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    Computer hardware, Coding, Displays, Gaming, Keyboards.

    Pretty much my whole life there.


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  1. Reporting back, after playing Battlefield 4 for an hour or so it reached a maximum of 71c @70% load
  2. I can get some load temps out for you guys in a few. All my fans are spinning fine, I'm using a phanteks p400s.
  3. 73f I feel like either I have a really hot chip or I installed the cooler sub optimally.
  4. I haven't had a chance to run a stress test yet, but I'll get back to you on that. Playing overwatch for example, I maxed out playing for a somewhat short time @76c @blackhole890: The x62 kraken comes pre applied with thermal paste
  5. Hello, I'm wondering, I just built my new pc and my 7700k is averaging around 38c-40c idle with an X62 Kraken, stock. I'm not sure if this is normal or not or if this is something I need to investigate.
  6. Thanks to Mr. Bro, he is sending over a Cap to me! My HHKB won't feel as empty now. I didn't anybody on these forums was really into the Artisan Cap thing. Well I'll throw up some pictures when it arrives.
  7. http://imgur.com/U6WOiOB,ugqKzSx & http://imgur.com/f66MAra Nope. I'm a clueless bastard. Maybe I'm running the wrong things?
  8. Firstly just let me say I'm sorry for my sheer lack of compatance. And here's my problem. I've been trying to figure out how to open Teamspeak 3 of all things. After installing it I got this folder... http://imgur.com/LnZNwU4 And now. Please tell me what file I have to open and how do I open it. I feel like a complete idiot at this point. Oh this is my first time using linux, if you didn't catch that.
  9. I'm going to try and convince not to buy one but he's so very adament on it. Good luck too me.
  10. Right now I'm looking for a friend for a 4k tv because I do want to get him the best price and the best quality he can considering the price tag of most 4k Tv's. He would prefer 65"-70" but 60" is fine also. I'm not very educated in the Tv realm, more in the monitor world than anything so I need some sort of outside opinion. his budget is anything under 2500$ prefferably.
  11. This should probably be in the 'looking for a group' section on second thought.
  12. Need some people to play with, I have a microphone. Gamertag: AdvisoryGlobe59 (Not my account just in case you where wondering, it's my cousins.)
  13. The lightness of a keyswitch has nothing to do with it. Tactility, click, and other things play a part in it also. Plus there is no 'gaming' switch. Hell, people use topre for gaming and be great.
  14. Something tells me you're from geekhack also? If so who are you ?
  15. Im looking for a pair of headphones with alot of bass but clear sound im looking to spend about $100.00-200.00 what should i try looking at? I'm looking a good amount of bass in my head phones as I plan to try to dj with music with lots of bass. But I also need it to be in the balanced range with other aspects. Just a good all rounder with a bit more bass than your usual headphones. (My friend wrote this)