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    Ryzen R7 1700
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    Gigabyte AX370 Aorus Gaming 5
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    16 GB GSkill Trident Z RGB 3200mhz
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    Palit Gamerock Premium 1080 GTX
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    INWIN 303
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    Samsung XP941 256GB
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    Fractal Design Newton R3 1000w (White)
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    Asus RoG Swift 27" G-Sync 1440P
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    Custom Water Loop
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    Corsair K65 RGB Lux
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    Corsair M65
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    Windows 10 64 Bit
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  1. Build now or wait?

    personally I would have gone with a coffeelake build right now, depending on budget of course. If you have a rig to use in the meantime I would wait
  2. well there will be a difference if the C14 uses B die and C15 doesn't, the ram you have recommended will for a fact causes issues booting XMP out the box, I know this cause I'm on my second set of that same ram, that's not to say I disagree with your original point about the price. Pick any ram from here if you want trouble free 3200mhz on XMP https://pcpartpicker.com/products/memory/#s=403200&L=0,140&sort=price&Z=16384002 If you don't mind playing around a little, see my Ryzen ram guide and buy some CAS 16 as @hconverse02 suggested
  3. Will it work?

    no, z170 is PCIE 3.0x 4, the Z97 was PCIE 2.0 x4, you are good to go
  4. Will it work?

    basically a board is made to support the varying m.2 SSD's some have more pins than others or are shorter/longer, youre good to go, the ranger 7 even supported m.2 (albeit at lower speeds due to lack of PCIE lanes)
  5. G. SKILL Trident Z RGB RAM

    haha thanks, i hope the info helps. The ram to longer to paint than anything else (well except the fittings which were chrome!)
  6. G. SKILL Trident Z RGB RAM

    the build log is in my signature under "Temporal Snow - Ryzen Refresh" if you want to have a look for ideas. I've also just won rig of the month over at Guru 3D. The board is a Gigabyte X370 Gaming 5, its black with white accents, so I added a monoblock and put a white background on it to aid the theme http://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/guru3d-rig-of-the-month-november-2017,1.html You know I fancied a TT view 71 when I built this, (I previously had a TT Core X9 and spent like £80 on paint to paint it white and 3 weeks after I finished they released a Snow Edition) so I emailed them and asked if they were going to release a snow edition "no" ok, I went with the INWIN 303 and a few weeks later a snow edition arrived .... gg thermaltake
  7. Will it work?

    id be surprised if it doesn't, I'm saying this before I research it for fact. I mean I would genuinely be surprised if a RoG board based on Z170 didn't have it update yes it does https://www.asus.com/uk/Motherboards/MAXIMUS-VIII-HERO/ Gen 3.0 x4
  8. G. SKILL Trident Z RGB RAM

    I have the RGB ram and a gigabyte Aorus board which is RGB. The way I have found to make it work is to set the RGB in the bios on the board and not install the software. You cant sync them anyway unless you set static as they software isn't compatible. I then use the Gskill software in windows to set the ram pattern/colour but mine is set to static blue
  9. You could try and lower the timings at 3466mhz, I have found that my ram on Ryzen is very sensitive to tRAS, lowering that makes it unstable. So you could try say 16-18-18-18-49, if it doesn't work try a little more DDRv. If it is still unstable I would stick at 3466
  10. if its stable as is just leave it at that
  11. The performance difference between 2933 and 3200mhz isn't massive. If you have concerns about damaging the ram then leave at 2933mhz as I can not guarantee that over volting wont kill it. Mine is running 1.42v to achieve 3200mhz. You could also try increasing tRAS to around 62, mine is very unstable at default 54.
  12. CX no, avoid, CXM is a decent budget unit, there are better
  13. It isn't supported officially, but they fit with ZERO modding, just got to be thinking ahead with cabled before fitting the bottom radiator, like I said, I did zero cutting for the radiators - I have done a lot of cutting else where, acrylic back wall and front intake namely
  14. The intake I added cause GPU temps were high with very little actual airflow, doesn't come with one out of the box
  15. Inwin 303 Its not officially supported, but I managed 360, 240 and a 120mm. If you have plans for SLI you will need a slim 240 down the bottom (or even a slim 360 if you wanna go 2x 360)