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  1. Seems like a really stupid question but I actually can't seem to find a way to do it. I want to wipe everything (Including Windows 10) so the drive can be sold to a new user. The only way I can think of doing it is to download the Windows 10 installation media, booting into the installer and formatting the drive from there. However, not that I care that much, but formatting the drive would not allow me to securely erase my data if I wanted to.. Surely there is a way to uninstall Windows from within Windows??
  2. My friend mentioned when he got a new pc he just backed up his old drive with a windows install and copied the whole thing on to the drive going into his new pc, and for some reason it worked? He now has two Windows machines running off what should just be 1 Windows license/key. I'm confused because AFAIK Microsoft doesn't allow this to work...
  3. One more thing, what is the UEFi boot drive and how does it differ from the hard drive priority above? https://imgur.com/a/GQUeh Thanks
  4. Noticed these two options in the BIOS in my boot order that I've never seen before? What are they for out of curiosity? https://imgur.com/a/tnYba Mobo is Asus Z270-P Cheers
  5. I'm selling some unneeded drives but I can't work out what to do in this situation. I have an SSD which is also where Windows is installed. Obviously I can't securely erase from within Windows because it will cease to function but if I boot Windows from a USB and format in the installation menu I'm guessing it won't be a secure erase?
  6. I can't advise, but I'm interested in what they are used for?
  7. AstroBenny

    power options

    Yes, Balanced is the default and recommended setting, You'll see the performance benefits of high performance mode but won't use as much energy when the system is not under load through downclocking.
  8. Hi, I have my 4690K clocked at 4.7Ghz and I've noticed that even when task manager / coretemp is reporting 100% cpu load (BF1, Youtube 4K 60fps) it mostly won't go above 4.5Ghz in task manager unless I run a synthetic benchmark like Cinebench where it will reach 4.7Ghz happily. I can also solve the problem by enabling high performance mode in windows to force max clocks but I'd prefer not to do this if possible. Temps don't exceed 65 degrees C. Is there a reason for this? Cheers
  9. I found a fix. It's a bug which means that the Steam window seems to be behind an invisible layer meaning you can't click on anything. As a temp fix you can just hit the show desktop button twice at the bottom right of your taskbar when ever it freezes.
  10. I just reinstalled 1709 again and yes, it's the rebuilding.. Still the same problem. Guess I'm gonna wait it out because I can't find a MediaCreationTool for 1703
  11. Yes, sorry I worded it badly. I have already reinstalled Windows 1709 once. Now if I want to go back to 1703 I have to reinstall again which I would prefer not to ideally I'm guessing it's my only option at this point so I'll try that..
  12. Since updating to 1709, after launching a game my Steam client tends to become unresponsive and I have to close it via task manager. I can't find anyone else with the same issue and I've tried reinstalling windows, drivers, changing mobo, and bios update to no avail. I can't go back to 1703 since I'm past the 10 day window so I would have to reinstall windows altogether. Was wondering if anyone else was having a similar issue or what I could do to diagnose the issue? 4690k 16GB DDR3 980Ti Z97-Pro