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  1. Is this server any good?

    You sure they are SATA drives? Typically those servers are SAS drives, so it wont work in your PC if so
  2. Which VMs to use on ESXi?

    You can get some more for about $30 Cant really recommend what to install, because its completely dependant on what your need is. Why run VM's that you aren't going to utilize?
  3. Storage server for all my media and general share files (i've had a fileserver of some sort since 2000 and used to share all the media with my brother over our network. I still have files on my current raid that date back to 2002). I then have all the rest of my servers setup as a cluster for my job (IT) for doing labs and testing for certifications (MCSA/RHEL/VCP/etc...) as well as hosting my own private servers for various roles like firewall and ssh hosts, seedbox, and the occasional game servers. We have fantastic internet in NZ. Maybe you'd be good to look at what you can get from Germany? It might cut down on shipping and they have a lot of ex-lease server gear for sale
  4. I can confirm, you don't need to explain ISP's too me either
  5. that depends where he is. We have unlimited gigabit fiber in NZ for NZ$130/m (US$95)
  6. I used to sell "game servers", its not worth it unless you're selling on a large scale....
  7. LTT Storage Rankings

    +50 points for the name
  8. RDP not working on Windows Server 2012 R2

    Thats fine, but you need to go to the next step if thats the case, and so on...
  9. RDP not working on Windows Server 2012 R2

    Run an ipconfig and check the ip address assigned is in the same CIDR notation as the rest of your devices. e.g 192.168.1.XXX Try and ping that IP address from another computer, if it fails then you may need to restart your modem to refresh the ARP cache. If it pings ok, tthen it is Windows configuration, and as you say 'Allow RDP Connections' is already enabled, I would test with the firewall off as suggested. If it works with the firewall off, then I would check the Network Type e.g Private, Public, Domain and confirm that your firewall rules are for the correct network.
  10. You gotta stop looking at anything that says its a 'blade' or 'unified' - because theyre designed to be inserted into a large interconnect housing with networking, fans, etc...and are extremely loud and power hungry. Also avoid any CPU's before LGA1366 E/X/L series. The consumer parts for the LGA1366 series are expensive, it is cheaper - even with ecc memory - to go for ex-lease servers. Even if you get a cheap barebones with a single E5502, and buy 2 E5540's or X5650's to swap the CPU's out. Keep in mind that servers are slower than say an old C2Q, but dual socket servers like above, can host numerous servers at the same time. You can also move up to X5670's which are 3Ghz 6C/12T CPU's. Servers also come with RAID5 SAS drives, so you can get good I/O performance on the server without running SSDs.
  11. Yes you can build a machine out of consumer parts. Is it recommended? Not for Production. The fact that this is your Domain Controller as well means its vital that its always up, especially if its holding DNS roles and locally hosting the NTDS and security logs. While you may not need the SLA of a brand new server, you could use an ex-lease server like a Dell R710, which would offer redundant PSU's, hardware level RAID protection, and remote management port (iPMI). You could even virtualise the server and run other servers on the same hardware. You'll also want to ensure you have a backup plan for your NTDS data. It's generally a good idea to have 2 DC's in an environment, primarily for fault tolerance and to maintain uptime while you're performing maintenance & backups.
  12. Im glad we got away from people using Optiplex's tucked away in corners of the office as 'servers'. That shit is so hard to support when businesses scale up. So often had desktop builds like this go down, and users expected support, then have to trace it down to switch by its IP address and snoop around the office looking in cabinets until you find it.
  13. Getting into server with no usb available

    Is the server domain joined? If so if you have domain admin rights you can either A) Access the admin share c$ and replace the file directly B) You can edit the registry path to the wallpaper to one of your choosing. C) You can create a GPO setting the wallpaper settings and apply it to that server. Of ofcourse you can do A&B if you have the local admin details Edit: If it's a proper server - if you just require physical access you can A) Plug into PS/2 or even get a Serial to PS/2 adapter or; B) Connect the management port to the switch and console into the server from another computer. You can then control it through your browser.
  14. Snagged two 1080ti this evening

    Yeah but its orders of hundreds and thousands that are draining supplies - for large mining setups, and deep learning arrays. But yeah most parts stores here have been holding stock fine with imposing limits - pretty insane the way NA is getting hit.
  15. Snagged two 1080ti this evening

    Ya, not sure this is thread worthy....here in New Zealand, our GTX 1080 Ti's are still standard retail price because most of our shops have restricted sales to 2 per customer