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  1. Can you connect on another PC internally on your network or you phone on your wifi to your PC IP via FTP?
  2. Bottom of the page for windows firewall, allowing FTP Filezilla https://wiki.filezilla-project.org/Network_Configuration#Setting_up_FileZilla_Server_with_Windows_Firewall
  3. This might help, You need to forward 20-21 to your PC Internal IP. Have a look on the router and give your PC a Reservation so the Internal lease will be renewed with the same IP, usually just a tick box on DHCP table.
  4. Install the DUC and get it running via logging in 1st. http://www.noip.com/download?page=win
  5. This is all down to correct port forwarding for gaming servers, plenty of info on the net for things like this. A simpler solution could be Log Me In Himatchi, have a read easy to setup and can achieve most PC to PC Connection and its secure and even free. https://www.vpn.net/
  6. An easy solution to try is Filezilla Server running on your PC (Host), then a client FTP program on the Connecting PC or use windows explorer via ftp:// prefix You will need to port forward port 20-21 on your router and open up the windows Firewall same ports (or you Firewall program) Please read the impacts of allowing open ports to your internal Network and using none secure ports. This is just a starter idea to get you going.
  7. No harm in using a free DNS Service all this will do is translate your static / Dynamic IP into an easily remember-able DNS name. NOIP have a tool you can run on your machine and it updates your IP every 5 minutes. What do you want to access and on what do you want to access ?
  8. noip works well, a vote from here, used it before I used Windows Server Dynamic addressing.
  9. Sorry external static IP from your ISP. Inside the newtwork is easily sorted via your router / firewall.
  10. Yep easily, You could make it available as an FTP Site to connect to or just a windows SMB Share. I can access my windows server (could be any windows OS) Via VPN (Windows VPN PPTP or STTP is fine) and File manager on my phone or any other device. Do you have a static IP Address already ?
  11. Would love the stealth, would love a laptop I could game one.
  12. A New server for a customer Fujitsu Primergy TX2540 Chassis configured as: Single Xeon E5-2402v2 4 x 600GB SAS 2 x 2TB SATA Additional RAID Controller 48GB RAM HDD Conversion Kit (Total 8 Bay) Dual PSU VMWare Essentials Kit Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
  13. I took a gamble, 1st time posting for news, grrrr