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  1. And I was planning to get Corsair H500i and have a PCI-E riser along with it. RIP
  2. All would sell, unless pre-ordering means something else.
  3. I'm leaning towards switching cases 'again' for my build... SP ventilation from the front shouldn't be an issue if I use my Noctua PPC-3000 right?
  4. There's nothing making NVIDIA release a new one too soon but if it does- then all is welcome considering it's a good upgrade. I am for sure- gonna enjoy my 980Ti for a while... maybe, just maybe snag a cheaper 1080Ti HOF when the new ones comes out.
  5. It should be able to without a problem but depending on the game and settings. I'm pretty confident it can run games on all ultra settings.
  6. 'Don't be evil' conduct is useless since it only follows where the money is.
  7. I just don't see the point of this prank when it involves terrorism and frankly, tasteless. I knew it was a matter of time 'til he gets in trouble with the authorities.
  8. looks better than the other listed
  9. I wouldn't turn that thing on til you find that screw. It might short the board and start a fire.
  10. Get more depressed by having nobody to have netflix-and-chill, we have a solution for that, memes. The more dank, the better.
  11. Didn't Elon Musk told the media that Mark knowing 'little' about AI stuff?
  12. Good to hear there's progress on tackling illegal human trafficking and the likes.
  13. I doubt I'll buy again nor recommend any Noctua fans to any body I know.
  14. Welp. It's dead before it even releases.
  15. I'm kinda proud of myself for only spending $150 on this Steam sale.

  16. Nice but only 25" and 1080p? Umm, no.
  17. If you're going for a water-block, why not just get the FTW version since you can OC it up to close to kingpin-level unless of course, you want more. Kingpin is good on air too since it's prebinned to perform better than the rest. But if you're going for just air cooling, HoF for similar performance and way cheaper than Kingpin.
  18. HoF is neck-to-neck with the Kingpin in world class overclock ranking as on previous GPUs. That's about similar performance for $300 less than a Kingpin but if you have the extra money to throw, I'd get the kingpin for sure.
  19. Looks nice but only good for productivity/rpg, won't bother picking up til they have an 144fps down the road.