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    Intel I5 3570k (4ghz)
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    Gigabyte GA Z77 DS3H
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    16gb A-Data premiere
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    EVGA GTX 660 ti
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    Fractal Design Define S
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  1. Tool Talk Hey everyone, hope you are having a nice day! IMO, sleeving and custom cables are sort of the dark horse of pc modding - many of the top modders I see on various forums do it themselves, but readily available information about how to do it is not as abundant as I would like (and much of the guides that exist are fairly old.) That being said, there are more options than ever for sleeved cables made by another person/company, but I still do think that custom sleeving is a great if you want to really feel involved when modding your pc (it's also a great sense of accomplishm
  2. Yep, of course I remember you! I'll do some research on mech. keyboards first so I don't have to bore you asking about basic stuff that can be solved by a quick google search, but I'll definitely need your advice in the future!
  3. Hey everyone, I hope you are having a great day, and thank you for checking out my build log! I have been working on this project for a while, and actually made a forum post a very long time ago (which has been deleted), but progress has been slow until a week or two ago, and I’m stoked to finally be able to post about it! I’ll first lay out everything I’ve done up to this point, and then update this log regularly as I make progress. Without further ado, let’s go! Background: I’m a highschool student in the Bay Area, and really love PC modding. Apart from a relatively simple and
  4. I'm loving it so far! The strips on the bottom right of the front panel look very nice, as does all of your acrylic work inside. I appreciate how you maintained the style of your motherboard throughout the build!
  5. Happy birthday man! Happy to see you back in action - can't wait for some moar sexy pics!
  6. A build from p0Pe is a build I like!
  7. Now this I have to see to fruition! Subbed for sure! I really want to see how those nice big bends in the aluminum turn out. Sheet metal braking fascinates me.
  8. No, unfortunately don't have the grills, but would to buy some at some point, I think they'd look great on some smaller SFF case like the Raijintek Metis. I vote for Gulf blue as well, I think the Black looks a little too subdued/bland.
  9. Simply stunning Bill. Those overkill grills are truly a work of art, if you don't mind me asking, do you sand down the grills to smoothen out the layer steps from the CNC mill, or do you use another end? It just looks so smooth, really nice!
  10. I'd try 1.3 first, then 1.35 it 1.3 fails, than 1.4.
  11. Interesting. Have you tried resetting the BIOS and then putting it at 4.5?
  12. Wow. Incredibly beautiful! You sir are a master at vinyl cutting!
  13. I would definitely not do that - the pinouts are very likely different - IIRC Corsair has different gen pinouts (Gen2, Gen3, etc.), and the SF series does not coincide with the AX series. If you are interested - here is a beautiful pinout for the SF series. You can use some cable combs to really make the cables as straight as possible. Additionally, you could make some really short cables like this to get all of the weird wire crossing and doubling out of the way, and then use long extensions for a really clean look.
  14. Awesome photos so far man! Those PSU cables though - look like they'd be a straight up nightmare to sleeve