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  1. If you upgrade to a 9700k you wouldn't have to upgrade that anytime soon. Plus you'd be able to get a stronger GPU without needing an upgrade.
  2. 2600x and a 1660 ti. I never really needed an AIO it was more just a nice-to-have type thing.
  3. Vengence RGB pros. They were on sale for boxing day and were the cheapest 3200 mhz kit at the time.
  4. Sounds like it should just be mounted at the top and not the front. I'm just worried I won't have the clearance because of tall RAM heat spreaders.
  5. well I would be mounting the radiator to the front. The only difference would be that there's a radiator on it.
  6. Hi all, I have a phanteks P360A and I wanted to get an AIO. I'm not sure if I would get it now or in the future, Regardless, I was wondering if anyone here had an answer to a question I had. Does anyone know if I would be sacrificing 240 mm AIO performance if I installed a 240 rad and put the stock phanteks case fans on it? I believe that the fans are phanteks SK120's, but I'm not certain. I'd appreciate any help Thanks
  7. Ok, I've seen the GN review on them. What other cases do you recomend?
  8. Hello people of the forum! Like many of you during the holidays, I want to get a few things for the good ol' PC. I decided that a new case was in order. The one that I was looking at was the Corsair 4000D airflow. The issue is that the airflow model is out of stock everywhere. So my question is should I wait until the airflow model is back in stock or is the performance difference between the airflow and the solid panel not worth the wait and just get the non-airflow model?
  9. If you have another PC to test it with then try it there, but I think Fasauceome is right, sounds like it might be DOA. I'm really sorry to have to enforce that conclusion.
  10. Hello. Question for you all. I recently bought a pair of Corsairs Void Pro elite Wireless headphones. An issue I recently ran into is that I accidentally bound the sidetone shortcut to F,E and T and I can't figure out how to unbind them. Everytime I hit one of those keys it makes a ding and it's really annoying. Anyone know how to fix this? It would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Everything that you mentioned has been verified and fixed. The issue is that it did post until the system was shipped here. Possibly damaged in ship. (Should've mentioned this earlier sorry)
  12. We can't get a post screen and the only indication of power is the RGB LEDs in the heatsink
  13. 1. Cant really answer dont have the box (it's a friends system and was built by his family member) 2. Both power connectors are plugged in 3. No error LEDs are lighting up