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  1. i have my eyes set on buying a lg 34 inch 1440p curved ultrawide sometime in january, (id buy it now, but im putting it off so i have the best possible chance of being able to get a 3080 afterwards). said monitor has g-sync as well, however, even though this is the one that i have my eye on, i am very open to suggestions if anyone knows of a monitor that is 34' 1440p and 144hz that may be a better value than this one.
  2. while im very unlikely to buy it, i saw a moniter that was similarly priced to the moniter that i was planning to buy, but this one was 49 inches and was only 1080p. How does that resolution work at that size?
  3. not exactly, it happens more frequently in crucible tho. most of the time it happens randomly
  4. i have a r53600(thinking about getting a new cpu once they are avaliable.) and since i have the money to spare, i was wondering, what kinds of performance gains would i get if i went from 3000 mhz ram to 3600?
  5. ok, for whatever reason, sometimes when im playing destiny 2, i will have a stutter that drops my fps down to like 15-20 for a minute or two, then everything fixes itself, i tried updating my gpu, turning down my memory overclock and neither of those things helped, i also dont have v sync on. my gpu is a dual asus 1660 super and my cpu is a r53600
  6. i dont remember quite when this issue first started, but now that im in a quite room it is much more noticiable at times. To the point, my gpu will make a sort of buzzing sound every so often, usually when im doing something, im fairly certain it is not coil whine as it doesnt do it all the time, and i dont recall it doing this the majority of the time i have had the gpu For reference, it is a gtx 1660 super dual from asus
  7. I seems to have gotten it to work properly by rotating the bottom fan counterclockwise and then reversing the fan led order in icue
  8. I'm not sure, but should my fans all have the led on the same side?
  9. I finally got my new seasonic psu and fans all installed, I plugged in my power switch connector, and upon pressing the power button, the fans and lights come on, then turn off.
  10. probably not, your aio may have its own headers to plug the fans into, dont quote me on that.
  11. how you managed to get a 3070 is beyond me, but i believe your fans will work, i only recomended corsair because it would be easier to control them all,
  12. sometimes while im playing destiny 2, my frame rate wich is usually in the upper 90's will take a sharp drop to a point where i cant even really move, like it will drop to 15 or 20 fps and i cant seem to figure out why, i have a 3600 and a 1660 super, along with a set of 3200mhz corsair ram.
  13. personally, id go with corsair fans along with a commander pro and a rgb hub, also, i wouldnt buy a 3070 until stock and prices normalize.