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    The same Canadian province as Linus Sebastian.
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    North Korean Astronaut


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    Intel Core i7-8700
  • Motherboard
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    HyperX Fury Black 8GB 2133MHz
  • GPU
    MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Titanium 8GB
  • Case
    Thermaltake View 27
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    SanDisk 2.5" 128GB & Western Digital 3.5" 1TB
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    EVGA SuperNOVA G3 550W
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    LG 27GL63T 27" & BenQ GW2270 21.5"
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    bequiet! Dark Rock Pro 3
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    Corsair Strafe w/ Cherry MX Reds & 2010 Razer Blackwidow Expert w/ Cherry MX Blues
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
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    V-MODA Crossfade M-100 & V-MODA Crossfade LP2
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    Windows 10 LTSC
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    OnePlus 7 Pro & iPhone 7 Plus
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  1. This may be controversial, and I don't know if it's just me who thinks this way, but since the survey sample is based solely in the United States, Android users may be more inclined to switch to an iPhone because of peer pressure, while citing software support and privacy as another reason. iMessage is pretty prominent here in North America, and Android users are usually left out of group chats because of messages being sent via SMS rather than iMessage. There's also this hate on "green bubbles" when I was in high school. This is less of an issue in other parts of the world where m
  2. KenTees


    I totally missed that. Shows you how long of an Intel CPU user I've been... Next build, I promise! I hope the other methods worked for him though.
  3. KenTees


    RAM seated properly? Don't be afraid to use some strength to seat it well. Let's forget this ever happened... Have you tried a different HDMI cable? Maybe even a DisplayPort cable? Look in your motherboard box, you might have a motherboard speaker that will tell you what's wrong via audible beeps. Some motherboards also have LEDs that light up in a specific order to communicate errors.
  4. KenTees


    Are you sure you selected the right HDMI profile on the TV? It could be detecting a signal on HDMI #2 while your PC is plugged into HDMI #1. Additionally, do you have any other monitors around to see if it actually displays anything?
  5. If you're used to Samsung's UI, I second the S20 Fan Edition. Especially now that Samsung has guaranteed three years of updates. You cannot go wrong with the Pixel 4a, possibly the 5G variant if you're into that. Google's software support is unprecedented and being able to try the newest Android versions before other manufacturers release their Android skin is a plus. You can rest assured you will be the first to receive the monthly Android security patches. The plastic builds on both devices should not be an issue, just get a nice case and the plastic on the 4a or Sams
  6. It's fine. About the size of a grain of rice is enough. Absolutely. Thermal paste helps fill in all the imperfections of the integrated heat spreader. You do not, if there is already pre-applied thermal paste on the cooler.
  7. Are they wet applied? Sort of like a rubber sort of film? I was under the impression that you were on about those plastic screen protectors that scratch and dent from just your fingernails, the "common" screen protectors, so to speak. I think Samsung has started putting them onto phones, and they are so easily scratched. They say it's to protect the display while it's in shipping, but people basically keep it on, same goes for the $5/$10 ones you find on Amazon.
  8. If you're determined enough, you can pull off what this guy did in 30 days, or less. I'm still typing with three fingers on each hand placed randomly, and my consistency isn't great...
  9. Film protectors are great, but they're too easily scratched. Not an issue for people who buy in bulk, and can re-apply them every so often, but it's largely why you may see people avoid them. As much as it is a pain in the ass to find a good tempered glass for curved displays, it's all worth it in the end for a screen protector to feel much like the material the display is made of. Plastic film, as much as it does the job of preventing scratches from happening, doesn't feel as great, it's the little things, imo. But then again, some people might even opt to completely a
  10. I have one from Alinsea on my OnePlus 7 Pro, and I'd say it's alright. Installation is a bit tricky, and the stickers provided aren't great at keeping out the glue from getting into the earpiece. I believe it took me about 30 minutes to install, and it has held up great for the 10 months I've had it. The earpiece on my OnePlus 7 Pro still works fine, but I did panic a bit. If you choose to go for these types of screen protectors, make sure to wipe the earpiece as best as you can with a microfiber cloth before you secure the screen protector with the UV light. Though, I'
  11. I think they're oddly satisfying, provided they don't suddenly break.
  12. When you check F3, do you see it say 6700 MB allocated? Also, what Minecraft version is this? I remember having around 2048 MB to 3072 MB allocated on 1.8.9 and I was able to see a pretty decently far on a local server. It's possible you allocated too much RAM to it.
  13. How much RAM is allocated to Minecraft?
  14. Could always slap a good port of Google Camera on a OnePlus device, to make it more than decent. Their software support is something else though...