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  1. i have a fx4300 16gb ram and a 600w gold psu i know the cpe will bottleneck but heck not 20 fps on low right??
  2. its new got it for christmas and fps is like 20 on low setting fortnote and csgo...
  3. Can a GPU be plugged in drivers up to date and fans turn on when it gets warm but not actually work i have all this its a 1060 and its plugged in i have used DDU and im not suck on what to do next to try and find the issue
  4. Yeah becbecause I remember being shocked that is was only 1 6pin...
  5. So for Christmas I got a new gtx 1060 and a new mobo so i change them over use ddu to get rid of the old drivers and it dont work my PC is showing that the gpu is installed but when i go to run any game the frames are unbearable. Csgo is at about 25 at lowest settings and fortnite is about the same. I have no idea how to fix it any ideas??
  6. hi i have a 1060 and i was wondering if it would be able to run lower than 1080p for example 1366x768
  7. Big Shotguns Water Blood Call Of Duty Stairs Reddit
  8. Hey at the momen I have a coolermaster hyper 212 evo looking to upgrade can water coolers break oftern and can you recommend any or shall I keep the one I have. I have a quite hot room and playing witcher 3 it gets to about 78c
  9. Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
  10. Hi i have recently built a pc i have a i5 7600k and while playing witcher 3 it got to 71*C is this too hot or okay? Thank you.
  11. I have just bought the galax 1070 ex built the system and the fans don't spin. I bought this card because I thought the fans where set to 50% at all time is this normal???