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  1. So I have a Hitachi 55" 4k TV. I have a problem, some of the videos I watch are not 16:9 (mkbhd, mr whose the boss) videos, so when I switch them to 4k (ONLY IN 4K, 2K AND BELOW ARE FINE) my picture gets distorted, just like this: Does anyone know how can I fix this? PS: don't mind the bowl of chocolates on the left.
  2. Hey, I started playing csgo a week ago, and I have a question. Can I have the sound of a kill in competitive just like in deathmatch, couse in some cases I can't see that I killed an enemy and I don't know If they are still alive?
  3. Why is my fps in the lobby 118? Idk if that's the true fps because in game I have 350. Do I have to be conserned about this?
  4. Ok, I see videos on people blowing on mechanical switches to fix them... I tried it for my self and it really worked. How does this work can someone explain??
  5. I press them fully, like I broke one switch because I pressed the clips too hard but It came with 4 more so if u do something stupid like me you have another...
  6. Hi, I have a hot swap keyboard (Eshark Kodachi) with Outemu reds. My problem is: When i try to take a switch out, it is so hard, but when I open a yt video, people take out their switches very easely. Why is that? I know that I have to press those pins on the top and the bottom, I do and i pull so hard and it barrely go's. PS: My keyboard is hot swappable i have taken out a switch and it works its not like it is sothered on.
  7. I don't know if your MB will support 3th gen or up. For that gpu ryzen 3 3100 or 3300x is good but again don't think the normal tomahawk b450 will support that cpu.
  8. When I open a game my Ryzen 5 3600 boosts it self to 1,30-1,35 volts up to 4200mhz, is that normal for the stock cpu voltage or not? PS: I haven't changed anything, I am not doing any overclocks at all, it's stock...
  9. Is it the same if I type %localappdata% in the windows search like in the Run app.
  10. When I press Windows Key + R to open Run, it opens a window for me to choose the default app (like the first picture) and when I press one of the apps it doesn't open it(like the second picture) .
  11. Will GTA 5 run ok on a i5 1035g1 and a MX110 gpu Asus laptop, could you tell me the fps. I know that it won't run GTA on ultra but could you tell me how will the game run on low or medium.
  12. He has i3 8100 and GT 1030 12gb ram
  13. No It just turns off his monitor and Nothing else happends and he has to restart. He doesn't know what he did wrong
  14. Yeah cuz we don't know what it is.
  15. When my friend opens Valorant his pc crashes and he has to restart. Help!