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  1. My JDM STi (Actually imported from Japan, not just "meh car's le JDM cus Subahuruu)
  2. Hah, mate. LG UK refused to repair it, and basically told me to "fuck off the phone is from Taiwan". So I send it back to the reseller... Over a month ago. Still waiting for ANY response at all from their repair team. (http://www.simplyelectronics.net if anyone cares.) Phone broke in December 26. So I'm without LG G4 for 5 months. I had the phone for 2 months. LG can stick a bunch of pinecones up their anuses as far as I care, and that was the last LG product I will buy for a long time. Their support is fucking abysmal, the fact that they're a global company and refuse the repair THEIR product like it's some kind of a district war, because it was imported from Taiwan. How the fuck was I supposed to know that buying from a company that claims to be British? Bunch of absolute bellends.
  3. Why does anyone even care about 1080p? Show me the 4K Performance.
  4. Mirror's Edge Catalyst
  5. Alright guys. So I have been contacted today by the Customer Service, and we have reached an agreement on this situation. I will not mention names, but a person from Customer Services has saw my post, and found a new MSI 295x2 - They will send it to me immediately and apologized for all the problems. I am dissatisfied that I had to do that to reach results, and I will not question how you can just "miss" that you have a new MSI 295x2 in Stock, but well. I will confirm whether it has been refurbished or new with MSI, but as long as it works - I'm happy. So Tips to anyone that is in situation like me: I did not want to absolutely shit on their reputation, but they forced my hand with this one. (The Returns Department) Point is, that it made more work for the Customer Service department, because they had to save the reputation. If anyone is in a situation like me, contact first and foremost the Customer Services department / Complaints department, and go from there. I believed that since I asked for a Manager on E-mails, and specifically discussed options - and there was no 295x2... Well, you guys forced my hand. Why even contact Customer Services? Regardless the problem is solved. They provided me with an equivalent, which is exactly what I wanted. They will replace my GPU with a brand new MSI 295x2, so I would like to ask the moderator to close this thread in good will, no need to shit on Scan, after all it was just a guy in returns department being an a**hat, and not the Scan in its entirety. But well, life is life.
  6. Point taken. Allow me to challenge that. For a second let's forget market value, potential upgrades, generations and everything. Let's talk Performance. So I understand your point that people do not want to pay more for 295x2 - Because that's all it can achieve. You can SLI another 980 Ti - but 295x2 is already a Crossfire card by having 2x Hawaii GPU's on one PCB. The problem is, as you can see, 295x2 has better 4K Performance. And that's what I need. I have a 32' 4K Panel. What else can you offer to balance the scales out? This card was the sweetspot, and because 980 Ti is based more on the future upgrade than the current performance today, I was okay with having RMA one of them, and keep the business with them and buy another one. That's an upgrade for me, business for them. I have offered this to the person in the E-mail - I am willing to replace the 295x2 for one 980 Ti, and I will buy another one from you. Which gives them a profit of me upgrading my setup, as well as having a good RMA experience. But that's still a cost of 560£ for me, to get a bit better over my previous 4K experience. I'd understand two 390X's. That would be an actual replacement of 295x2. Still a bit shitty, because it takes more space and I'd have to battle heat differently, but it's basically rehashed 290X - Which is what the the two 290X GPUs inside 295x2 are. However, one 390X not only offers 78% (Again, rehashed 290X - Look up chart above) but it's worth less than I paid for 295x2 originally - and MASSIVELY less than the "Current market Value". So, Back to the market value then: 295x2 1100£ Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sapphire-295X2-Graphics-GDDR5-Mini-DPx/dp/B00JMI5HPO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1461177784&sr=8-1&keywords=295x2 790£ Amazon (NOT WATERCOOLED. So Worse cooling solution.) https://www.amazon.co.uk/AXR9-290XII-8GBD5-Graphics-DisplayPort/dp/B00LAX3WJC?ie=UTF8&tag=pcp0f-21 980 Ti 518£ http://www.morecomputers.com/product.aspx?pn=GV-N98TWF3OC-6GD&man=Gigabyte&referer=PCPart So, Better performance from a single card (295x2) Bigger value on the market (295x2) I would not be winning in this situation by accepting 980 Ti, because I would have to spend another 518£ on an upgrade to get decent 4K performance that I had with 295x2. I will contact the manager tomorrow, and see what the owner of Scan says if @ShadowCaptain can contact him for me. I would be really grateful mate. I do not want to go full on Panama Papers on them. I just want my graphics card fixed.
  7. That's the thing, I have 2 year manufacturer warranty. The card only was in my possession for a year (From new.) But they just went through with refund, without giving me an option to say anything on this. Other thing is, I found it cheapest for 780£ on PCPartPicker. (Sapphire though, not XFX) Which is why I said 780-1100£. If you think about it, it has a performance of 2x 290X, which is better than a single Titan X and 980 Ti. (800£ and 500£) So I should AT LEAST receive one 980Ti, I would be satisfied with that. It's actually what I offered, - I told them that I can accept one 980 Ti for a refund - and I WILL BUY FROM THEM another one just to get an SLI Setup. But nope, you can get one rehashed 290X apparently, worth 320£, or go stuff yourself with 208£ which you cannot even buy one 970 for.
  8. This is a story of how Scan UK returns department absolutely screwed me over. If you have a High End card and something is wrong with it, you're screwed too. TL;DR: 208£ refund after one year for a GPU worth 780-1100£ (Click on it) on the market - or a replacement for a GPU with 55% performance of the original one. Refusal of repair. (Yes they can repair it, it's a water pump failure, which they confirmed.) I am a hostage of the Returns Department at Scan. My voice as a Customer doesn't even matter. You either take this worse card, or 1/4 of the card's worth... Or you know what? Doesn't even matter what you think - We will just give you that 208£ because you do not agree with us. ____________________________________________________ So, long story. I have returned a FAULTY graphics card after one year. [Water Pump Failure] (2 Year Warranty) Since the card is no longer in production, (R9 295x2) I expected a replacement of similar performance or value. (Current Market Value - approx. 800£, it's basically 2x 290X on one PCB, or 1.6x of one 980Ti.) Neither of those has occurred. The reutrns department offered me 208£ for a card worth 780-1100£ on the market or a replacement for a graphics card that doesn't NEARLY come to the performance of 295x2. (One 390X worth 330£.) I asked for repair of the card - refused. "We will not repair the card." To add an insult to an injury, I have requested to not go any further until I seek legal advice (Can they do that? What should I do if we are in this patte situation?), and have thought of proceeding further on Manufacturer's warranty - which is still on (2 years.) - HOWEVER SCAN HAS DECIDED TO REFUND ME 208£ AND CLOSED THE RMA. "As we can't come to a resolution we are processing the refund of £208.14+vat" So where is my graphics card now Scan? You have literally stolen my GPU, and decide what to do despite my specific disapproval of this refund amount and request to **hold** until I contact how can we decently solve this situation. I have specifically said, NOT TO PROCEED, until I have contacted a solicitor on the matter. What a BRILLIANT customer service. Do one thing, that customer has specifically said NOT TO DO. I declined a refund of 208£, as the card is currently worth MUCH MORE THAN THAT (Again, 780£ is the cheapest i found.), and is WAY BETTER than what has been offered. Better yet, I have asked for REPAIR which IS POSSIBLE (Water Pump exchange) and Scan has refused to do that, without giving me the possibility to discuss such matter with the Manufacturer. (XFX) But wait! There's more! I have decided to negotiate with Scan - Okay, I am willing to take a GPU that is BETTER than what you offer, (Still worse than my original one) - and I will BUY a SECOND one, so you can keep a net profit and it will be an upgrade for me, as well as business for you. (I asked for one 980 Ti - and I will buy a second one.) Sounds great right? - You win for a happy customer, and you still get to profit as I will buy another one. It would be an upgrade for me, and an RMA for you. One E-mail later saying - Please hold, I will contact you shortly. For 208£. For a GPU better than one Titan X... Customer Service? What's that.
  9. You can see a difference between 1440p and 4K on a 4K Panel. (I have a 32' BenQ 3840x2160) I would NOT recommend IN ANY CASE EVER using 1080p resolution. It'd look awful.
  10. In one of the papers that I have found, there is a warrant issued that allows LAPD to take the fingerprints of the guy and use them on the iPhone to unlock it. Isn't that basically the court allowing the police to force the guy to self-incriminate himself?
  11. Wow Triple-post, but hey, an Update seems like is needed. They fixed it. You can buy G290 (The black one) for 99£ with delivery to your address now.
  12. Great joke Currys. The only way you can get it, is by ordering it in store. Interestingly enough, no store in England has it. And it's not like they "ran out of stock" because I checked it at 3am and 7am. How ridiculous.