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    HyperX Fury Black 8GB 2133MHz
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    Corsair Strafe w/ Cherry MX Reds & 2010 Razer Blackwidow Expert w/ Cherry MX Blues
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  1. I'm sure this isn't what you want to hear but that's just OxygenOS... well... being OxygenOS. My OnePlus 7 Pro isn't much better. The difference being, when I unlock the phone, notifications decide it's go time. What I'm suspecting is that the phone eventually decides to go into some sort of deep sleep and kills everything it deems unimportant, which is basically everything. When it wakes up for whatever reason (e.g. decides to sync something or wakes up from user input), it pulls notifications from a queue. OnePlus is rated the worst offender on https://dontkillmyapp.com/. I recommend you read into the OnePlus page and see what you haven't disabled or enabled, but quickly glancing over it, you seem to have done most of the things the website recommends. They also have some sort of benchmark app if you want to give it a try. If none of those suggestions work, maybe going the custom ROM route might be your only saving grace, especially with Android 11, Google plans to allow users to be notified, on a system level, that an app has been killed, but I highly doubt custom ROMs would be that strict, where you would need this feature. By the way, it looks you haven't upgraded to the OxygenOS 10 update, you could give that a try, provided that you're fine with having to factory reset the device after the upgrade, or else the phone will not run as well as it potentially could. RIP Reckful
  2. 240 Hz and 360 Hz is when you are either, absolutely serious about going pro or have money burning a hole in your pocket, and even at such high refresh rates, eventually the difference becomes imperceptible, because 144 Hz is already so fast. Not to mention, your computer has to be able to push the 240/360 frames, or else the monitor doesn't serve its full capability. Some 240 Hz monitor owners have said that, they can only really tell the difference between 144 Hz and 240 Hz, if there were two monitors placed size by side running their own respective refresh rates. The difference going from 144 Hz to 240 Hz is very minuscule compared to going from 60 Hz to 144 Hz. Here is another LinusTechTips video for you, when you get home from work.
  3. You can get a pretty good 2560 x 1440 @ 144 Hz monitor for under £500, since I'm not all too familiar with the British pound, I'm looking at Amazon.co.uk, and your options look very appealing. You can probably even find much better deals on another online shop or at your local computer stores. 144 Hz is ideally what you want for first person shooters because that means your monitor shows a new image 144 times per second, so for example, a scenario in which 144 Hz could be useful is AWPing mid doors on de_dust2. On 144 Hz, your enemies cross that gap much smoother. Whereas on 60 Hz, enemies can sometimes skip over, provided that they're quick enough. Also, since we are indeed on his forums, here is Linus' take on 4K gaming.
  4. Considering you are playing a lot of first person shooters, 144 Hz is way more valuable than 4K at decent frames. If you want to have the best of both worlds, 1440p@144 Hz is where you want to be.
  5. Even better, somehow get your hands on a GeForce GTX G-Assist USB.
  6. 1 mm TESA 61395 Tape from iFixIt. TESA also manufactures the same stuff used in cars to prevent abrasion in the wire harness. Any liquid based glue is a nightmare to clean up and it might even do more harm than good. Note: Please for the love of god, do not buy the "Precut Adhesive Card", that stuff is junk. Also, heat it up after you put the rear glass back on, so it adheres properly.
  7. The stream running on the Fortnite Twitch channel is something else... I guess that's one way to approach things.
  8. Something tells me this guy really really really likes the Meshify C. I think you should go for the Meshify C.
  9. As much as I hate Google for constantly messing with Chrome on Android, I can't for the life of me get used to Firefox.
  10. It's just being launched by a manufacturer by manufacturer basis, but eventually it will be rolled out completely to everyone and everything that runs Google Play services on Android 6.0 and later. As long as your Huawei tablet has Google Play services, you will get Nearby Sharing. If your smart toilet runs Google Play services on Android 6.0, it will have Nearby Sharing. Google is just doing a manufacturer-based staggered release, because they don't want to release a feature that may or may not work to all 2.5 billion Android devices (maybe less, since Nearby Sharing requires Android 6.0 or later) and that could get Google into some serious PR trouble.
  11. Some Chinese hackers were able to steal some semiconductor secrets from 7 unnamed Taiwanese chip companies. I'm guessing the Chinese government will either threaten jail time or pay well for the hackers to reveal the secrets to SMIC, the Chinese chip maker that Huawei is supposedly due to partner with. If this happens, I don't think Huawei would mind one bit. However, I realize I am severely simplifying the circumstances, but it's just some of my thoughts on this whole ordeal.
  12. As far as I know, the situation with Huawei right now is that, newer Huawei devices, that have a processor newer than a Kirin 980 can not launch with Google services. Huawei has previously circumvented the ban before by re-launching devices with Kirin 980s, as Pro variants and was able to keep Google services that way. So, as far as Google is concerned, your tablet, that was launched in 2017, way before the Huawei ban, is still able to continue using Google services, and as long as there's no software update that takes away the Google Play services, you will continue to be able to use them. I don't even think Google can revoke your access to their apps, nor would they want to, they're a data company, they want you to use their services. They're just a bit "bi-polar" with their A/B testing, it'll return soon. Nearby Sharing is set to have a global release in the following weeks. Also, if it makes you feel any better, I've opted into the Google Play services Beta since Nearby Sharing was first spotted in the Beta channel, and the quick setting has yet to appear on my OnePlus 7 Pro.