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    ryzen 9 3900x
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    aorus x570 elite
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    Corsair Vengeance Lpx 16GB 2X8GB DDR4 3200MHZ
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    AORUS XTREME 1080 TI  
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    zalman z11 plus hf1
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    Samsung Evo 128 / 1tb baracuda / 3tb toshiba
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    EVGA SuperNOVA 850 B2 850W 80 Plus Bronze
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    58" vizio 4k
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    ripjaw 780mx cherry brown
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    Proteus Core 502
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    WINDOWS 10 X64

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  1. my voltage is 1.344 for 4.5 manual llc low auto is horrible
  2. go to advanced settings in display fusion set it to use classic get set functions fixes the switching bs
  3. i am gonna spend it lol i love the toys but 4k 60 is going to be the end of it lol the screen cost me as much as the ti lol it does it for the most part minus a few fps just future upgrades is my point
  4. title says it all if no just say f it all and get a 2nd 1080ti the f of it only do 4k 60 fps gaming even though upcaling seems to be a thing now
  5. my last card was a 290x 1080ti all the way
  6. used 290x / 970 u can get them on the cheap dont think the miners even want them good for 1080p
  7. all 1080ti's are bout the same just some are more noisy then others boost clock pretty much balances everything out which all do
  8. if vega was gonna beat 1080ti amd woulda been bragging already good thing i bought my 1080ti b4 the card market went to hell lol and now the miners know vega is the mining king the prices are gonna be as over inflated as buying nvidia anyway
  9. check your tv ports if its like mine not all of em are 4k
  10. converter gets u 120 for hdmi at least thats what it did for my 290x and tv although i dont get why i gotta use the display port to hdmi to get 120 for my 1080ti if anyone knows how to force the hdmi to go higher i would love to know this too
  11. do u really buy a 1080ti for 1080p though lol i bought mine for 4k and run it with a 6600k does just fine maxing 4k 60hz out
  12. if u stick to 4k nope lower resolutions if u want high fps maybe probably
  13. well if i pick the 1080p option through nvidia options coming back from 4k it looks fine but if i use windows or display fusion to switch back it goes a fuzzy purplish color really weird lol might be my display my display says its in 4k mode still but why would those option act so differently only noticed it because mass effect dont like to run steady in full screen so i had to run it in windowed mode to get more fps out of my card