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  1. Linus! I love you man. Congrats on the huge milestone! I can't decide what I want you to review in the future and honestly I don't mind. Sometimes you review products that I have no interest in but I watch regardless because you manage to make it entertaining. My favourite food is a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, it's an expensive taste so maybe you could help me out? All the best to Linus media group and the whole community!
  2. Trade in your 550ti and use the extra money to get a better card!
  3. I have payday but it isnt in my inventory, any ideas? http://steamcommunity.com/id/MrNippleZz/inventory#753
  4. A little overkill, do you do video editing, CAD .etc?
  5. I found this on the weird part of youtube, dont judge me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMMp0D_t6IU
  6. To celebrate geek week, youtube have made new easter egg which transforms text in the comments Into 1337 (leet speak). To try it out just find a video and click either side of it and type 1337 and B4Z1N6A!!!!
  7. SPOILER ALERT!!! In titanic the movie, the ship sinks.... :O
  8. maybe wait for xbox one's controller to come out?
  9. get countersrike, all of them, and play with me, no homo.... unless you're into that ;) steam: mrnipplezz
  10. I already play with @Scottonpc and @Legend932, add me on steam and we can play some compettetive some time steam - mrnipplezz
  11. He plays console mostly because that's what appeals to his audience (and is what he's good at) if I was a successful youtuber, I wouldn't dare change my content
  12. Is there a way I can set voice activation levels on steam or even better, inside windows (8) Thanks in advance I tried razer comms but it doesnt have this feature, I have requested it however!
  13. If you watch youtube often you have probably heard of woodysgamertag! He posts commentarys about all sorts (not just gaming) and has a relatively new series called tech tuesday which i have found pretty interesting! You should check it out! He has a degree in computer science so he knows what he's talking about!