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  1. I think I will just got for HyperX one. Worst case I will sell it or return it. Thank you
  2. Been a while. I spend a bit of time on reaserch and local market is crap. Lol. I think I would like to go for MX Red as I tested and really liked them. Sadly there are not a lot of places to get and test all of these and I was only able to test Hyper X alloy FPS that had Red swiches. All other I was able to find was a bunch of Razer ones, I liked the ones with Greens ones (blackwidow) but was a bit too loud. The G413 was also quite nice but not sure if it is worth the 91 Euro price... The last simple designed one I was able to find that cought my eye was Asus Cerberus
  3. I use the number keyboard quite a lot so I need to have that.
  4. Only one I could find was G413 or G Pro but I do not like the keyless layout.
  5. Masterkeys pro does look a lot nicer, but does cost a bit more. I will check at local stores that have any display units available. Previously I only had a chance to check Razer Blackwidow with green switches , Razer Mecha membrane one (felt nice to type but was very loud) and some other with Blue ones but also was very loud. I also really like how Logitech looks like and the price does not look too bad. I previously used their mice and was never disapointed with them, sadly last one broke due to old age and was offered a razer deathadder one for free so couldnt resist that deal
  6. Any backlight is good, do not need RGB.
  7. Looking at the price Ducky keyboards have + shipping that would be near 150-160 Euros
  8. Really like how yours look like. Sadly I would not be able to ship these to my country... As I checked what I could get locally I would then have to choose between Cooler Master CK350 RGB with Outemu Brown; Logitech G413 Red; HyperX Alloy FPS with Cherry MC Brown.
  9. Maybe, but at least it would be more satisfying to type on. Also I could buy a wrist rest for comfort.
  10. For a mouse I currently have Razer Deathadder 3.5G. Not the biggest fan of the mouse but works good enough for me. I also have few headsets one for music and one for gaming (Marshall Major II for music and Patriot Viper PV3607UMLK. Monitor is a Dell U2412 24 inch IPS display. Not made for gaming but for what I game it is good enough and I need to have high color accuracy when I work with photos.
  11. Yeah, mostly I am going to use for typing. Want to have something that would be best suited for that. I dont expect to become better at gaming just want something comfortable
  12. Hello all, I wanted to ask you guys for opinion if it is worth to get a mechanical keyborad. All the time I have been using a membrane keyboard and never saw a draw back (of course I cannot compare since I newer had a mechanical keyboard). Right now I am thinking of changing my old cheap keyboard which still works fine but is now just very worn off. I want to buy something more fancy than a 5Euro keyboard. So I mainly use the keyboard to type texts sometimes a bit to game and the keyboard need to have num pad buttons (no keyless variants would sufice). But
  13. Hello, I watched the quite recent showcase of taotronics soundsurge 46 and not sure what to think of it. Since I was looking for a pair of ANC bluetooth headphones I am thinking of getting a pair of soundsurge 46. I also looked at the older one TT-BH060 which in my area are quite a bit cheaper and thinking how would the sound quality differ? I am looking for those that would have a good bass punch but would also be somewhat decent on the highs. Are there any reccomendations for same price or cheaper or should I just go with SoundSurge 46? I do not want to make a mistak
  14. Maybe you have recommendation for a fan controller? Since I was unable to find anything that could automatically ajust by the temperature of gpu or cpu.
  15. Hey guys, It's the time again I think that I should upgrade my rig (was deciding many times before but never did :/). I have i7-3770k MSI gaming X RX480 8GB gigabyte z77-d3h and 16GB 1600MHz ram. I would like to upgrade into something a bit newer with DDR4 (I know it is very expensive at the moment) but I don't realy want to buy new parts since they are hell of expensive here. I am thinking if it is even worth for me since I only use this for gaming (1080px60Hz) and sometimes light photo work. But I have some issues with my current mobo being stuborn with fans. I am cu