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  1. Ardu

    2080TI usage % low while gaming

    I'd imagine it's your RAM, get ya self some dual channel and you'll be golden!
  2. I'm no expert, but, because it's the same machine, I assume, it's only one network cable, and one power cable right? So if you're trying to WOL the machine, it would only pick up the primary OS? Because the machine is just getting the signal to boot? I think that makes sense.
  3. Ardu

    Time for an upgrade

    PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price Monitor Acer - GN246HL 24.0" 1920x1080 144 Hz Monitor $179.99 @ B&H Monitor Acer - G257HU smidpx 25.0" 2560x1440 60 Hz Monitor $239.89 @ OutletPC Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts Total $419.88 Generated by PCPartPicker 2019-05-24 08:09 EDT-0400 ? They aren't the same looking, probably close enough, no point having two 1440p monitors in your case though.
  4. Ardu

    Time for an upgrade

    Any specifications? So like, 1080p,1440p, 4k? 60Hz, 144Hz?
  5. Ardu

    How to get rainbow RGB on Game Max Abyss

    I'm not 100% familiar with the case myself, although I believe it's supposed to have a sort of infinity affect? So, although you may be able to get the colours right, I think it's just from the angle of the picture, if you were to look at it straight in, it would just be like a black hole, with led's kinda round the side, as if you were looking into it? if that makes sense
  6. Ardu

    Is windows defender good enough ?

    I only use Windows Defender, and I don't can't say I've ever got a virus, or if I have I haven't noticed, although I do format my PC every two months or so. Most anti-virus' are just too in your face, I think.
  7. Ardu

    Is my HDD dying?

    What are you doing when you notice the spikes?
  8. Ardu

    Nvidia says 'something super is coming', any guesses?

    It probably will be something to do with gaming, they used 'GeForce'.
  9. Ardu

    block lan user

    If you care so much, you can always change your WI-FI password, or block his MAC Address.
  10. Ardu

    RAM Maybe help?

    No problem fella
  11. Ardu

    block lan user

    Yes I am assuming that based off what you have said. Unless this person is like your child I think what you're doing is wrong, because if they are a tenant in your household they are probably paying rent, which includes the usage of the internet. Also, pretty sure if you're working on a cloud it'd be your upload, not download, or is this person uploading non-stop too?
  12. Ardu

    RAM Maybe help?

    I appreciate what your saying, but this is my current PC, I was just suing PCPP as like a way to list what I have, I've had some of these parts for years, so like the WD Black is like 4 years old, and the SSD's are 2 and 1 year old, that's why it looks so odd, sorry for the confusion.
  13. Ardu

    RAM Maybe help?

    Yeah I don't plan to OC the CPU tbh. Mainly because like, it will just be overkill really, not really any need for it to be faster for gaming.
  14. James Charles started repping other peoples shit, and she didn't like it I think.