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  1. Yes i get my neighbours networks, but one more family member has the same problem on his nokoa lumia
  2. Hello, my phone does not find my wifi network, but everyone elses phone in my family does, whats wrong? Ive been searching for the name but nothing came up, ive been trying by WPS but it didmt work, what can i do? HELP!
  3. The swedish version is the eu so ill think it doesnt matter that much
  4. So u mean the eu verision will work 100% for sweden?
  5. I have no idea, but if it is region locked csn u unlocl it?
  6. Hey, im in iran but i live in sweden since phones is cheaper here than sweden id like to buy the s8, but if i buy it here ill get the asian model, i think if i do, will it work with EU carriers?
  7. Okay so my xbox controller died, so i boight a new one ( afterglow prismatic controller wired) and since the first day i bought it my friends complain about a loud buzzing sound and when i tried my friends controller they didnt complain so what could be wrong with my controller?
  8. Do u suggest buying a new one then?
  9. Hey, my xbox controller wouldnt start and when i plugged in a huawei charger in it ( that ive used before without problems), but then i started to come smoke from the controller, so unplugged it and tried it with batteries and it started but turmed off after 5 secs and keeps doing it, any soulotions and what cam the problem be?
  10. On their forum they say it wont support 4G/LTE with swedish carrier... but i read that it will with the right apn settings
  11. Hello... im looking for a åhone and i saw one plus 3 and i want it. Butdoes it support swedishcarriers and network?
  12. Hey guys! My lg g3 is going nuts! It restart it self like 10 times per day and sometimes i can even get in to it cuz it keep restart... It doesnt restart when i have my charger in but i can say that i use it really much when its charging... What can it be plz help it does often turn of when i start my 4g
  13. I have 2 year warranty i can repair it for free but csnt i just buy a new battery