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    The Netherlands
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    Well, I'm a human with the nickname Simmytu...


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    Intel Core i5 4670K
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    Asus Z97 Pro Wifi AC
  • RAM
    Crucial Ballistix Tactical 8GB
  • GPU
    MSI TwinFrozr GTX 770
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    Fractal Design Define R4 Artic White
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    WD 320Gb + WD 1Tb HDD + Seagate 320gb hdd
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    Corsair RM650
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    Packard Bell Maestro 24" 1920x1200p TN panel
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    Stock CPU Cooler with addition of 3 AeroCool fans
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    Microsoft Internet Keyboard from the good old '98 era
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    Logitech M705
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    Trust Tytan 2.1
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    Windows 7 Professional

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  1. I've built a fully working gaming pc for a friend of mine on 31 December. It was one hell of a day :-D

    1. Simmytu


      This happens when I somehow broke the stock cooler while doing my regular cleaning, I really detest those push pins that Intel uses, they are FRAGILE AS F**K. Rip in pepperoni those screw mounted coolers on LGA 775 coolers, those were robust compared to what Intel uses today :-/

  2. Crash Day together with Red Alert 2 were my first PC games but all of my childhood hours, at least a huge chunk of them, were spent on a PSP with GTA Liberty and Vice City Stories (that I still play time to time).
  3. What type of gaming experience do you expect your brother dealing with? Browser games or more of puzzle type of games or (worst case scenario) first person shooters like Battlefield and CoD. Acer low budget line shares the same so called "you get what you pay for" products, just like HP. And besides browser games and really low requirement games from 2000's/ 2005, I personally don't expect much from gaming because of their Intel HD onboard graphics. (The Intel HD 3000 wil do better at gaming then what this Acer has to offer). But generally I don't recommend laptops with Celerons and Pentiu
  4. Hey guys, a little update here; some of you here did already notice that I'm not that active anymore compared to what I'm used to be, why? Because of some private things that have happened in the past month, I decided to spend less time on the forum and focus on other, more important stuff. Thanks for reading :-)

    1. megadarkwood


      All good man, good luck.

  5. Well a $200 laptop is definitely not sounding great especially from a company (Tbh almost every laptop that's under $600 has had some terrible compromises to be made) that's famous for it's "you get for what you pay for". What I personally think about is that HP and/ or Microsoft want to compete within the price range of Chromebooks, which is great for students like me and a lot of you guys :-D But I still have some trust issues with the words laptop and cheap. Hopefully HP doesn't "screw" that much up and deliver something that isn't disposable after 1 year of usage, true story happened to o
  6. You wouldn't want to know how often I get that answer when I asked my science teacher for a micro usb cable. "I'm sorry (insert a name here) but I'm not quite sure if that Samsung cable is going to fit in your Android phone". Yes, this was her actual reply to my question Later on that day when the bell rang and our science class hour ended I've walked to her and explained to her that most modern smartphones uses micro usb cables and the term Samsung cable shouldn't be used, since they aren't the same thing.
  7. LAN party is taking place with 12 people in total, this is going to be one heck of a night :-D

    1.   Show previous replies  4 more
    2. Simmytu


      I've totally forgot about that, I will upload an edited version (blurring faces of some people because of privacy reasons) of the picture this week!

    3. Simmytu


      Here's a link to the picture that I took at the LAN party


    4. Jeroen1322


      Looks pretty cool! But you didn't really have a lot of space :P

  8. Yeah I have to agree with that. Each card had it's own unique styling and that helped us remember each generation of cards even better. I'm personally found of the stock design of the current gen GTX 770+ series (The 690 and Titan included). I mean Nvidia did put effort in their cards in terms of cooling and appearance. They have to leave room for their board partners to improve on with their custom designed and engineers coolers and PCBs otherwise why would I buy a MSI Twinfrozr GTX 770 if the stock card reaches the same acoustic levels while maintaining acceptable temperatures. Anyway I w
  9. I love getting called out for a "cheater" (It's called skills, anyway) when I killed the same guy over and over again in BF3 Squad TDM, it was marvelous to see him ragequit xD

    1. Emperor_Piehead


      lol I always find that hilarious in games

    2. Simmytu


      Ah those moments make the game feel even better xD

  10. My family always bought Packard Bell desktops and laptops, severally the iMedia, iXtreme and Easynote line of products. My first (and last OEM) purchase was a Samsung Chronos 17 770Z7E notebook.
  11. Nope, I didn't select any extra warranty service on that laptop, just the standard 2 year warranty that came with the laptop. I couldn't extract the HDD because the back cover was factory sealed if I opened it it would void the warranty entirely and I wouldn't have any RMA rights.
  12. I definitely know how this would feel, because I've been in the same type of situation. Here is my story, I was terrified as **** when my previous Samsung Chronos laptop decided to give up its life and die with all of my important school documents and reports that I've been working on for the past 4 months (some 3 40 page fully written documents about fire hazard and fire prevention). Firstly I told to myself it was just a random blue screen and everything should be working normally after I restart my laptop. Everything was normal, just like what I've expected but then another blue scre