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  1. If it came down to a choice between 2 identical components with the only difference being that the colour of one of them will better match the rest of my build, then yeah I'd go for it. Otherwise it doesn't matter that much to me.
  2. My favourite thing about that laptop is its looks, damn it looks good!
  3. Absolutely, I like GTA games, open world/sandbox type games are among my favourites and one more triple A game would be nice : )
  4. Perfect timing! I'm looking for replacements for my Galaxy S3. Good luck everybody : )
  5. Keep another device (preferably another pc)close by so that if something goes wrong you can look up a fix.
  6. Winamp! No? Um oh how about Real Player? Anyone? No?
  7. His songs are probably shit anyways, what a jackass, he refused to license his songs to them and then wants to sue them for more money. I guarantee you he did that knowing what would happen, he isn't trying to take on rockstar, I mean they make more money an hour than that nobody will in a year, he wanted publicity, he knew this will blow up in both celeb gossip sites AND gaming sites and outlets. Rockstar know better, they shouldn't have used his songs, it's not like we're short on rap and hip hop, I mean why even risk a massive headache? Over what? A few shitty songs from a no-name ''artist''? And I use the word ''artist'' very loosely here. Now he got what he wanted, publicity and exposure, who is this guy? A nobody, that's who, and I hope he stays that way. So to summarize: Daz guy, jackass. Rockstar: Not 100% innocent. They should have seen it coming. Oh and that about destroying all unsold copies? Not going to happen. still waiting for that gta5 pc version, it will come... eventually
  8. Legend932

    Skryim Modding

    Also check out Skyrim Mod Sanctuary by Gopher.
  9. I too am not all that hyped, which I think is good because usually hype and excitement leads to disappointment, at least in my experience. I might buy it on release. I'm not into space sims though, which is probably why I'm not all that excited about it.
  10. Except without criminals who can afford military grade weaponry and equipment but still for some reason would not invest some of the money they get in a half decent drill.
  11. Did you read the article? It states that someone posed as an IT engineer and installed the device, so he probably hid it inside the computer.
  12. Drove off a cliff in WoT. Moments before the tank fell, I noticed where I was going, it was too late.
  13. I would pay $50 if the pc version turns out to be good, if not I'll wait for a sale and buy it when it drops to $15 or less.