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    Manteca, CA
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    Cable Sleeving, Modding, and helping others with the first two!
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    Owner of Lutro0 Customs & MainFrame Customs

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  1. lutro0customs

    Is DIY sleeving worth it?

    HELZ YEA IT IS.... ahem I mean it can be a great learning experience and some people find it to be a fun hobby. Yea the right tools can cost a little bit of money upfront but you will be glad you didn't cheap out on the tools. Also like guru said there is allot of shops now that will sell custom pre-crimped wires our shop does as well (mainframecustom.com and I sell them personally to anyone getting into the hobby) Also there is allot of shops that sell premium extensions made just for you, MFC gives a lifetime warranty on them as well. But if you are on a tight budget there is lots of premade solutions just make sure to check out the pictures of them and read what people say and make your own decision on them. If you need any other help please let me know.
  2. lutro0customs

    Stupid sleeving question

    Please feel free to ask me any questions. Also please explain how you are not able to get them back in. it could be you sleeved them wrong and there is too much sleeve there or heatshrink. We will get you taken care of -lutro0
  3. lutro0customs


    Mainframecustom.com is the shop I sell goods through - we have been selling for a long time now and we offer pre crimped wires as well as one of the best crimpers on the market. Please feel free to ask me any questions.
  4. lutro0customs

    Cable Sleeving Simulator

    Thanks for the mention, I will be focusing more on custom sleeving here shortly and opening a custom sleeving only division. So keep on the lookout for that.
  5. lutro0customs

    E22 Cable Combs

    You pretty much hit the nail on the head for the pros for doing it yourself - plus you learn allot about more about powering your computer and such. But honestly you kinda get what you pay for when it comes to purchasing pre-made sleeving solutions. Right now Cable Mod is the cheapest when it comes to purchasing pre-built OEM cabling - but the reason they can offer that price is because its factory made thus has the issues that come with that. I have heard of a few people getting sleeving from them and the pin out was wrong on them as well as a few other small quality issues. But I have heard allot of good things as well. OEM Sleeving takes allot of time and depending on the PSU can take a very long time especially if you are just starting out, but even for me it still takes a few hours and even more on lets say for example a LEPA 1200w PSU which is one PSU I absolutely hate to sleeve as it normally takes me about 10 hours or more to complete it due to the pin out and double wires. Also for that PSU I would charge somewhere in the range of $350.00 - $600.00 depending on what cables and cables styles are wanted/needed. Like I said before you get what you pay for. (I also lifetime warranty my work and provide lifetime discounts for when a person needs new or different cables for upgrading and our work tends to have a good resale value if its taken care of) Even though it may cost a little more or just a little less to buy your own tools and sleeve to do it yourself - its a great learning experience and some people tend to find they like it and can sleeve for their friends or such and make back that money or if you take care of your tools you should have no problem reselling them to someone getting into sleeving as well at a slight discount. I will also say if you are going to do your own sleeving job spend the money on good tools - if you cheap out and buy lower quality tools then your sleeving job will be a very frustrting experiance and you will either then have to buy the right tools or give up and have spent the money for nothing. If you have any more questions - feel free to ask.
  6. lutro0customs

    Looking for cable extention kit for my PSU

    Mainframecustom.com will do them and give you a great price . We have been making extensions longer then most and offer lifetime warranties. Most work is still done by Lutro0!
  7. lutro0customs

    Tip for Cable Extensions

    The standard of extensions have always been 1ft. But they can be made any way you want @ Mainframecustom.com, work is done by lutro0!
  8. lutro0customs

    Modular Or Non-Modular?

    Modular for sleeving is a great choice. I would stick with the rm series or axi series for ease of sleeving.
  9. lutro0customs

    PSU Sleeved Cables?

    Mainframecustom.com will do them and give you a great price . We have been making extensions & OEM longer then most and offer lifetime warranties. Most work is still done by Lutro0!
  10. lutro0customs

    power supply sleeving

    It depends on which ones you started with but shoot me a PM and I will get you sorted out. -lutro0
  11. lutro0customs

    I wanna get extensions for my cables...

    Mainframecustom.com will do them and give you a great price on ww shipping. We have been making extensions longer then most and offer lifetime warranties. Most work is still done by Lutro0!
  12. lutro0customs

    E22 Cable Combs

    Mainframecustom.com carries both of them.
  13. lutro0customs

    Trouble Removing ATX Pins

    For proper removal of the terminals sometimes you need to push the wire into the connector and then place the removal tool into the connector making sure its in all the way and then pull on the wire straight out. Sometimes you need to wrap it around your finger and some force is needed but if the tool is placed all the way in properly it will come out. Use the connector and your fingers as leverage. Let me know if you still need help.
  14. lutro0customs

    Advantages of cable combs

    Sure do, both sata data and sata power:
  15. All yellow can go back into a yellow 12v spot, and all black can go back into a black ground spot. They can be moved around but they need to be put in the same spot for the voltage.