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  1. Also, I forgot to mention that I will be replacing the standard NZXT Kraken X63 fans with be quiet! silent wings 3 140mm pwm fans. Will that be fine?
  2. Do I have to connect the fans to the NZXT fan hub with the NZXT Kraken X63? I want to connect the fans that are on the radiator into the motherboard fan headers (chassis1 fan header and chassis2 fan header) instead of the NZXT fan hub because the NZXT Cam software that controls the fans' speed is not that good because it randomly ramps up and down.
  3. This is normal for ips panels. It is known as ips glow. Sometimes you can get lucky have a monitor with less ips glow.
  4. Are you using the stock cooler for the cpu? If so, you should replace the cpu cooler for something better. How many fans do you have in your case?
  5. Also, I want to point out that my GTX 970 had the same temperatures as the RTX 3070 FE. My GTX 970 idle temperature was as 60C. My RTX 3070 idle temperature is at 39C.
  6. When I play Call of Duty Warzone, the in-game gpu temperature monitor shows that the NVIDIA RTX 3070 FE gpu is usually at 77C. When I play Overwatch, the in-game gpu temperature monitor shows that the NVIDIA RTX 3070 FE gpu is usually at 78C. Is my gpu temperature to hot? What temperature does the gpu have to be for it to start thermal throttling?
  7. I hope AMD gets better at driver support for their gpus.
  8. Get ready for the RX 6000! I wonder what Nvidia's response is going to be?
  9. Pretty cool that the computer did not run into thermal throttling issues.