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  1. return it, ask for replacement or money But first, try a different calbe. May be just a cable issue. I have two ViewSonics 32" 1440p and one of them was randomly flickering. I changed the cable and it works perfectly fine now. But TBH, this looks more like a broken panel rather than a cable issue.
  2. I had HD598 in the past. I upgraded to HD650. The base on those does have a bit more punch but its likely not enough to what you would prefer. It really comes down to personal preference. Recently I also bought SONY WH1000XM3 which sound very similar to my HD650 but also have much stronger base. These are closed cups though and kinda pricey as well. I haven't tried many headphones so I can only speak about these. I also had Koss Porta Pro long time ago and I really liked them. They also had nice base but these are quite uncomfortable to wear and break fast.
  3. Depends on where you're buying. And you don't really need a bracket if you are very careful. As I said though. It's up to OP. It was just a suggestion.
  4. WereCat

    TSMC unveils 6nm process

    no it's obviously a Pacman
  5. I would get the cheapest one and put AIO on it instead of spending so much extra on Sapphire Nitro+. But it's up to you. The Nitro+ is good but I still don't think it's $60 better than the PowerColor.
  6. Much lower TDP allowing fanless design Dual Ethernet with 10Gb? I think that this alone is reason enough to get it if it has enough performance for your use case
  7. WereCat

    Display Overclocking Bottleneck?

    Its extremely rare to get a 60Hz display that can OC to 100Hz. Even then, most of them are not actually runing at 100Hz because of frame skipping. You can get most 60Hz displays to 70Hz-75Hz...maaaybe to 80Hz if you are lucky. The overclockability of the display is mainly dependant on its scaler. Buying better display cables, power cables will not help you at all unless what you have right now is an absolute garbage. And as I already mentioned. Just because you tell the display to run at 75Hz and it appears that its runing at 75Hz, it may be skipping frames so you will actually not get 75Hz even if it seems like it. No harm done in trying to OC the display though. Ive done it on every monitor for years along with my friend. We never experienced an issue. The OC of minitor is different than OC of an CPU. You are not messing with voltages and power here. You just tell the driver to run at X and the monitors scaler tries to run it at X. If it cant, it will fail and revert to previous settings.
  8. WereCat

    1440p 144hz graphics card

    If you use WIndows Task Manager or MSI Afterburner to monitor VRAM usage, just have in mind that those only show how much VRAM was allocated, not how much VRAM is actually used. I dont know about any program that can actually show you the USAGE, not just the ALLOCATIN. So many games can actually allocate more VRAM than what they need. But just to give some examples. Call of Duty Blackout, my VRAM sits at 10-11GB allocation almost all the time at 1440p. Rise of the Tomb Raider (havent played the new one yet) already can allocate 8-10GB of VRAM at 1440p in some maps. PUBG (havent played it for a while) allocated 7-8GB of VRAM at 1440p last time I was playing.
  9. WereCat

    1440p 144hz graphics card

    ... RTX 2060 is more than capable for 1440p 144Hz at Medium settings. Obviously, it not nearly as good if you want to max things out but for MEDIUM, its more than capable. Anyway OP, if you want to stream, you may as well just grab Turing card and be done with it since their new NVENC encoder is really great for streaming/capturing at good quality and low bitrates with almost no performance hit. The Vega 56 is quite a good card and a bit better than GTX 1070, so if you are deciding between GTX 1070 and Vega56, definitely pick the Vega56. But if you can get the RTX 2060, get it... but I would still rather recommend the RTX 2070 if you can find a good deal for it as I am already seeing many games that can use more than 6GB of VRAM if you max out the texture quality.
  10. If it crashes in ANYTHING, its not stable. My i7 4770k can run 4.6GHz at 1.25V in Cinebench R15 just fine but I actually need 1.4V for it to be perfectly stable in any situation. Even at 1.35V, some games like Battlefield 1 were still crashing.
  11. WereCat

    1950x or 2950

    That's Ryzen. Threadripper will likely come out in Q3/Q4

    1. TopHatProductions115


      now recreate the quantum realm scene from the AntMan and the Wasp :P 

    2. WereCat



      I wonder if I can cheat by making a mirror cube with camera inside, some light emmiting objects inside as well and just use Path Tracing with many bounces instead.

  13. I have never heard of this studio or this game before but right now.... I am absolutly blown away!


    1. Hiya!


      Studiofow is known for making adult animation so expect it to be adult games..


      Yes i ready my finger at the mute button while playing this vid just in case..

  14. OK guys....

    tell me if you see a quality loss here:





















    1. CUDAcores89


      Do one at 144p

    2. WereCat


      @CUDAcores89you mean to downscale the source to 144p?

    3. Cyberspirit


      Nope, still looks good to me.

  15. WereCat

    How to optimize Windows for low end hardware.

    Don't bother. It will be still really bad. Just try to use Linux instead. I can't imagine a scenario where you would need a "Windows flexibility" on a machine like this that can barely browse web.
  16. WereCat

    Cpu performing bad

    Is your RAM in the correct slots so that you're running dual channel instead of single channel? You should be able to check this in CPU-Z
  17. WereCat

    Phone cases that cover up buttons (rant)

    Thats why I manualy made the holes for the buttons when I got such case. Also why I dont have any case on my current phone.
  18. WereCat

    Arma 3

    if anybody is playing Arma 3 multiplayer and claims to have 60FPS in a city, he is lying
  19. Steam Controller
  20. Since i5 3570k only supports dual channel at best, the 2x2133MHz will be faster assuming the timings will be low enough. But since you only have i5 3570k, I very much doubt that you will see any real benefit when switching from 4x1600MHz to 2x2133MHz. Do this ONLY if it wont cost you anything or very little ($20 at max, even thats a stretch). RAM OC also depends on way more things than just the RAM kit itself. CPU IMC (Integrated Memory Controller) quality, motherboard, ... those are factors as well. My i7 4770k for example has absolute trash IMC and I cant do anything above 2200MHz on RAM but I can get the timings quite low at least. But imo, with your CPU and GPU, you wont notice a difference between those RAM configurations. If you have to spend money, its a waste.
  21. WereCat

    Pop os question

    The live version is fairly limited. Not everything will work on it.
  22. WereCat

    DDR3 Ram Overclocking (help)

    Your latency is 7-7-7-21, maybe your kit can't handle that at 1600MHz. Try 9-9-9-24
  23. WereCat

    TSMC paves way for 5nm SoCs

    I doubt that we will see big dies. The yields would be so low that the price would be extremely high. Chiplets will have to do. Maybe stacking as well but that one will be more difficult for CPUs/GPUs than on NAND. This is perfect for mobile SoC because they need very small dies, it will take many months until this can be used on desktop in any feasible way.