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  1. Okay look, I'm annoyed and disapointed. But I'm certainly not about to insult the company and send death threats. Holy shit its not THAT serious to deserve such shit.
  2. They will most likely have an extended crunch time, if we are being honest here.
  3. I think I'm fucked on this then. It sucks a lot.
  4. I have tried looking up Realtek audio HD but they say its not avalable on Windows 10. Also if you know how to look it up, my motherboard is an ASRock B450M/ac (AM4).
  5. the 3070 is defintely what i'll be going for, unless a 2080TI can be found at cheaper on Black Friday or something.
  6. Actually,my speaker is connected to the back of my PC, the headset audio splitter is set up on the front of the PC as its the only place I can put it. I'm confused as to why its considered the same speaker.
  7. Oh its certainly not the worst thing that's happening right now lmao, far from it. In fact I wasn't really sharing this newsto start a whining thread. I mostly wanted to inform people, because Cyberpunk is definitely one of the bigger upcoming titles. I'm hoping it won't be bad and that its gonna be enjoyable when it finally does release, but that only time can tell.
  8. I'm a weird man, because I still enjoyed Duke Nukem..
  9. Woah! Those are cursed names you're mentioning. To me this sounds more like a Final Fantasy XV scenario. Game will be fun as hell but have flaws, hopefully lesser flaws than FFXV..
  10. I mean, I'm no CDPR fanboy, but I don't think it will be as bad as you make it sound lol.
  11. I'm certainly not going to argue against the fact that they care about the game. This is something I'll always give to CDPR. And I am certainly not going to argue against half assed products being delivered either. I'm just saying that for the 20+ years I've been a hardcore gamer, I see this industry that I love just getting worse and worse every years and its starting to piss me off. There are so many issues and there's nothing we can do, mostly because the casual market only cares about the present moment when they enjoy a game. Okay there's not ONLY the casual market at fault, corporate gre
  12. While I agree that shit does happen, its still quite annoying to have these constant delays. And this is aimed at the game industry in general.
  13. In no way am I blaming the spokesperson, in reality its always down to one thing. The company itself,meaning the higher ups. And a lot of time its even higher than that, meaning investors.
  14. That's a good point. But its still a very lame thing to do. People can still buy it now and have the free upgrade, so frankly they shouldn't delay it just for the new gen.