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    water cooling, hunting, hockey, diving, music, movies, nerdy shit, psychedelics
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    Former scuba diver, hockey player and whitewater kayaker. Injured badly during military service in 2008 plus hockey injuries, causing moderate-severe chronic pain. Opioid pain medication dependent.


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    i7 4770k @ 4.3GHz 1.32v
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    ASUS Z97-AR
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    2x8GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 2133MHz
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    Palit GTX 1070 FE 2150/2430MHz
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    Fractal Design Define S
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    Samsung 850 EVO 250GB x2, WD Green 1TB x2, WD Blue 4TB
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    EVGA Supernova 750 G2
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    Acer Predator GN246HL 144hz
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    Custom H2O
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    Superlux HD681 EVO, Sennheiser HD 555
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  1. Loop leaked when one of my EK 45° adapters completely failed, so I re-did the whole thing. Basic loop, basic system. But it works, and it's all I can do with no budget.
  2. I had a leak due to a 45° EK-AF fitting that pretty much completely failed. It's a miracle I didn't end up with serious damage. I figured I might aswell move the rad from the roof to the front and generally re-do the loop. It's basic as fuck, but I'm working on a non-existent budget. The camera on my Honor 6 really doesn't do it justice either. I'll still need to fix the LED strips and sleeve those ugly ugly wires, but meh. I'm a lazy bastard.
  3. If you plan on watercooling your card, go for EVGA. Otherwise the Gainward card is the obvious choice because of the fantastic cooler it has. Also, didn't EVGA fuck up the Pascal cards pretty badly, missing thermal pads and all that? I'm not sure which cards were effected or if they've finally fixed the issue.
  4. Well, here's my super fucking ghetto setup for now. Notice the Noctua boxes that work as my monitor stand lol. Plan is to finish the liquid cooling project and get a new G-Sync monitor, but until I can scrape up the money for all that I'm stuck with this mess. The monitor has basically no adjustment options, but at least it's 1080p 144hz. As for the PC, a complete overhaul is coming once I can get an EK 280 rad and the fittings I require (WINK WINK EK). For now this works just fine. Note that all this looks about a billion times better IRL thanks to the horrible camera on my Honor 6.
  5. Those temps are perfectly normal if you don't have a delidded chip. My liquid cooled 1.32v 4770k hits 65-70c in Witcher 3 with sub 40c liquid temp, which is why I'll be delidding this chip like every Haswell I've ever owned. So far I've just been too lazy to do so, but soon I'll re-do my entire loop so I won't have any excuses not to do it any more. The TIM between the IHS and the CPU die isn't good but it isn't exactly horrible either. The problem is usually just bad contact. Delid the chip, get rid of the epoxy glue or whatever the gunk is they use to glue the IHS to the chip and then use liquid metal TIM between the IHS and the die, and be amazed by the temps you get. Delidding, when done right, is easy, safe and definitely worthwhile - especially with Haswell chips.
  6. What kind of heatsinks did you use for the VRM if I may ask? Seeing this has made me want to try something on a reference 780 I'll get soon. I have a bunch of small copper heatsinks I used on one of my R9 290s somewhere around here but I suspect they may be way too high to fit inside.
  7. I was referring to the power delivery though, not the vram chips.
  8. I still find most full cover blocks to be better looking, but I have to admit this is a very nice mod. It's definitely the best one of these mods I've ever seen - most of them look amateurish and sloppy, unlike yours. The idea is nice and the end result looks sharp. My only real concern when comparing this to a full cover block would be VRM cooling, but it seems that the reference design provides no VRM heatsinks to begin with (correct me if I'm wrong, I've never seen a reference 980Ti up close) so I suppose it should be okay with just airlow from the blower fan.
  9. I'd suggest going for whichever decent quality custom card is the cheapest where you live. The GTX 1060 should give you a slight performance edge in gaming right now, but I wouldn't be surprised if the tables were turned a bit in a while. If the cards are within like 10-15€ of eachother, I'd probably advice you go with the GTX 1060, but both cards will do well. If I had to choose a card, I'd probably go for a Sapphire RX 480 Nitro. Sapphire generally makes fantastic cards and I've yet to hear anything bad about the 480 Nitro. The 4GB Nitro is by far the best deal when it comes to buying a new gpu where I live; the price-to-performance ratio is really just amazing. Sure, the 4GB vram could end up being somewhat of an issue in the future, but the value is just so good. I'll probably end up getting the 4GB Nitro for my 2500k machine to replace the R9 290 that's having problems.
  10. In all honesty I find this whole PCMR circlejerk more annoying and sad than anything.
  11. I'm in the same boat. If I were to lose hardware now, I'd be completely fucked unless warranty saved my ass. Like I could replace the mobo alone, if I could find a good Z97 board second hand, and I might even be able to replace the CPU with like a 4690k or 4790k if I absolutely had to. But if like my loop leaked all over the place or I lost my GPU? Yeah, I'd be without a decent PC for a long time. Unemployment is hell.
  12. Yeah, those connectors should be really cheap and very easy to find. I hope we can diagnose and fix the problem soon enough!
  13. If the fans work fine, try running the pumps directly off of the PSU for example and see how the temps are. I mean everything here is more or less pointing to a pump issue.
  14. You can tell "that guy" that he shoudn't be giving advice about something he knows nothing about. He's so badly off that it's really making my head hurt. No, you don't have to worry about the cooler. It absolutely cannot get your CPU temp below the ambient temp. There will not be any condensation issues. You also don't need to worry about the cooler leaking. It's extremely rare nowadays and if it does happen, Corsair will be helping you out. Just ignore the guy and have fun.
  15. I really don't know how a windows update could've made your load temps go up. What were they like before? I'd just try to run the pumps at full power directly from the PSU just in case there are issues with the mobo fan headers. While you're at it, make sure the radiator fans are nice and good. If the temps still look that bad, I don't know what to say. I never ran my R9 290 with an AIO, but a single 120mm should be enough to handle the load and not produce 90c+ temps. The only thing that comes to mind really is a pump issue. While it's very unlikely that both units would start having issues at the same time, it's not impossible and I'm having a hard time finding an alternative explanation. In any case, your first priority should be to make sure that the pumps and fans still work.