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    Sarcastic Douche
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    One day a child baby was born. I was born a baby. But not a baby child, but a baby man. I was born a young man of babitube. I once had a bike with 4 wheels, until I learned to ride the bike of 2. Then after that I had my first touchly caress of a woman and from then on I was known to myself as man of all mans.
    Thank you.
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    Hardware Technician


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    i5 4690k
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    Asrock Pro4 Z97M
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    DDR3 1600 16gb (4x4)
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    MSI LP GTX 750 Ti
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    Who cares
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    PNY 240gb
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    EVGA 750W 80+ Bronze, Semi Modular
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    A monitor from 2005
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    Evo 212!
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    Logitech walmart $10
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    came with my keyboard
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    Anker portable speaker lolz
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  1. DaltonM

    Xbox one x or PS4 Pro

    If you have a PC, then all the xbox exclusives worth playing are on that. PS4 simply has way better options. I just sold my PS4pro tho, I am now waiting for PS5 and I'll play my backlog there... KH3, TLoU, God of War, Uncharted 3/4.. I basically only played Bloodborne when I got a ps4 lmao
  2. DaltonM

    something cool for under $30 on amazon

    nad's hair removal cream for men. Yes it works 'down there'
  3. DaltonM

    No Sound From Front Panel Headphone Jack, HELP PLEASE!

    Click the sound icon in the lower right of the task bar, then click the 'device name' about the volume bar and try to reselect your desired output device. If it doesnt show up, right click that sound icon Speaker Setup>Advanced Setup> playback devices tab and make sure your device is enabled.
  4. Story time! So back in the day, my friend and I were dabbling in game development using Macromedia Flash MX. We loved flash games. We wanted to make one like Megaman X. Our idea was just like megaman, but it was called Bleak. It was about colors. Basically, a scientist was making a gun/backpack device to harness the power of colors. But the machine malfunctioned and sucked all color from the area, turn the scientist evil (think Glover). It turned everything monochrome, and it was up to the protagonist (never named) to restore color to the world. The game was divided into 8 'robot master' levels, each representing a different color. Once each master was defeated, you'd gain their power/color. Unlike megaman, more like MNo9, the powers weren't simply guns, but new weapons/transformations. Example, purple was sword weapon, red was hands/fist combat with combos that added platforming abilities (like guacamelee). Not only would you gain powers, but defeating a master would restore their respective colors to other levels, opening new paths and secrets. There was also to be a mechanic to use the weapons themselves to open paths. Instead of 'light capsules' like MMX, you could use certain abilities from robot masters by equipping them permanently, which you could swap between levels. The game was ambitious, and we designed all the bosses, and characters. The farthest we got was making an animated character that could run around and shoot. We had no idea how we were going to make a flash game of this scale, but we were encouraged by the progress we were making. I knew enough action script to make enemies, health bars, platforming/shooting elements as well as level transitions. But little more than that. The gameplay was to be fast paced, heavily inspired by Megaman Zero games for GBA, we wanted a true combo system with style rating akin to switching weapons like Dante from DMC4, but in 2D. But alas, after a year of off and on work, I moved away and we never began work on this game. What made me even think of it was trying to find the old files. Unfortunately, the harddrive the files are on was dead. I would have posted them here if I could recover them. /Story Time. I should have kickstarted it lol, but I was 14 at the time and I didn't know what I was doing. I have never shared the ideas anywhere, but I wanted to share after all this time. It was so close to what MNo9 wanted to achieve I find it odd that the games have so many similarities. What do you think? would you have played Bleak? Does the almost metroidvania style of backtracking with in depth combat in Megaman X style gameplay sound interesting? It was exactly the kind of game I wanted to play.
  5. DaltonM

    Gamer muscles?

    Now we're being pedantic. Of course it comes down to using the muscles. I feel that gaming is the most common use for this particular muscle (set of muscles?) That's why I said gamer.
  6. Lots of carrying cases have slots for cartridges, so I can always carry 10 in the case, and 1 in my switch. I buy smaller games digital, but I love the look of cartridges and their cases. I hate discs, so on ps4 it's all digital unless it's like KH3 and I got deluxe edition. I think switch is unique due to the cartridges, kinda nostalgic for me, reminds me of gba.
  7. DaltonM

    Gamer muscles?

    True, but I find that non gamers aren't as pronounced.
  8. DaltonM

    Gamer muscles?

    Gotta use em both
  9. DaltonM

    Gamer muscles?

    I have a really small sample size, but I feel like gamers, particularly those who have used controllers for years, have pronounced hand muscles by their thumbs. Try it now, simply squeeze your thumb in it's hand, and you should see a muscle extrude. I find that non gamers don't have as large of a bump when they do this. I have attached pcitures of this phenomenon. Try it yourself, as other people, gamer or not, and report back. Am I crazy? Or do you develope muscles from twiddling sticks??
  10. I'd just say get a presonus audiobox usb but you said you already have a mixer but dont want to use it. It's just a matter of using splitters and extensions. Audio is like water, make sure it flows everywhere you want it. Headphones > PC Xbox audio > Pink jack on PC > Recording Devices > listen to device. This will turn your xbox in desktop audio, do with that what you will. For Party chat, the best option is to just Xbox Companion App on PC for party chat. If you cant hear your teammates, try using the elgato sound capture application (even if you dont have an elgato) I figured it out without using the app, but I dont know how lol. If you want do party chat on the xbox, you're going to need to take the a splitter off the mic and put one end into the controller, and the other through another input jack on your PC. The biggest take away from this post is using your PC for party chat since you're so close to it. This will consolidate audio sources and keep you from needing to plug into your controller I use my phone to voice chat with Xbox App no matter what system I'm playing on. Even PC.
  11. Yes, it's a preset. I am too stupid to do it myself. I just don't feel comfortable changing settings without really know what they mean. Thanks for your reply, I have gotten mixed results from google.
  12. Right now, I'm using an Asrock Z97M with a 4690k. I used one of the default overclock options. Now, in MSI Afterburner I can see my CPU is at 4199 MHz constantly. Min and Max are set to 4199. Is it okay to for my CPU to run like this all the time? I overclocked in hopes of reducing dropped encoding frames in OBS. It actually helped mitigate the problem, unless I'm placebo'd. If not, how else should I got about overclocking just a little bit.
  13. I suggest a Note 4. You can replace the battery because the back is removable. The Note 4 was an amazing phone can be found for just over 100 bucks. It's got a great camera. I used a backup battery with charging case to keep my phone topped off all day. The software might be a bit dated, but samsung features are always ahead of the curve. I can't think of anything you'd wanna do (outside playing the most high end 3D games) that note 4 couldn't handle. Plus the S-Pen is very useful, esspecially if you like drawing. The only downside is the fact it has an AMOLED screen which might be burned in. If you're willing it probably isn't too hard to replace because it's one of the last non glass on glass flagship phones.
  14. DaltonM

    Google Stadia, Live Stream Wrap-Up

    I think everyone here is missing the point. Full disclosure: I have great fiber to my apartment, and I have pre-ordered The Founders Edition. When google blows a load, I catch ever last drop. This is going to revolutionize gaming. It's an inevitability. Music, Movies, and now games. For the CASUAL user this is going to get WAY more people to play games. Casual non-gamers might not notice the additional latency. The scenario casuals will be presented with: 1. They click a youtube video 2. Ad is an awesome trailer for a game 3. At the end of the ad, or next to the skip button is a "PLAY NOW" button. 4. They click play now, and are put exactly where the devs want them in that game. Suddenly you can get distracted by instantly playing a game. With the push for Wifi 6, 5G, ISPs will eventually have to step their game up in terms of bandwith, even casuals are going to want faster wifi. As for us, the hardcore players, one word: Demos. I would play plenty of game demos if I could just instantly be in. I'd trade a lil input lag for a 25gb demo
  15. DaltonM

    I want to start streaming

    OBS is confusing at first, but actually makes a lot of sense and has lots of the features you need. Learn how to balance audio. What I do is record a short test clip, remux it, then listen to it lol.