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  1. Also onsubmit="return c()"
  2. The key is in your htaccess file. You probably have one auto generated by your server in your root directory. If you don't see it there, make sure you are searching for hidden files. And if its definitely not there, it is easy enough to create. Just create a file named ".htaccess" In your htaccess file add the following text RewriteRule ^api/ api.php This sends the requests to the api directory to the api.php file where you can grab the URL and do all the PHP'y things
  3. In your db table you can add another column that is just a plain text link to your image file. Then you can just use it the same way you get name and price in the above example echo '<img src="' . $row["prodcutImage"] . '">';
  4. Good evening. My laptops keyboard is getting screwey and I've lost half the screws to the chassis and all of that fun stuff. It's time for me personally to upgrade. As it says in the title, I only really use it for coding and media consumption so a feature list I'd like to see would be something like A sexy feeling keyboard A nice screen. IPS, at least 1080p but I do have a tonne of 4k media which could be nice as well. Touch would be a nice bonus Not required but would be happy with: Nice long battery life (6+ hours) Easy enough to take apart. Ribbon cables are my worst nightmare and I'm sick of working on.... Things that are not easy to work on I don't need a graphics card at all. Zero gaming. Integrated graphics should be more than enough. Don't really want a stupid big gaming laptop. Or even a small gaming laptop. Cost isn't a thing that I need to worry about, but sub 2k AUD would be nice
  5. First of all... Anyone who just hits f12 would be able to see that password if I'm guessing how you want it to work correctly. Second, you probably want the jQuery toggle function. It would work something similar to this: <p class="form-control">*********</p> <p class="form-control hide" style="display:none;" id="copytext">Password</p> <script> $("a").click(function() { $("p").toggle(); }); </script> Pretty rough way of doing it. Essentially whenever an a tag is clicked, it checks all the p tags for the display property. If the display is currently set to none then it shows the p tag. If the display isn't set to none, then it hides the p tag. As the function suggests, it's a toggle. So clicking the a tag again will hide the password and bring back the ******** again. You would need to improve on that to make it work for your application otherwise clicking any a tag will show all passwords on the page, not just the singular one
  6. When did you rack up 479 posts....
  7. You can add "onchange" and similar to form elements to trigger a javascript function which can then send a request to the server adding the information about the change to the database. For example: <h3>Do you like garlic bread?</h3> <select onchange="sendToServer()"> <option value="It's ok">It's ok <option value="Of course!">Of course! <option value="You'd be a fool to not">You'd be a fool to not <option value="Puppies are pretty swell">Puppies are pretty swell </select> Whenever someone selects a new option it triggers the sendToServer function
  8. Oh god I can't type. You said that the value you were checking against was 1, not '1'. != this operator would work. It checks to see if the values match. !== also checks if the values match, but in greater depth. The value and data type have to match. So if you changed it to this if ($row['player1a'] !== 1) Then it will work. That's because you're feeding it a number, not a string.
  9. Kickfarted might be my favourite show. Perhaps after one of your bigger productions like SYW etc
  10. editor.setAttribute("placeholder", "New placeholder text");
  11. I'm primarily a web dev, I can easily chuck together some extremely tidy and concise documentation. If you're not familiar with basic HTML/CSS and maybe some JS if you want to get fancy, for example if you're a C# dev, it might just be better for everyone to use github
  12. I don't answer too many topics these days but since you asked so nicely and all.. This might surprise you, but I've done almost no node stuff. I keep meaning to get into it but I don't have the time. So the furst half of that makes little to no sense. I did notice however that how you access the recipes directory seems to be different every single time oh my godwhat a mess. Anyway, javascript handles the way you've specified directories differently as seen here: https://hazy125.com/randomcrap/LTT/dev/lemur/javascriptDirectoryTesting/ such a long URL I should buy a domain just for LTT stuff Note that the linkes that are preceded with the slash take me to my sites root directory to look for recipes, so hazy125.com/recipes which sadly doesn't exist whereas links not preceded act in the way I think you're after, where it searches the current directory. So my little to no node knowledge answer would be that I suspect everything related to your node app is at domainroot/recipes whereas your post is trying to send it to... Not there EDIT: http://h125forumhelp.com/lemur/javascriptDirectoryTesting/ That URL isn't any shorter what a waste of money I should just shortlink my stuff EDIT 2: http://h125.co/ff3
  13. var percent document.getElementById('percentage').innerHTML var value = percent.slice(0, -1);
  14. var percent document.getElementById('An ID you assign to the h2').innerHTML So if your h2 is something like <h2 id="percentage"></h2> You code will be var percent document.getElementById('percentage').innerHTML