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  1. Mmm. interesting. Will look more into it. thanks for the recommendation. would a normal ryzen board do the same?
  2. No reasoning with him. Once his mind is set. There's no changing it.
  3. For the entire project. But his words not min. Yea! I said start small, but he wants to go baller
  4. Agreed! but don't shoot the builder!
  5. Hi, So my friend ( I really mean my friend) wants to build a mining rig(128 cards(told me this today)). He came to me cause he knows close to nothing about computers. I said I would try, but I know nothing about mining systems.I have recommended he go for a ryzen system ( this is when he told me he only wanted 16 cards). Do you have any recommendations? These are some of my thoughts, so far. Go threadripper cause of the pci-e lanes. also he can dedicate some cores to a personal system. Build it into a 4u ( with not too many gpu's in one box ( let the kids bre
  6. This is what I really wanted to do. As I want to upgrade now. to set me up for the next couple of years. Do you think that buying my own router( Level 1 YouTube showed this) would be a better option. And upgrade my internet down the line? Thanks for all the advice!
  7. Well, the fiber cable they used seams to do 2.5gb (not to sure of the connection point on their side). As I wanted to switch from them to a competitor as their competitor has 2.5Gb. But It only ran at 1gb for each computer. with the remainder as a buffer if needed. the reason I didn't continue with them is cause they throttled Netflix ( they have their own service). So I went back to my old isp. I do remember Linus doing a video about bonding his internet. So I thought this router could do the same.
  8. I want to upgrade the networking. And I am planing to get some in the near future( phone etc)
  9. Yea, but when I tested what the ISP guy said. It seamed to be true. Yes, i think it is some type of fiber. I made my computer and my wife's computer do a speed test( at the same time). and it seamed to be getting gigabit speeds each.
  10. Good day, I have limited networking knowledge. Mostly know the basics and a few extra tricks. I am looking to upgrade my router. (back ground story) Now my ISP said( sounds weird to me), because of the way they have things set up, they charge me for 3 separate gigabit lines, in my package( router and wifi included). The reason I know this, cause when I asked if when both my wife and I use the internet at the same time, we get 500mb each. They said no, you get the full 1gb each. The reason I asked was because, I recently put in a raspberry pi. And it didn't want to
  11. I only installed this copy of windows a few months ago( 3-4 months). Thanks!
  12. Hi, I would like to clone my current boot drive. I was wondering which program should I use, that is safe and free. I will be upgrading a 128gb SSD to a 500gb M.2 SSD. Is there anything I should know before going into this? Any and tips you can give me would be most appreciated. Thanks J
  13. ( 1st thanks for all the help) Okay so can I use btrfs with proxmox? Cause It sounds like a combination of the two would be ideal for what Im going for. Are there any costs associated with either on?