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  1. Disable Fast Startup in WIndows 10 and restart the PC (its important) Then in NVIDIA Control Panel enable G-Sync, enable V-Sync (wont affect your input lag) but disable V-Sync in game, set FPS cap to 69 on 75Hz monitor, set the Low Latency Mode to Ultra, disable Fast Sync. Play the game in a true FullScreen mode
  2. neither get the SX8200 Pro instead if you can It's cheaper and better than 970 EVO
  3. well, lower voltage but more current and the same power.... seems like either we both have a bad mount or there is some bad solder between IHS and the die. From buildzoid video i've seen yesterday he cooled the 3950X until it reached 90*C but it was at 240W on AIO (did't mentioned which one).
  4. I also see temps in 90*C territory when I run mine with NH-U12A (but stock). 1.1V should definitely result in a lot lower temps though. Whats the power usage reported in HWinfo? I get around 140W when runing Aida64 stress test and my CCD1 tends to spike to 95*C for a few ms from time to time.
  5. My bad. You're right. I got around 150MB/s-200MB/s for QHD 60FPS recording when I tried it (faster than HDD though). At 4k it will definitely be more than that but still way bellow NVMe speeds. At 8k... maybe there you actually need NVMe as SATA SSD may not be enough.
  6. Yeah I was wrong it's Mbps not kbps. Look, you can try it for yourself in OBS. Just use one of the lossless presets in the simplified capture tab
  7. Bitrate is a number of bits dedicated to video in a second. Typically in Handbrake or OBS its in kbps and since OP mentioned OBS then I meant 1M kbps bitrate.
  8. You can easily saturate the speeds of NVMe if you try to capture lossless video as that usually is in the realm of 600k to 1M bitrate which means that not even the best SATA SSD could keep up. (You can actually do this with OBS). Other than that, it's similar story if you work with RAW or Prores formats when video editing. Not much for anything else.
  9. Your CPU is starved for memory bandwidth and that in turn makes the GPU do less work because it's waiting for CPU
  10. Your bottleneck is your RAM. 16GB is fine but you run only one stick (single-channel) which cuts your available bandwidth in half.
  11. Honestly, not sure if you can select that in the game if you don't use it as a native resolution. Haven't really thought about that. You will have to try. Another way is to maybe disable V-Sync and enable Fast Sync if you can get more than 60FPS for no tearing (you will have to do it in the NVIDIA Control Panel in the Manage 3D Settings tab).
  12. Try creating a custom 1440p60Hz resolution in NVIDIA Control Panel
  13. going from RX570 to RX5500XT is a waste of money, they perform roughly the same. I am sure that the RX570 is good enough for most of not all current games in VR since I was able to play some grames even with a lot weaker GTX 1050 2GB. I don't have experience with the Link on Oculus Quest but maybe that's what's causing the issue?
  14. It's definitely unstable, but maybe just barely. I had to do 1.35V to get 4.5GHz stable on my i7 4770k or 1.4V for 4.6GHz. You can also try to increase the VIN voltage from the default 1.8V to 1.9V and adjust the LLC (Load Line Calibration) to a higher level before you go and increase the core voltage. If that won't help, then you maybe need to up the VCore to something like 1.28V to 1.3V if your cooler can keep up.
  15. Yes, your delivery service already did the full stress test of the AIO from each angle
  16. Because 144 can be evenly divided by 24 (movies) while 150 can't. At least that's what I think the reason is, IDK for sure.
  17. Yes but as I said, in my case the mic levels in Windows were changed, not the levels in the programs. It still affected the volume though
  18. I had this issue that my mic got maxed out in Windows whenever I launched CSGO. This would affect Discord, TS, etc... I had to edit the game files to fix it.
  19. In any game where it actually matters, you will hit the 144FPS target on reasonable settings (even max settings in some of them). In graphically demanding games, definitely don't expect everything on High/Ultra with that kind of FPS. But you will be more than fine for the most part.
  20. reset CMOS, try again (there's a button on the I/O on the rear panel on the motherboard)
  21. just check der8auer X570 motherboard roundup video on YT, you will see how bad some of those boards are at handling 3900X/3950X.