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  1. hi, can you share a trick how to restart a stuck computer remotely? i.m using team viewer to remotely check the rig but sometimes it gets stuck and can.t connect. useful things: i.m running a mobo which has buttons on it, the asroch h110 btc + something with 10+ gpu slots
  2. hello. here is my past experience with crypto mining: wanted to mine with 3x 3090 with asrock h110 pro btc+. mining with 1 was fine, 2 was fine, at 3rd the system did not power up. after a few days of searching on google i figured out how to fix the issue: i think that my mobo couldn.t deliver enough power to the PCIE connectors so i was needed to plug in 2 molex connectors in the mobo slots, as in the picture attacted. sold 2x 3090, now i.m rocking 1 3090 and 5 3060. question time! if i.m to run more than 2 gpus, am I needed to find a mobo with extra molex or
  3. hi, 2 questions here: can anyone share a link from where i can download that dev driver? also, i heard that you need to plug some hdmi connector to make it work on risers. does ANY connector work? even this? thanks!
  4. what do you think of Enermax 1700W Platimax ?
  5. please dont tell me i damaged my motherboard or something
  6. forgot to say but yeah i plugged both cables with the whole 8 pin connectors
  7. i meant, 6 for riser, another 2 cables for gpu (with all 8 pins plugged in) yeahhhh i guess i.ll trade the psu in for another.....dont know for wich yet
  8. hi, i.m trying to make this 3x 3090 rig to work for a few days the video shows starting with 1 gpu only on x1, 3 separate pcie 6 pin cables for each connector, 1 for riser, 2 separate ones for the gpu the same thing happens when I try 2 gpus, exactly the same mobo: asrock h110 btc+ psu: segotep gp1800g 1700W intel 2 core 4 th 8gb ram 6 pin risers any.. ideas? 20210202_232425.mp4 20210202_232503.mp4
  9. hi, please check the picture. my concern is that... idk.. one connector has just 2 cables..? also, is it a good adaptor to get? name...?: Dual PSU 24Pin Adapter Cable (AC-005-CNONAN-P1) (yeah it.s somewhat mining related) mobo is Asrock h110 pro btc+
  10. still, the computer doesnt start at all. tried to jumpstart with a pair of scissors, nothing the pins are the on off ones.