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  1. At 45 with a decent job and gaming a my main hobby i can afford to build a decent pc every 3 years or so. Its still cheaper than allot of other hobbies
  2. Question tho is if the watercooling part of it makes up for the increase in price compared to the other 3080TI. Is it a gimic or does it actually boost performance a decent amount. Same country and prices btw
  3. So my local shop got a few of these in storage atm for around 2000 Euro. Is it worth the money ? Seems like a good card to me but not many tests on it. Also would it actually fit inside a lian li o11 dynamic? (Yes its not original to make a o11 build but its a pretty case and i am the only one looking at it :P )
  4. Dexxer

    Asus PG27VQ

    Anyone have any experience with the Asus PG27VQ ? Is it worth it compared to the PG279Q.
  5. So should I replace the thermal paste or can I just keep the stock paste? I know it used to be that you more or less HAD to replace it but have that changed on new coolers?
  6. So the 780TI in my wifes pc broke and now i need a replacment card. Dont need anything fancy as she mainly plays online and adventure games. But it be good if its actualy a upgrade to the old one. Any suggestions be great.
  7. Well i saw that one had higher clock but what confused me was that the o card with higher speed was cheaper Also i used this name since Ultima Online in 1997 so i call dibs on the whole 2 xx s thing
  8. ASUS GeForce GTX 1080Ti ROG Strix Gaming vs ROG-STRIX-GTX1080TI-O11G-GAMING So what do the O mean and what card do i buy.
  9. Well a good monitor isn't always cheap Feel free to recommend a cheaper 144 hz or more with G sync monitor tho.
  10. I got a file server running so only things i need to store on the pc is whatever i run on a daily basis.
  11. Lets not turn this into a fight over how big a power supply i need please. When asking for help i thinking more of " Should i replace any of the stock fans", or "Hey did you consider this MB". The difference on price over a 550 and 850 PSU is not gonna brake the bank on this build
  12. Sure but as it stands today i am i without a working pc. And i really dont feel like no gaming for 2 months. Dam i would have to start talking to the wife or go outside then.
  13. Well even tho Coffee Lake is announced on the 5th Oktober it will still take some time before its in the stores. And i dont really have time to wait 2 months for parts If its amazing i can always change MB/CPU next year when Coffee Lake x comes
  14. So this is what i want to get for my 2017 pc. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/dexxer/saved/qHKKHx Anything i should add on it to make it look good ? Dont want the pc to look like a xmas tree but there is nice subtle things you can do with rgb So any fan changes i should do or any other changes ?
  15. I do like that GPU suggestion. How does it compare vs GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB STRIX GAMING.