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  1. Oh god I can't type. You said that the value you were checking against was 1, not '1'. != this operator would work. It checks to see if the values match. !== also checks if the values match, but in greater depth. The value and data type have to match. So if you changed it to this if ($row['player1a'] !== 1) Then it will work. That's because you're feeding it a number, not a string.
  2. Kickfarted might be my favourite show. Perhaps after one of your bigger productions like SYW etc
  3. editor.setAttribute("placeholder", "New placeholder text");
  4. I'm primarily a web dev, I can easily chuck together some extremely tidy and concise documentation. If you're not familiar with basic HTML/CSS and maybe some JS if you want to get fancy, for example if you're a C# dev, it might just be better for everyone to use github
  5. I don't answer too many topics these days but since you asked so nicely and all.. This might surprise you, but I've done almost no node stuff. I keep meaning to get into it but I don't have the time. So the furst half of that makes little to no sense. I did notice however that how you access the recipes directory seems to be different every single time oh my godwhat a mess. Anyway, javascript handles the way you've specified directories differently as seen here: https://hazy125.com/randomcrap/LTT/dev/lemur/javascriptDirectoryTesting/ such a long URL I should buy a domain just for LTT stuff Note that the linkes that are preceded with the slash take me to my sites root directory to look for recipes, so hazy125.com/recipes which sadly doesn't exist whereas links not preceded act in the way I think you're after, where it searches the current directory. So my little to no node knowledge answer would be that I suspect everything related to your node app is at domainroot/recipes whereas your post is trying to send it to... Not there EDIT: http://h125forumhelp.com/lemur/javascriptDirectoryTesting/ That URL isn't any shorter what a waste of money I should just shortlink my stuff EDIT 2: http://h125.co/ff3
  6. var percent document.getElementById('percentage').innerHTML var value = percent.slice(0, -1);
  7. var percent document.getElementById('An ID you assign to the h2').innerHTML So if your h2 is something like <h2 id="percentage"></h2> You code will be var percent document.getElementById('percentage').innerHTML
  8. One of the easiest ways to print something to the web page in JavaScript is to use document.write('The thing you want to display') Modern impact drivers have fully computer controlled triggers, while you may think a mechanical switch would be more desirable, the addition of a brushless motor over a standard brushed motor generally requires a programmed response to trigger inputs. The average cost of a 120mm case fan in Australia is $16.3 The first computer with a mouse driven GUI was the Xerox Alto, the reason Xerox is a leader like Microsoft and Apple however is due entirely to executives at Xerox being fucking dumbasses AMD's "8 core" CPU's, such as what is found in the FX 8350 do indeed have 8 cores, but things like the processors L2 and to a greater extent L3 cache are shared between two cores. This means that if 2 cores that share the same cache need that full access to the cache, you experience some performance loss as tasks get put into a queue Asking broad and general questions on an online forum when you have to have at least a little bit of helpful information to add generally yields incredibly unhelpful responses
  9. Test based, nice I think my first not hello world program was a craptastic network based computer manager. The idea was to have a master program with which I could control basic functions of other computers on the network, but never managed much more than shutdown/restart
  10. Nitrous.io I've used it. It's ok, there's free plans too last I checked
  11. fixed

    You didn't include a what's my browser thing, I can't replicate with your resolution alone
  12. Hi, a WYSIWYG text editor is essentially what you're using to reply to this post, the one on the forum is based on CKEditor. I do a fair amount of Web development and one of the things I struggle with is finding the right text editor that's easy to use and fully featured and in the end I usually end up with a hacked, customised version of tinyMCE. It's not a perfect solution so I'm wanting to build a new one from scratch. I need your help with this, what do you like to see, what don't you like to see, what brand new thing you've never seen you think would be a good inclusion? Examples of features are things like Bold text Lists Fonts YouTube video embedding Image uploads Image editors And all of that stuff Cheers guys
  13. closed

    You report the post, this symbol under the post, and in the dialog box that opens, ask that the post be deleted and a moderator will delete it for you
  14. Stealth all the way. Really make cookie clicker looks amazing
  15. First, that doesn't seem out of the ordinary temp wise. Been a long time since I had my 3770k overclocked on an evo, but I didn't get amazing temperatures. Your chip does sound like it's on the lower end. My chip did 5.1GHz@1.35v and peaked at about 85 degrees under synthetic benchmarks, it was also delidded. As for the second part to your question, look at package temperature. Package temp SHOULD usually just be the same temp as your highest core, but in the event that it isn't, on my current CPU (6800k) my package temp is higher than any one core, that's not unexpected either. But use package temp, it's an indicator of the hottest part of your CPU