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  1. So, this is just 60hz I take it? Damn. I really wanted the C9 as a 32 Inch,... but no 120hz+, no buy for me.
  2. I honestly don't see a big reason for these, no matter the company making them. I mean: What would you use this on anyway? Stuff you can lose somewhere, likely has build in Bluetooth and any form of "find my device" stuff anyway. Watches, Smartphones, Laptops,... hell even Headphones. What else could you search for? Serious question. I really have no idea what kinda stuff in my life could be lost AND be refound due to this tech.
  3. And Cyberpunk needs significantly more performance, than a console can and will offer for the next 4-8 years. Unless, obviously... they turn down the settings some more, to make it in line with the other console games that also just have amazing trailers and look awful while playing.
  4. Well,... who thought it would run, let alone well,.. on old consoles? It will run terrible on NEW consoles and we all know it. We knew it months and maybe years in advance actually. Just like Witcher 3 on the Switch. People ARE dumb enough to buy it anyways for...reasons I guess. The only thing that comes to mind really: "Stop using the wrong tool for the job!". Bleeding Edge graphics is not gonna work on any console, let alone an old one. Hell: Most PCs won't run it well for a while.
  5. Kinda called: "Having a job". Also, look up dept "Collectors US". That is NOTHING like the stuff we have in Germany. Not even remotely close. They are selling "depts" and those people knock on your door, wait for you after work and actually get away with some pretty scare stuff, while the police is watching and even cheering. Nope, we don't have that here. You get a letter with the demand to pay. If you don't, they add some fees and demand again. If you never pay, you can get a court date and that's it. Nothing crazy like US dept collectors.
  6. Yet, we don't have any dept collectors in Germany. I have heard stories about the US and outsourcing dept to some... uhm,... "private" individuals?! But I did not believe such a thing was legal in any democracy. You know, we do have people in dept that can't pay, but they simply get their income reduced up to a minimum, so their dept gets payed automatically. You can also just claim being "broke". If you do that, you get a person to your side for 5 years. This person is handling your money and makes sure you can live well enough,.. while trying to pay off your dept. After 5 ye
  7. "Dept Collectors",... sounds like some mafia kinda thing. Which countries do these work in? US?
  8. What else would a company try to do with their product? Make it taste like ass, so no one buys it? Obviously, Facebook is trying to make people like it as much as possible. Like,... duh! Plenty of reasons to be mad about Facebook, but this is certainly not one of it.
  9. You can find a tin foil theory around every corner. No doubt! This is amazing news and honestly totally unexpected. Sure, he said he wanted to push this, but I took that as bold words for publicity and not something they would really push towards. Let's see how this works out and if Steam joins at some point. Because, if we are honest, no matter how big the Epic growth has been... even if they grow at that pace for years, they would likely still be smaller than Steam. One question keeps bugging me tho. If they let you play games everywhere, no matter wher
  10. Bloody hell,... you really think THAT beast is easier to manage? I had to use that for my masters degree and hated every second of it. Word just works and does exactly what you want it to. Latex on the other hand....
  11. Well, if performance increase is irrelevant, but the NAMES on the products are important for you... then I guess we have different ways of judging GPUs. Just because a GPU is called 3090 and not Titan, means THAT is the top dog? Even tho Jen said it is the Titan replacement? if it was called Titan, you would be all happy because then the top dog would have been the 700 dollar 3080? Basically, you dislike the situation because the thing is not called Titan?
  12. Tiers change. That is something you have to include in your (otherwise valid) argument. You noticed yourself that Titans used to be TIs... now they are 90s. Names don't matter really. The underlying product does. And well,... Ampere has a 700$ price tag for the top dog and 500$ for the 2nd tier. So... what is bad about that? This also comes with a 60-100% performance increase, greater than Pascal, which in itself was highly acclaimed to be amazing.
  13. I get that being skeptical is a good thing. Don't get me wrong there. It's just that I see a limit there. There is a line between healthy skepticism and outright paranoia. I see very little reason to destroy a 1mil YouTube channel, just to fake or hide something for 2 weeks, when people can't even buy the product. And Nvidia does not have a past of lying and overhyping, or having major issues in select titles. Again: Some skepticism is very warranted. But don't go all overboard with that. There is enough evidence shown to expect a pretty damn amazing generatio
  14. Kinda strange assertion, don't you think? I mean the reason we (the customers) want competition is to get better products for better prices. Now you are claiming NVidia offering a great product for a great price is.... bad for competition? That does not check out for me. We can be pleased that NVidia is not abusing their monopoly as much as they could do. Instead, they beat themselves up by basically deleting every reason to buy a Turing GPU. That is something we want from AMD,... but why do we need them, if NVidia is doing it themselves?
  15. There will be no major surprises. Why would there? The test done is actually all you need. You want to know the uplift, there you go. How much could go wrong after that? Is it possible the new GPUs have terrible 0.1% lows? Well, maybe... but most certainly not likely!? And if all those games run that well, most of which are the standard go to games for most reviews anyways, how are the chances that all other games suddenly run way worse?