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  1. I had an interesting experience with my internet today. I typically get up to 200-300mbps download and an average of 15mbps upload with an average ping of 11-18ms. Today, when I woke up, half the websites I typically visit wouldn't load. And after running the network troubleshooter when you go to network sharing center, it said my DNS server wasn't responding. I then used my iphone's internet to google how to deal with this, and it led me to cleaning my browsing history, checking the same websites with different browsers(and all browsers had the same issues), and also to reboot my
  2. ok, thanks. now that I know that an RGP header is a different part, I was able to just google "RGB header' and learn what that is. Also, Digideath that's pretty cool, I didn't know there was such a thing as an m.2 wifi card. This pc I have coming in the mail with this motherboard is replacing the PC that I currently have. So is it a bad idea(for any reason) to take the pciex1 wifi card out of my current pc and put it in the new pc when it comes in the mail, or is an m.2 wifi card so much better that it's worth spending the money on it?
  3. This is a new motherboard that's part of a computer I'm waiting to come in the mail. I ended up with this motherboard due to budget restrictions: ASUS PRIME Z490-P - WiFi, ARGB Header (1), USB 3.2 Ports (4 Type-A), M.2 Slot (3) My question is about the part that says "wifi argb header". I understand the rest of it, just not this. Does it mean the motherboard has built in wifi, or that I can install a wifi card or something? For example, a motherboard I'm using the the PC I currently have, does not have onboard wifi, and I installed a pciex1 wifi card in order to connec
  4. yeah i'll be selling the parts to my old rig before they're too outdated.
  5. what's going on is that i figured out how to get an rtx 3090 despite it being sold out everywhere. i was considering building a second pc instead of rebuilding the one i currently have and have talked about on this forum but i really don't want to deal with the hassle of assembling a new PC...and my cable management skills suck lol. so i found out i can kill two birds with one stone by going to ibuypower.com and ordering a custom rig that has the exact 3090 that i want(asus tuf 24GB OC RTX 3090). and if i order it today it'll ship in as early as 3-4 weeks from today. made this thr
  6. so am i correct to assume i'd get the same answer if they were using 10850k?(i hear they're easier to find)
  7. oh ok, i was just misunderstanding the benchmark then
  8. i see a lot of youtube videos where folks are playing AAA games at 4k max graphics settings while using a 3090 GPU and a 10900k for a CPU at 5GHz. considering 3.7Ghz is the fastest i've seen a stock 10900k then i'm assuming they're over clocking. so what cooling solution does someone need to keep their 10900k from being damaged with the cpu being over locked to 5Ghz? would the MZXT kraken z73 360mm be enough?
  9. Budget (including currency): 2500.00(PC case, monitor, keyboard/mouse are things I already have. Using LGCX as monitor and plan to use it for the future build) Country: USA Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: When it comes to gaming, I want to be able to do 4k, 60hz, 4-4-4 well if that's even possible. For everything else: Solidworks(CAD), Reaper(DAW), Cyberpunk 2077, Half Life Alyx and other high graphics games on VR and traditional FPS games with maxed graphics on 4k. Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're
  10. lol I'll try that and see what happens. I knew there was likely a simpler solution staring me in the face.
  11. I have to run some of my games at 1080p or 1440p rez in order to keep my PC from crashing while I'm waiting to upgrade my gpu from 1070ti to 3070,80, or 90 gpu. Until then, my PC basically becomes a space heater for my room, especially when I'm using my HTC vive cosmos elite headset I recently got. I need to know if this is a stupid idea, and if so, if there's a more practical solution. My idea: You know those hoses or conduits(not sure what the proper term is) you see coming out of a laundry dryer that go into a wall in order to eject the heat out of the house instead of heating
  12. dang typos! I'm sorry guys, I meant to type 1070ti not 2070ti, lol. Just fixed that typo. I have a 1070ti
  13. Since I plan on going from my 1070ti to a 3080 or 3090 whenever I can actually find one available, I'll be completely skipping over the rtx 2080ti that I originally was going to get "when I can afford it" but by the time I could afford one, the 3000 series cards launched. So in the end, which 2080ti ended up being the best? I'm talking about the kind of 2080ti's that folks never needed to overclock, didn't have many issues and just worked. I'm not shopping for a 2080ti, I'm just curious since I'll never use one.
  14. yeah, i'm starting to see the logic in all of this. I'm gonna go pull my foot out of my mouth now lol