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    Snowman's Land, USA
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  1. I want this bill to pass so EA suffers. They've killed so many studios, pushed so many horrible practices. This would hit them where it hurts. Their FIFA Ultimate Team.
  2. Celli

    Bethesda removes DRM from Rage 2 after just two days

    I hope this means Doom Eternal will only have it for less than a few days if it does have it at launch. Too bad Rage 2 is a mediocre game even without denuvo. ID should stick to what they know, that being shooters that aren't open world and story driven.
  3. Celli

    LGBT community

    Ohhhh I know who you are
  4. Celli

    LGBT community

  5. Celli

    LGBT community

    Are you a moderator there as well?
  6. Celli

    LGBT community

    Yeah, I do go by Mikey on derpibooru.
  7. Celli

    LGBT community

    Who would that be?
  8. Don't forget Bethesda's other egregious endeavor, Elder Scrolls Blades, which they said was a "pure Elder Scrolls experience". Yeah, Oblivion and Skyrim made you wait 3 days to open chests, and you can't start the timer for one box until you open one before it. Timers for everything. <removed>
  9. Americans are something else. Yet everywhere else this happened people were like "not an issue to me lol"
  10. There's a legal drinking age for a reason. And an age for letting people into a casino.
  11. How about, I dunno, not paying money and unlocking stuff via playing the game in a way that feels rewarding?
  12. The problem is that they make the game a slog to play so you either A) play for 10 hours to get one skin, or B) pay $10 to get it immediately. And then there's shit like Elder Scrolls Blades, where you wait three fucking days to open a chest.
  13. Oh no, you have to unlock shit via playing the game. Horrible!