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  1. Can I Run Star Citizen?

    Memory leaks aside, this game relies heavily on massive and dynamic memory loads. Even when all leaks are plugged, the need to transfer gigabytes in and out of memory pretty much every few seconds will remain. I would say the game will be unplayable with a regular HDD, even when finished. I tried playing with a buddy yesterday, who installed it on his HDD... I currently load a PU instance in about 2-3 minutes with a 1400 MB/s m.2 SSD. He loads it in 7-8 minutes. And once he loads, the stuttering is pretty much unplayable for him with the constant loading of new data. Get an SSD... just ANY SSD would let you play decently. But with a HDD, unfortunately, you can pretty much forget about it at this point.
  2. Star Citizen uber specs

    @kiwibacon Your setup is more than enough to play star citizen at highest settings. The current alpha has performance issues that stem from bugs, memory leaks, server-side issues and lack of optimization... since it's an alpha. You may experience stuttering, framerate drops and occasional memory overloads, but those are not your system's fault. We are alpha testers... we may occasionally have fun in SC, but our main purpose is to point these things out and provide telemetry data so they can be fixed.
  3. How long until it's mostly complete?

    Afaik, lumberyard makes it easier to work with higher poly models and higher number of LODs and - most importantly for SC - larger environments. Cryengine was developed with classic sky boxes in mind, nobody expected it to be used for open-world stuff. Especially not on this scale! You could fit all crysis levels ever made, along with their skyboxes into the current SC Alpha's Stanton system a million times over and have room to spare. But the biggest differences are in the networking and close integration with AWS, which is also the reason they moved to AWS from google cloud.
  4. do you think this game will flop

    3.0 WAS released almost about a month ago. It's live. That said, it is of course, a buggy mess - just like every other .0 SC release so far. And just like every other .0 release so far, it will get fixed up in the coming months. If you come at it with the mindset of "buying it", you will likely be disappointed. What some people fail to understand is that they're not "buying" anything, they're pledging their money to support a crowdfunding project that is still very much in development - and getting to participate in its alpha test as a bonus. Otherwise I do agree with your post.
  5. Is this game dead?

    Well if you think of it in those terms, of course it's gonna be crap. But do me a favor and imagine something for me. Imagine Star Citizen was not "selling ships", but developing a game by crowd funding. Imagine that they didn't have ANY corporate investors and instead, set a number of crowd funding pledge tiers, tied to different amounts of money. Imagine you could, if you liked the project, pick the amount of money that is comfortable for you and donate that amount in support of the project's completion, because that's how crowd funding works, right? Now imagine that in exchange for your pledge, you got a ship or piece of other in-game hardware, that you could use in the alpha and get to keep once the game is finished... again, because that is how crowd funding works, right? Would you be opposed to this entirely hypothetical system?
  6. Is this game dead?

    Meanwhile, around these parts: I mean it's still absolutely "the exact same", isn't it... Derek!
  7. 3.0 is going live on PTU

    Hey I agree again, you don't actually need to be civil to anyone. It's not a law or anything.
  8. 3.0 is going live on PTU

    Irrelevant ad-hominems aside, both our posts relay the same basic information - 3.0 is buggy and not ready for live. I am glad we agree.:)
  9. Was Derek Smart right?

    A bit of an educated guess here, but I can bet that severe changes to the flight model will continue to be made well after SQ42 has been released. I agree with your assessment of how it SHOULD be done, but that just wouldn't match what we've been seeing so far. The devs keep turning the flight model upside down every major patch, while not having much time to actually play it enough to understand what is needed. At some point they will realize that all these massive changes and the need to readjust and basically relearn flying from scratch has cultivated a small but very active community of consummate experts on the subject with thousands of flight hours in all flight model versions and a pretty good idea (and also a pretty solid general consensus) of exactly what should be done. At some point they will come to us for advice, and when that happens, the FM will change again. This time for good. However, knowing CIG, I would be really surprised if this realization comes before the release of SQ42.
  10. Was Derek Smart right?

    It was in 2012-13... and it was supposed to be onward but everybody knew.
  11. 3.0 is going live on PTU

    It's still pretty buggy and not ready for live release. But the moon landings are amazing. I can just stand there and watch the sunsets for now.
  12. Heh... that was in April. You can watch full recording of the event here: We had fun.
  13. updated Star citizen minimum specs for 30fps

    We are beyond dates at this point. You can join the alpha and play right now, however currently there is not much to do besides small fighter combat and farting around aimlessly in a small sandbox. A lot of new content such as full size moons and surface landings, rudimentary trade, missions, cargo hauling etc are hopefully coming by the end of 2017.
  14. Question about the space snow

    In one form or another, it was in pretty much every space sim I've ever played. It serves to create a feeling of movement and a way to gauge velocity without staring at your hud displays all the time. The very first alpha builds of AC didn't have it and it felt really disorienting. You may feel like you want "realism" but you really don't. A truly realistic space game would be very boring and nobody would play it. Not even astronauts. And the space dust will be the least of its problems.
  15. I hope you have accessible screws then. I have the 1080 strix and I was pretty disappointed when I started painting it white and saw I could only remove the shroud easily.