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    Intel i7-8086
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    Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (2x16) 2666MHz
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  1. Make sure to mark the thread complete with an answer to keep the forum clean. Hope you can find a solution!
  2. It is normal for F@H to use a thread of your cpu per GPU slot running, it is not folding but supporting the GPU in its job. I would be concerned on your temps though. Around the forum it is always said to keep things at 80 or less so if you are hitting 100C that is pretty scary in my book. I can't say for sure if a H110i should cool your CPU as I have no experience with that hardware specifically but I think it should be enough and there is something wrong somewhere. I'd recommend hitting up the liquid cooling section of the forum to see if this is to be expected behavior for your specific hardware though. Thanks for folding but don't strain your hardware to do it. https://linustechtips.com/main/forum/36-liquid-and-exotic-cooling/
  3. Congrats!! You can request your forum badges at the link below to show off your achievement!
  4. I'll be moving at the end of this week but will get them back online ASAP once we get internet on June 1!
  5. I have this happen often in my unraid docker container. I just leave it do its thing and eventually its able to clear it out. Not saying that will work for you but keep an eye on it and make sure. As far as I can tell it doesn't prevent any folding by having them sit and wait for cleanup.
  6. Congrats!! That is one big achievement! I vote yes to getting it early lol
  7. Hope things turn around for you man! Thoughts and prayers with you and the fam!
  8. Congrats!! Thanks for all that you do!! I just got under 500 myself, definitely feels good!
  9. It wasn't always that bad but the FahCore22 was not designed to run on that hardware so it has become less efficient with the new folding protocols used with F@H Probably the better choice!
  10. Still use Coinbase on the occasion a client wants to pay in crypto and they have never given me a reason to even think about switching. When I was first looking I did what you did and found a recent top 10 list and went from the top down until one of them did everything I needed it to do. You'll be fine no matter what in my opinion.
  11. Hey this could be a Destiny 2 bug, I'd suggest getting in touch with there support to see what they have to say. Replacing that power bar couldn't hurt to see if it fixes the problem. UPS wouldn't fix a problem like this most of the time. There is no single thing it could be, it will be a lot of trial an error to see what solves it. You may find more in depth help by posting in the troubleshooting section of the LTT forum. https://linustechtips.com/main/forum/46-troubleshooting/
  12. You mentioned that the fee is free for the transfer of bitcoin but this is not the case. Either you or the other party will have to pay the transaction fee at time of transfer. This fee is variable and is hard to calculate without doing it inside of a wallet application like blockchain.com or Coinbase. 1) Your process is correct. 2) Correct, the .info URL forwards to .com I've never used Blockchain because at the time I was looking they did not support depositing to Canadian bank accounts. I had a very good experience with Coinbase though. Just wanting to share my experience. Any other questions feel free to reach out.
  13. I use Bam myself because I have more than one system like you. Works for my needs. One is my daily driver on WIndows and it works well. I also have the other running in an Unraid docker container, also works well. If the system is just for Boinc though I'd recommend setting up ubuntu to get best performance.