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  1. g400s perfect for claw/palm when you need it ,optical with an average dpi 4000(you wont need more) 8 programmable buttons,one of the best softwares i have ever used buttttt it has no nice lights coming out
  2. that (not) i ask myself if they came up with it lol
  3. i dont own it but of what ive heard,it would be Astro A40 best for gaming 250$ as i said,i dont own them ,but ive heard they have superb sound and build quality
  4. i already have a g400s so thats covered
  5. hi.im looking into buying some FPS freaks and i have ended up between cqc sig or ultras.i just wanted t see if anyone has some experience with any of them and maybe could give me some pros and cons.thanks
  6. i just finished viewing evangelion and..........i dont get jack shet about what it has to do with the anime,i mean like they never said anything about the evas and selee andwhat happens after and what happened at the second impact and what is ray and how an eva work AND SO MUCH MORE. did i miss something?IT CANT END LIKE THAT
  7. razer electra,my buddy got his like a year ago and they are still in perfect condition
  8. just think that i live in central america ,and that i need to use a sweater to poop
  9. Hi.i need a new cellphone and i found this both really cheap and wanted to see if anyone could tell me wich is better and maybe some pros and cons.thanks
  10. please someone help.today i got into terraria just to be greated with a messege that said i had corrupted data and that my worl would need to be deleted.please tell me theres a way to fix this other than erasing it.im really advanced .thanks
  11. ill just say that if you are getting a ps4 and you have a headset wich mic works with iphone(like my razer electra) that you are going to need an adapter