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  1. do you think this game will flop

    3.0 WAS released almost about a month ago. It's live. That said, it is of course, a buggy mess - just like every other .0 SC release so far. And just like every other .0 release so far, it will get fixed up in the coming months. If you come at it with the mindset of "buying it", you will likely be disappointed. What some people fail to understand is that they're not "buying" anything, they're pledging their money to support a crowdfunding project that is still very much in development - and getting to participate in its alpha test as a bonus. Otherwise I do agree with your post.
  2. Is this game dead?

    Well if you think of it in those terms, of course it's gonna be crap. But do me a favor and imagine something for me. Imagine Star Citizen was not "selling ships", but developing a game by crowd funding. Imagine that they didn't have ANY corporate investors and instead, set a number of crowd funding pledge tiers, tied to different amounts of money. Imagine you could, if you liked the project, pick the amount of money that is comfortable for you and donate that amount in support of the project's completion, because that's how crowd funding works, right? Now imagine that in exchange for your pledge, you got a ship or piece of other in-game hardware, that you could use in the alpha and get to keep once the game is finished... again, because that is how crowd funding works, right? Would you be opposed to this entirely hypothetical system?
  3. Is this game dead?

    Meanwhile, around these parts: I mean it's still absolutely "the exact same", isn't it... Derek!
  4. 3.0 is going live on PTU

    Hey I agree again, you don't actually need to be civil to anyone. It's not a law or anything.
  5. 3.0 is going live on PTU

    Irrelevant ad-hominems aside, both our posts relay the same basic information - 3.0 is buggy and not ready for live. I am glad we agree.:)
  6. Was Derek Smart right?

    A bit of an educated guess here, but I can bet that severe changes to the flight model will continue to be made well after SQ42 has been released. I agree with your assessment of how it SHOULD be done, but that just wouldn't match what we've been seeing so far. The devs keep turning the flight model upside down every major patch, while not having much time to actually play it enough to understand what is needed. At some point they will realize that all these massive changes and the need to readjust and basically relearn flying from scratch has cultivated a small but very active community of consummate experts on the subject with thousands of flight hours in all flight model versions and a pretty good idea (and also a pretty solid general consensus) of exactly what should be done. At some point they will come to us for advice, and when that happens, the FM will change again. This time for good. However, knowing CIG, I would be really surprised if this realization comes before the release of SQ42.
  7. Was Derek Smart right?

    It was in 2012-13... and it was supposed to be onward but everybody knew.
  8. 3.0 is going live on PTU

    It's still pretty buggy and not ready for live release. But the moon landings are amazing. I can just stand there and watch the sunsets for now.
  9. Heh... that was in April. You can watch full recording of the event here: We had fun.
  10. updated Star citizen minimum specs for 30fps

    We are beyond dates at this point. You can join the alpha and play right now, however currently there is not much to do besides small fighter combat and farting around aimlessly in a small sandbox. A lot of new content such as full size moons and surface landings, rudimentary trade, missions, cargo hauling etc are hopefully coming by the end of 2017.
  11. Question about the space snow

    In one form or another, it was in pretty much every space sim I've ever played. It serves to create a feeling of movement and a way to gauge velocity without staring at your hud displays all the time. The very first alpha builds of AC didn't have it and it felt really disorienting. You may feel like you want "realism" but you really don't. A truly realistic space game would be very boring and nobody would play it. Not even astronauts. And the space dust will be the least of its problems.
  12. I hope you have accessible screws then. I have the 1080 strix and I was pretty disappointed when I started painting it white and saw I could only remove the shroud easily.
  13. Depends on the manufacturer and the card. MSI would cry warranty void if you so much as look at your backplate funny. GB would review it on a case by case basis... I'm guessing a simple signature wouldn't be a problem. ASUS claim they don't give a damn and you can paint it pink and glue fluffy antlers on it if you so wish. ASUS have started doing another sneaky trick with their later iterations, however. They will still claim that you can do whatever you like with the backplate, but they make the screw heads for it only accessible from the face of the PCB, which means you have to take off the cooler to get at it, which means you have to unscrew the sticker screw, which DOES void the warranty. Warranty-wise, your best bet will be to write to the manufacturer's support and ask them what the case is for your specific card. From a technical stand point, they're not even for rigidity anymore, just looks. You won't have any technical issues from removing the backplate.
  14. It's right there in the Org info thread, yet almost every org member who joins tells me they found it by accident. So let there be no more confusion. That's where the UOLTT Star Citien org hangs out, not on Spectrum. If you are not an org member, but just interested in Star Citizen and/or tech and gaming, you are also welcome to join us. URL: http://discord.uoltt.org Direct Link: https://discordapp.com/invite/0ZFgG6Y9m9xdFg17
  15. Was Derek Smart right?

    Well can you be a bit more specific? Was he right bout what exactly? Was he right about his initial claim during his first falling out with Chris Roberts, that Star Citizen will never be anything more than the hangar module and a bunch of pretty videos? Well no, I guess he wasn't. Was he right about it all being a complete scam, designed only to take our money and go buy an island somewhere? Eeeeh, I suppose that would make them the stupidest scammers in history, because they've been spending all that money into making a game instead. Their tax returns are publicly accessible. Was he right when he said that 2.0 is "nothing but a tech demo video" and we would never be able to do anything but dogfoghting in arena commander? I guess he was wrong on that one too. Was he right 2 years ago when he said they are completely out of money and he has it "on good authority" that they will be filing for bankrupcy within a month? No, I suppose he miscalculated that one a teeny bit too. Was he right about procedurally generated real-size planets not being a viable concept and that they would never be able to make anything like that? Eh... no. Was he right about... dammit to hell... let me think really really hard.... Oh I HAVE IT! Was he right about Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner being married and keeping it semi-secret in order to avoid controversy? YES hell fekin' YES!!! He was RIGHT! He was right about that, guys! Those sneaky bastards! Last time I was so disturbed was during episode 1482 of "As the world turns"! ==================================================== In all seriousness, tho. Star Citizen has development problems. It is an extremely ambitious project. They have had to readjust the scale of it several times, from the initial 2 million dollar stretch goal. Have they bitten more than they can chew? It's still possible, I don't believe so myself, but I admit that it remains to be seen. That said, don't make the mistake of paying much attention to Derek Smart. The man has mental problems. He is salty that his own game "Line of Defense" did not receive the same backing and has been in perpetual development longer than Star Citizen. Jealousy over this drove the man to spend unhealthy amounts of his time stalking the Star Citizen project, instead of pursuing his own. It is a sad story. I don't really want to hate on him too much, I rather feel pity for the man. Anywhoo, OP I noticed you mentioned that you have played the Star Citizen alpha. So I take it you know what it offers. Not much yet, admittedly. But let me leave you with some footage from Derek Smart's game 'Line Of Defense' which, by his own claim, is being "ripped off" by Star Citizen. Maybe you'll enjoy playing it. It's still in early access. ;-p DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT STAR CITIZEN FOOTAGE!!! JUST IN CASE ANYONE DIDN'T READ THE WALL OF TEXT FOR CONTEXT.