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  1. Prediction: RTX Cards Are Barely Faster Than Pascal

    Pretty sure they said that the 2080 Ti would be capable of 14 Tflops? For comparison, the 1080 Ti is capable of 11 Tflops, so that should be about 21% faster...
  2. PLEX Server with Multiple GPU

    If you're going to use an intel chip, try just enabling hardware acceleration and let it use the onboard graphics and quick sync. It's been supported for transcoding since Sandy Bridge.
  3. The 3570 has Intel Quick Sync - do you have a Plex Pass Subscription? If so you could try enabling Hardware-Accelerated Streaming https://support.plex.tv/articles/115002178853-using-hardware-accelerated-streaming/
  4. This is the exact reason I also have a copy of my RAID config - so in case of any issue, I have the disk position, raid type, stripe size, etc....to make my chance of recovery much easier and better.
  5. Old Xeon Build for Plex

    This is 3 x 1080p DTS 5.1 streams (10Mbps) with 2 x E5540 CPU's.
  6. It all depends on the role. Im more talking design architects when im talking about networks, as opposed to something like a response engineer - but pay doesnt reflect your qualification, it reflects your role which you often require minimum qualifications and come with some big responsibilities for the enterprise type companies that pay big.
  7. Senior Project Consultants (contractor) are probably the most well paid job, but you never know how long it could be between roles (and ofc you need to be able to prove a history for these roles) Database & Network architects again can make the 6 figure range. Automation Engineers & DevOps are often paid very well. Legacy system engineers *can* be paid well such as for IBM iAccess but very few companies still have these systems. Personally im an infrastructure and systems engineer. I have MCSA (Server 2016) and VCP (VMware Professional). I've also done Unix, Firewall (Checkpoint) and Switching/Routing (Cisco). It can be quite difficult to find good paying jobs in this area, especially if you have no *Cloud* facilities near you. A lot of companies have moved infrastructure to cloud providers, and many more innovative companies are turning more to Docker/Containers than vast numbers of VM's.
  8. Offline Server

    off the shelf NAS' as a whole just run Linux MD Raid, so its no different to recover from than many DIY systems. A lot of off the shelf nas' can drop down to shell, or you can ofc move the disks to a PC with a full blown linux distro. Most issues with custom built NAS' though are caused by bad configuration and questionable hardware compatibility.
  9. Make a VM into a server ?

    it means its running on a hypervisor (virtualised hardware) as opposed to bare metal where your OS is installed onto hardware (like your home PC, or a laptop, or a tablet, etc...). A hypervisor is its own operating system that provides an abstraction layer where you emulate the CPU, Memory, HDD, etc....
  10. new i9-9900k and the i7-9700k price?

    The 9700K is expected to not be hyperthreaded - so will be 8C/8T vs the 8700K 6C/12T. Additionally as far as we know currently, the 8 core CPU's will require the new Z390 board so you'd need a new motherboard as well.
  11. You're probably best to wait a couple of weeks if you can since the new CPU's are supposedly to be launched next month. But my understanding is that the new 9th Gen CPU's up to 6 cores will be compatible with the current Z370 boards with a BIOS upgrade, while the new Z390 boards will be a refresh of the Z370, with better power management for the high end like the rumoured i9 9900K. It's all rumour right now though but my assumption is that the Z370 would be limited to 6 core CPU's so the i7 9700K may require the new Z390 boards as well.
  12. Cool, just sounds like something you get on SMR drives like the Seagate Archives . I assume this is done under Storage Spaces? Are you using the latest Server 2016? Also what sector size are you using? It's not 4K is it?
  13. What drives are you using?
  14. 1080ti or wait for 1180?

    Keep in mind depending on the rumours, the 1180 next month may only be a founders edition card - it may still be another month (2 months away) until we get board partner GTX1180's. All the information is speculative right now, but it might be worth the wait for the announcements so you know where you stand.
  15. RAM XMP Issue

    Windows 10 you can see this under Task Manager > Memory as well