    Samsung U28D590D 28" 4K
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    Corsair H105 / 3 x Corsair SP120's / NZXT 200mm
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    Ducky Shine 3 (MX Blues w/o-rings)
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    Corsair M50 / A4Tech X7 Gaming
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    Microlab Solo 7C's | Steelseries Siberia 350's
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Jarsky

    Decent server deals [Link]

    Aint that the truth. Even a "cheap" case like the Norco RPC-4224 you wont get landed in NZ for much less than around $1000 NZ. Let alone some of the heavier Supermicro chassis/barebones
  2. Jarsky

    H200 Flash to IT mode

    It should say what Firmware/ROM its running during POST. Are you sure you're looking at the right info, as Logitech does absolutely nothing with disk controllers....maybe you're looking at firmware to do with an accessory plugged in? You might be able to query the card with megacli as well or possibly MegaRAID Manager megarec or sas2flash may be able to give you the info as well if you query for adapters.
  3. Jarsky

    FreeNAS raidz1 expansion

    not a good sign, but yeah an SSD is fairly pointless on a 1Gbit network unless you're doing a lot of Random I/O which you wouldnt really be doing with a media server. So yup definately invest in the hdd's rather than ssd's.
  4. Jarsky

    no ipv4 address was found for the dns name entered

    So you're trying to add an external DNS source as your recursive? I believe you might need to open UDP port 53 on your firewall - some ISP's don't allow that to be open on consumer connections either because of DNS amplification attacks.
  5. Jarsky

    Twitch VOD error #2000

    Well it does sound like something specific to your computers network configuration. As PrinceNorris said, check your DNS and what you have configured....there are some types of malware that work by changing your DNS to their DNS servers, which could be misdirecting your traffic when you play VOD's. Go into your adapter Properties, click on TCP/IPv4 and click Properties. Besides looking at the General configuration, click on the "Advanced..." button and check under the DNS tab to ensure theres nothing in there. The advanced config should be blank. Worse case scenario, you can also try resetting the entire TCP Network stack Firstly try this: 1. In the search box on the taskbar, type Command prompt, press and hold (or right-click) Command prompt, and then select Run as administrator > Yes. 2. At the command prompt, run the following commands in the listed order, and then check to see if that fixes your connection problem: Type netsh winsock reset and press Enter. Type netsh int ip reset and press Enter. Type ipconfig /release and press Enter. Type ipconfig /renew and press Enter. Type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter. If that doesnt work, Windows 10 has a feature to reset ALL network. Open "Network & Internet Settings" > click on Network Reset
  6. Jarsky

    Questions before I wire my house

    Genreally i've always done more than 1 run of CAT cable to a point, incase one goes bad then you have a spare. If I take my old home as an example, from the networking closet (with my switch, router, servers, nas, etc..) I installed a patch panel, and ran 2 cat6 to every bedroom, and 2 to the lounge. In the lounge I had another switch mounted to the back of the theater cabinet for the Xbox, PS4, TV, HTPC, Receiver, etc...to plug into.
  7. Jarsky

    Wireless Ping Spikes?

    So that ping is all over the place and then you're losing connection...have you checked with a Wifi Analyzer to see what channels have the least interference, and make sure your router is broadcasting on that channel? Have you changed anything in the house....e.g cordless phones, position of router/extender, etc? have you tried dropping back to 802.11g to see if its more stable than 802.11n? it doesnt have MIMO so its half the speed, but could stabilize it. A "ghetto" solution or a way to test if its your strength can be to cut out some cardboard "sails" and line them with tinfoil (or use some disposable tinfoil trays) and put them around your routers antennas to direct more signal strength towards your extender...it looks stupid, but this can make a huge difference since routers have Omni-directional antenna
  8. Jarsky

    FreeNAS raidz1 expansion

    awesome, look forward to an update
  9. Jarsky

    How to troubleshoot 2.4G signal dropouts?

    It doesnt need to be, if they have devices like phones or computer with steam, origin, etc...open then something could be trying to update and if the device is further away then the router can increase its Tx power. Part of my job is managing some Prison networks, I can tell you that signal blocking is a real thing Correct, you would still need your router for doing routing, dns relay, dhcp, etc... You'd just be using your existing router for everything *except* wifi. Personally I use a Unifi USG as my router, with a Unifi Switch, and Unifi AP's but only because I'm getting Unifi Security Cameras as well but this is more of a power user setup as I have network attached storage (NAS). The Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD is in your list which is a base router with 2 mesh points which is more suitable to standard consumers, but I believe currently they still haven't enabled the USB port for HDD use unfortunately.
  10. Jarsky

    How to troubleshoot 2.4G signal dropouts?

    Updating a single end device won't be causing network wide wifi drop outs. So the best channel is 1, do you have a lot of wifi devices around you? Are you seeing a lot of saturation with the wifi analyzer? If not, have you got any other wireless technology such as cordless phones (which operate in the 2.4Ghz)? If so can you change the channel those are on? It seems odd to be having the issue with 2 different routers, hence asking environmental questions as often this is where the problem is if you havent changed anything in your setup. Curious if a neighbour has got new gear that may be causing contention. Also instead of a new router, have you looked at Wireless AP solutions? Personally I have a Unifi setup with a Ubiquiti Unifi nanoHD and it is rock solid stable, even to the other side of the property (800m2) I still get 100Mbit
  11. Jarsky

    USB to Ethernet Adapter

    are you getting bits & bytes mixed up? 5Mbps = 600KB/s - 5MBps = 5MB/s (40Mbit) If its 5-10Mbps then you're at the bottom end of that range, but within range... USB2.0 theoretically has more than enough bandwidth to max out 10Mbps
  12. Jarsky

    Wireless Ping Spikes?

    Test it by running ping to your router instead of google. So run ping -t (or whatever the IP is of your router) If you're unsure what the IP is, run "ipconfig /all" in your command prompt, and its the "Gateway Address" under your wifi adapter. If its still high, then check your Resource monitor as something is possibly downloading updates which is congesting your wifi connection.
  13. Jarsky

    How to troubleshoot 2.4G signal dropouts?

    I'm assuming you have all 802.11b/g/n standards enabled? Do you have any devices connecting at b or g, or are they all just n? If so, do they get disconnected as well when this happens? Since the AC88U is a MIMO device, have you tried changing the width from 20Mhz to 40Mhz? Also have you used a Wifi Analyzer to see what channels around you are saturated and to see what the dB rating is around your common areas? A reading of -60dB or lower should be pretty rock stable. WifiMan by Ubiquiti is really good.
  14. Jarsky

    FreeNAS raidz1 expansion

    When you're needing to extend in FreeNAS, you go into the Pool Manager, select the existing pool and go to Extend which will take you to select the Physical disks for the "Virtual Drive"....simply select 4 new disks to add, and it should automatically default to raidz1 - then just click Extend. You'll then see the new raidz1 under the pool...it should look something like <pool name> ---> raidz1-0 ---> raidz1-1 Just to clarify, it is the vdev that has the raid level (raidz1) The zpool can be expanded by adding additional vdev's. The zpool data will only be striped across multiple vdevs when the vdev's are deemed to be equal by FreeNAS. Until then it will write data only to the empty vdev. As each vdev is its own raidz1, you can only lose 1 disk in each vdev. If you lose 2 disks in a vdev, you lose all data in that vdev - which includes any files striped across it as above If you lose 1 disk in each vdev, your data is at risk but available. As stated above, you can expand the vdev itself by swapping out the 2TB's for larger disks 1 at a time and rebuilding. Once all disks in the vdev have been swapped and rebuilt, then you can expand the dataset across the entire logical disk.
  15. Generally its best practice not to virtualize your router, especially with a single hypervisor host. You'll have no network connectivity while you're doing maintenance on the ESXi host. And if it goes down, your entire network is down while you're getting ESXi and its VM's back up and running. If you do virtualize it, you'll also want to have the pfSense VM start up first so that routes/vlan's/etc... are initialized to avoid issues with your VM's when they start up.