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  1. no not at all, you go for it =p
  2. Its by opinion I did state that and everyone will differ slightly. $2500 - $3000 should buy the majority of people a decent workstation PC. I guess there is another tier of blow the budget I didn't factor
  3. Not really, you say yourself it includes water cooling, that's obviously not factored, so considering an average loop is around $400 is custom, puts it in the high end. 1070 is mid range, gotta remember theres 1070ti, 1080 and vega 64 for high end, enthusiast would be 1080ti with titan for people with more cash than brains. as I said, its subjective as well
  4. PSU Cable Comb Color

    Remember, you can have white connectors aswell, I guess it depends on your over all theme
  5. I think its subjective and personal opinion, but in my eyes Budget - Pentium CPU, 1050/1050ti/570, 8gb ram, HDD - less than $500 Low end - i3/Ryzen 2200/2400g/Ryzen 1300 - 1400, SSD, 1050ti/1060/580 - Around $800 ish Mid range - i5/1600/2600X, 1070/vega 56, SSD, HDD, 16gb ram - Around $1100 ish High End - i7/1700/2700x, 1080/vega 64, SSD, HDD, 16gb ram - around $1500 ish Enthusiast - i7/2700X, 1080ti, SSD, HDD, 16/32gb ram - around $2000 Work Station/blow the budget - i9/Threadripper, Titan/1080ti (possible SLI), Raid SSD, HDD storage, 32/64gb ram - $2500 - $3000 Anymore just aint required
  6. depends on the board, but support is much better on ryzen 2, keep in mind if using it as an APU, the ram speed is very important
  7. [Build Log] Project Inkling - In Win

    Ye my bad, I thought the Gigabyte Designaire was white, it seems to be silver https://www.scan.co.uk/products/gigabyte-x399-designare-ex-str4-amd-x399-sata-6gb-s-usb-31-atx-amd-motherboard You can see in my log how the 360 fits (Ryzen Refresh) I genuinely wish I went with a 420 rad, certainly a good call getting it changed, just make sure it isn't too thick or fans wont fit/will be starved as it is kinda close to the glass. You can also spray that ram quite easily (just throwing ideas in here haha) to match your colour scheme which I love by the way, definitely following this one! keep up the good work
  8. Lg- 29um59 vs Samsung cfg70

    ye sorry, I meant UW not 1440p derp. Samsung is probably better for gaming, higher refresh and reponse, but VA LG is UW and IPS so probably better for professional work. If it was me id go with the Samsung
  9. Liquid Cooling a 980 Ti in 2018

    something aint right, its either 50C in your room or that card is overvolting at idle
  10. Lg- 29um59 vs Samsung cfg70

    more info would be useful, such as usage, and current GPU. Theyre both Freesync so AMD would be beneficial, also one is 1440p so if its a low end GPU then go with Samsung at 1080P
  11. Liquid Cooling a 980 Ti in 2018

    are fans running at idle on the gpu?
  12. [Build Log] Project Inkling - In Win

    Ive done quite a bit of work with this case and have some info for you: 1) A 420mm radiator will fit on the top and looks a lot better (I went with a xflow 360) 2) You can also fit a radiator in the bottom, just make sure you connect all the cables prior to installing it, you will have an easier time if the fans are sat between the case and rad. 3) It holds a tonne of heat, I added a front intake fan to help get some airflow in the case. 4) Out of interest why didn't you go for a white board and paint the inside of the case white? Looks great so far!
  13. GTX 1180 vs 1080. Looking for advice

    wait, they will be here in a couple of months and then you will be kicking yourself
  14. SLI in 2018

    source? whats your experience? And most of those people haven't ever even used SLI The problem is always the same on the internet. People only take to the forums looking for fixes to problems theyre having, people read it and start saying that x product etc is bad, that gets spread …. hence SLI is dead, SLI is dead, fact is the vast majority of people have zero experience of SLI. How many people actually come on here and say "hey guys ive been using this product/tech for a little while now and you know what? It's great, its stable and works great and provides a good performance jump" ? Ive said this before on these forums and ill say it again (with this caveat this time as it was taken out of context - Im not saying there was no issues, im saying how many actually experienced vs read about it) How many times did you hear about Iphone7's bending in peoples pockets and how many people actually experienced the "slow 0.5gb vram" stutter on 970 GTX? I bet less than 1% of the people on forums spouting off about it actually experienced it. I had 2x 970s in SLI for 18 months and had a single 970 a year longer. I never experienced the slow down (not saying it didn't exist) and you know what else? 2 games from around 100 didn't support SLI, Just Cause 3 and Quantum Break (terrible port, didn't even use Gsync) You need to ask what games you own, I guess most will support SLI to some extent, the actual performance varies. Just keep in mind that when the 1180 arrives, it will "probably" (Carlsberg quote lol) have around the same performance as your 1080 SLI. With that in mind and announcements expected in late July, it might be an idea to sell a 1080 now and the other once the 1180 is released and just grab an 1180. If this was year ago Id say go for it (depending on your monitor res?) but were so close, you would be better with one with cash to upgrade.
  15. WaterCooling Tips Needed

    You’re going to want more than a single 360 if you’re putting the cpu and gpu in there, technically it is enough, but you’re going to need high fan speeds to keep fluid temp down. I would add at least another 240mm if your case supports, or even better a second 360. As for rads go with hardware labs. I prefer D5 pumps to ddc as my ddc caused bubbles on my monoblock. If that block isn’t including your vrms I would suggest dropping it and grabbing a monoblock for your board (vrms plus cpu). From there you have a choice of res/pump combo (easier) or separate (looks better). Then you will need 2 fitting sfor every component plus any required for the DRAIN (caps so you don’t forget!) get fans with static pressure. as for fittings, bitspower and barrow are about the best looking, you need to decide whether you want rigid or flex and ensure you get fittings to match