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    In Praise Of Bacchus
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    bristol uk
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    pc gaming music production and play the guitar till my fingers bleed


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    Intel I7 5930k
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    Evga classified x99
  • RAM
    16 gig corsair vengance lpx ddr4 ram
  • GPU
    2-way gtx 970
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    Corsair 450D
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    500gb segate baracuda 1tb sshd 512gb corsair ssd
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    Evga 850 wat psu
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    1x benq gl2450 1x lg 32inch 1080p tv
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    Corsair h100
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    zalman zm-k300m
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    zalman zm-m300
  • Sound
    logitech z506

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  1. yeah its quite a pain cause i use this pc in the studio so if the speaker volumes out it make it hard to properly mix and hear whats going on.
  2. tried that haha, but it seems to have litterally just sorted it self out the second i sent that last reply.... hmmm ill have to see how it go's
  3. Ahh i've tried that but alast no luck, idid however try what @JelleDekkers suggested but while the levels are the same, a lot of frequency Was dropped from the left it was lackinging alot off highs and low end and the right Was ok.
  4. So i been having this issue on my crosshair v formula z the left speaker is always quiter then the right tried reinstalling drivers diffrent cables restarting pc and no luck so far. has only started happening since i upgraded to windows 10 on this system. i know its not the speakers as their fine on my x99 build.
  5. OOOOO i could do with some new peripherals
  6. ehhh free stuff cant go wrong, wouldnt mind wacking one of these new amd gpus in my htpc
  7. I think its cool, would replace my 50 inch If the quality is good at higher sizes
  8. Fuck took almost 6 months to get my password rest

  9. The thermal paste is more concreate like than anything making it reallllyy hard to even twist a tiny fraction
  10. So yeah the cpu is stuck to the heat sink and cant seem to get it off any suggestion on how to fix's this the cpu is no longer in the socket so turning it on and heating it up is not an option.
  11. some how managed to stay of the forum for 5 months

  12. HEy just wondering how one can get the ds4 working with arkham knight using bluetooth instead of usb, it work fine when using usb but refuses to work wirelessly
  13. just pulled out the 2X1gb and its now shoing 8gb total and 7.90gig usable. so i guess ill just keep the two samsung ram stick out for now