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  1. Been flying mine for over 3 years now. I have no idea what you guys are on about. ^^
  2. Crosswinds are currently the best value for money, yes.
  3. You don't seem to have registered at the UOLTT Discord server. Here's the link, when you have time:
  4. Yeah, sort of. Plus life sized, semi-procedurally generated, persistent planets and moons that you can fully explore and build outposts and settlements on, which are also seeded with persistent and dynamic missions and landing zones. Plus huge ass multi-crew ships and stations. We already, regularly get lost in the smaller big ships that are currently available in the alpha.
  5. I have known the man for years now. When I say he is being sarcastic, it's not a guess... usually. As for you, Sir, I am exhausted of arguing the same points over and over. Believe what you wish. I will only say this - the original schedule was for a 2 million game. We are now making a 150 million game. Some people have trouble understanding what this entails and get refunds. Most don't.
  6. Anyone? You mean like Valve or Blizzard?
  7. @Java Fast firing weapons - repeaters and gatling guns are the order of the day in the current patch, since because of the current netcode and frame issues, you need lots of saturation to do consistent hits on target. So yeah, when you get enough REC, just get the ball turret mount and I suggest either Panthers+badgers or Mantis+revenant. If you are using mouse with gimbals, just go full badgers. When you feel confident enough in your aim, you may try slower rate of fire weapons, such as M-Series. NN-14 neutron guns are not bad either. As for missiles, they are currently pretty broken and much frowned upon in the higher levels of play. Their use is outright banned in the tournaments we do. That said, if you are a new player, no one will begrudge you augmenting your damage with them - just be prepared to get missiled back... a lot. My suggestion would be to use them, but resist the temptation to spam them and keep on digging with the guns. It will eventually pay off and make you a better pilot. Feel free to drop by our discord if you need any help with flying and loadouts. We do impromptu flight/combat training sessions throughout the week and have regular meetups every Saturday.
  8. No matter if you're in the "Nothing to see here. this game doesn't exist!" or "I've been playing this game for 3 years!" camp - have a big group hug and come watch some pretty pew pew this Saturday at 1700 UTC. We have 19 teams and a bunch of professional streamers and commentators on board. More info can be found here:
  9. We've been having fun for quite a while now anyway.
  10. It will offer all that plus more. Huge ships, crewed by dozens of people and carrying hundreds. Life size planets and star systems. The list goes on. And yes, not released yet. Still in alpha, but everyone who has pledged for a package can play it. At the moment you can't do much more than shoot people on foot or in ships and fly around one system. The biggest ship currently flyable is relatively small, compared to what's in the pipeline, but still big enough to get lost in. The first landable planets and moons are coming in July.
  11. Well, kinda yes and no. Officially, Amazon "developed" Lumberyard under license from Crytek. Factually, they just gave Crytek a bunch of money to keep them from going bankrupt and now have them and their engine in their pocket.
  12. No, they didn't. Crytek changed the engine's name to Lumberyard. But it's still the same engine. SC's version of it is so heavily modified at this point that it can be considered something altogether different, but that's another story.
  13. Because it is the most discussed game on the forum. I'm not even joking. Look at the numbers. Whether they like it or hate it, people just don't shut up about it. Hence the separate forum section.
  14. Well it has made Star Marine much more playable. But I spend ungodly amounts of time in Arena Commander and the netcode changes and regional servers dun broke that. Pips are all wrong, jerky and inaccurate. Ships rubberband around and are harder to hit, especially if there is a large latency disparity between you and the target. Also there is a (presumably netcode related) bug where you land all hits on target for 10+ seconds and more and get like 1 or 2 points for your efforts, where you should have gotten hundreds and destroyed the target. The latter happens with specific players and we have detected no commonality so far, it just happens. And the regional servers mean it's even harder to get people in AC matches. Overall it's a bad patch for AC, but an indication that they are working on the networking side, which is good. More fixes and improvements scheduled for 2.6.2. Fingers crossed.
  15. Who are you kidding? You love it! And yeah @Jobobee , as spoon said, join us on discord at our community there can keep you updated on all the latest bugs!