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    Quote me for a reply.
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    south, USA
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    Audio Visual Technician


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    i7 7700K @5.1 GHz
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    Corsair Vengeance white LED 32GB @3333MHz
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    GIGABYTE Mini-ITX GTX 1070
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    Corsair 250D
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    500GB NVMe M.2 Samsung 960 Evo
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    EVGA SuperNova 750 P2
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    H100i V2
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    microsoft sidewinder x4
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    logitech m705
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    Logitech G933 headphones
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    Win10 Pro

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  1. @op, there is no noticeable difference between 4 and 2 stick configurations of the same capacity. i suggest 2 stick for later expand-ability.
  2. VioDuskar

    ACPI Error never installed windows before

    AHCI? i cn't remember the acronym, but what kind of harddrive are you using? sata or m.2? if it's sata try switching the sata mode options in the bios. if it really is ACPI check your power settings in the bios and turn off any power saving features. then try again. also make sure all moherboard power connectors are plugged in, including the 4/8 pin CPU power near the top. some/most boards will still power via the 24pin main power if i remember correctly.
  3. :/

    That F@H Username " VioDuskar_/_kidjt94" breaks programs to track scores. I guess thanks for helping me find the errors before score-tracking is needed?

    At least you're not the one using question marks and backslashes...

    1. VioDuskar


      lol i haven't messed with folding in over a year or maybe two now. what did i do to help you find an error?

    2. Imbellis


      Your folding username used non-alphanumeric characters, especially the slash "/", which changes file extensions. Although quite a few weren't working due to this, since there was a slash in yours, it gave a more useful error by creating a file in a different location.

      Honestly, it was pretty funny. I got very confused about what was happening.

    3. VioDuskar


      awesome! i'm glad i can help! always validate input fields! or block what you can't! programming 102!

  4. VioDuskar

    How do I wash a keyboard?

    the best way, and you aren't going to like this, is to take it apart as much as you can. take off all the caps, get down in the mechanisms, and soak it in 70+% rubbing alcohol. SOAK IT. scrub that shit real good with whatever soft stuff you have. then let it air dry for 2-5 days. no kidding.
  5. VioDuskar

    500-550w is oftentimes enough.

    i find a good 750W PSU will keep you rolling for years. they can be used more down the line, even if you later decide to go SLI. for the most part they just give you longevity. a 550-600w is all most people need, but i've used the same 750W in 3 builds over 8 years now. at one point i used it with 3x gtx550 GPUs and an fx9590 CPU.
  6. VioDuskar

    Multiboot Tablet building?

    it's fast enough to boot into RAM and work with. it's not about speed, it's about interchangability, and disposability. why can't you do MacOS? hackintosh is a thing, i'm sure you know. and i'm sure it can be put on a USB /SD
  7. VioDuskar

    What Phone Do you have

  8. VioDuskar

    Multiboot Tablet building?

    i've booted from a USB SD card adapter, and the BIOS has SD card options in the boot order menu. i'd still give this a shot.
  9. VioDuskar

    What Phone Do you have

    the internals are great. I'm pretty disappointed in the 5t because they're getting rid of capacitive buttons on the front for on screen buttons, which really bothers me. but that's personal preference. the fingerprint ID is stupid fast.
  10. VioDuskar

    Multiboot Tablet building?

    generic drivers work pretty well nowadays.
  11. VioDuskar

    What Phone Do you have

    it's great in my opinion, best specs for the price, but OP is getting some price creep that i don't quite like. it's quick and as someone who doesn't mind flashing the OS, I normally flash Cyanogenmod/Lineage on my OP phones.
  12. VioDuskar

    Multiboot Tablet building?

    why do you think no?
  13. VioDuskar

    What kind of Processor do you have?

    7700k and fx9590
  14. VioDuskar

    What Phone Do you have

    had a OP1, OP3, and now OP5. I havent bought 'T' Editions.
  15. So, here's my idea. Microsoft has announced an LTE surface pro. I have a surface pro 4 that i've had about 2 years now. so here's what I want to do, and help me brain storm this. I want to install windows 10, android Oreo, Mac OS, and a Linux Disto. all on individual 128GB Micro SD cards. booting each on my surface pro 4, via the SD slot. I would use the internal storage as communal storage between them all, formated in EXFat for a universal file system between the OSs. I would use a USB to install all of these OSs onto the micro SD. Remix OS seems to be x86/x64 bootable and all other listed OSs are obviously x86/x64 compatible. thoughts? foreseen issues? do you think android could use the LTE feature of the new surface pro?