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  1. @mahyarI had never tried installing linux and seeing the difference. But I installed manjaro xfce and I can use the laptop again. Thanks again for helping.
  2. Then I might go with manjaro xfce. Thanks for the help!
  3. I'm sorry if I'm bothering you by asking too many questions but can you briefly tell the differences between xfce and kde?
  4. Since I'm already using Elementary OS, I think I'll go with lubuntu. Is it beginner friendly?
  5. I have a very old laptop which no one in my family uses anymore. It can hardly run windows 10. I just want to install Linux and see how it performs. Since, I'm a beginner at linux, the only two distro's I have in mind are Mint OS and Elementary OS. It would be helpful if any one of you could suggest a proper linux distro for a beginner (even if it is anything other than above mentioned ones) according to the specs. Specs of the laptop: CPU: Intel i3 380M RAM: 4GB of DDR3 RAM Storage: it is a WD HDD with 300GB of storage space P.S. I've been using Elementary OS in a virtu
  6. Now it's working properly. Thanks a lot for the fix!
  7. I had a similar problem with my new hdd, where the computer would freeze for a second when I used it after it was idle for a while. Just changing the "sleep after" setting to 0 seconds (never sleep) in power settings solved it.
  8. It won't be enough. Especially for the power spikes. Graph from the LTT review of the 3080Fe:
  9. With your current setup, the discord output audio is your discord input audio as well like a loop. It is like holding a mic next to a speaker. This is a good tutorial for virtual sound mixing and virtual cables I found:
  10. Exactly! It's so frustrating and disappointing when companies rush their products due to the hype factor.
  11. I started using Voicemeteer Banana just yesterday. I set up all the output and input devices but I have one problem. When I set Voicemeeter Input as my default playback device, the media keys on my keyboard except the mute button don't seem to affect the volume. What settings should I modify so that I can control the volume with the media keys on my keyboard?