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  1. Im waiting for the hate towards me but i had a prodigy case and recently just upgraded to a Thermaltake V21 as i went for a semi serious liquid cooling build. Same depth less hieght and wider. Its Matx but the ease of install and the fact you got so many liguid build options makes it a winner the fact its $89AUD makes it great value. http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=25_1081&products_id=30391 If you want me to post pics i kinda can although my camera is shit. My Image is the gopro camera shot. Yes 2 x 240mmm rads and a photon 170 res with D5 Vario pump.
  2. OP actually stated the DDR4 didnt come in white. I just seen this on an Australian site http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=32939&zenid=1a64e35cf9409db68be35d9173d54d49 Hope the link works. I know its not white but it will look ok.
  3. Putting a blueray drive in a H440. there should be a law preventing this. just get an exteral drive. ok go ahead then but it better look good. im joking by the away sarcasm is hard
  4. WOW expansion Far Cry 4 if it runs at 60fps Thats it really. Thats really depressing out of all the Christmas titles floating around and i want an Expansion for a 10 year old game and a game made by developers who are sucking at PC games. I would say Star Citizen but not interested until its launched and as for GTA V i have young kids so hard to play that game alot. If NHL was on PC i would buy it.
  5. Waiting for the answer as i was deciding between them and the G502 aas well
  6. Ubisoft and EA games titles at launch. Sorry if someone beats me too it. hope people got the pun.
  7. Hi, I am no techy but maybe a firmware update on the card might be advised. I had an old Gigabyte card did something similar and it was outdated firmware not compatible to some drivers and games. Just a thought but do you have the nvidia drivers on the pc as well cause it could be a conflict of drivers.
  8. Unless your site has is free to run you should of used Squarespace with offer code Linus. People saying about an English version if you use Chrome it has an auto translator which makes it easy to read.
  9. If you have never been there before its really good as i experienced it. Im guessing some people don't like change. Windows 7 was a huge change and everyone said how crap it was at the start when coming from XP not Vista. Yet now i no one whinges about it.
  10. Its a tactful way of saying it but acknowledging the younger audience.
  11. I see Snef update pop up and im like a child in a candy store so excited to see whats next. Was going to say a like virgin in a brothel but not sure if its appropriate to the younger audience.
  12. OP has the best gaming mentality. Do it for fun and relaxation. Its good to see someone from the younger generation so intelligent and not take games seriously. If you start taking things to seriously it becomes a job or chore. You shouldn't play games like that.
  13. imaLOLplayer MOBA HotSisbetter ( Heroes of the Storm is Better) LOLgasm
  14. Mightybaal

    ATX case

    The NZXT S340 would be my pick as it looks brilliant and is cheaper than most cases that have half its features. http://www.nzxt.com/product/detail/151-s340-mid-tower-atx-case.html Bitfenix Neos wouldn't be too bad either http://www.bitfenix.com/global/es/products/chassis/neos