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    One day a child baby was born. I was born a baby. But not a baby child, but a baby man. I was born a young man of babitube. I once had a bike with 4 wheels, until I learned to ride the bike of 2. Then after that I had my first touchly caress of a woman and from then on I was known to myself as man of all mans.
    Thank you.
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    i5 4690k
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    Asrock Pro4 Z97M
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    DDR3 1600 16gb (4x4)
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    MSI LP GTX 750 Ti
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    Who cares
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    PNY 240gb
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    EVGA 750W 80+ Bronze, Semi Modular
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    A monitor from 2005
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    Evo 212!
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    Logitech walmart $10
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    came with my keyboard
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    Anker portable speaker lolz
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  1. So my dad wants to get my mom a new laptop to replace her aging hand me down work station. The budget for this is $600. The use case is general media consumption, working from home, and light graphic design. She will primarily be using it hooked up to her two monitors, but still I wouldn't have her using a laptop with SUB-HD resolution, so at least 1080p hopefully. She's tech literate, so something slow wont do either. This can be a nice laptop, she knows how to properly care for PC hardware and software. With that being said, is now a good time to be looking for a laptop? Her PC is runn
  2. Many final fantasy games are available. The newest is crystal chronicles. dont forget about emulation as well~
  3. the tv might have a 'motion smoothing' option or something to that effect. look in the video settings for your TV for any smoothing or motion settings.
  4. https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Unlocked-Warranty-Certified-Refurbished/dp/B089HNHZ17/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=samsung%2Bgalaxy%2Bnote%2B9&qid=1600055536&s=wireless&sr=1-3&th=1 Amazing you can get a note 9 for this price. I went from 8 to 10+ but the 8 was amazing until the day I stopped using it. So maybe go for a note9
  5. I have had Sennheiser HD428 (MSRP: 99.00) since like 2012 when I found them in the lost and found at McDonalds. They had been there for months, and on my last day I took em home. The have served me well and sound great. But the cord is short, they're super old and falling apart, and the cord has to be wiggled to get sound out of it. I plug them into Focusrite Scarlet 18i8, it's a beast of a small audio interface. This thing really drives these 428s, but at louder levels I would want to listen to it suffers from great distortion. I'm set on replacing them, but I l
  6. Just as the title says, I'm looking for a good, dual purpose headset. I play drums and guitar as well as game with my current headset. I've had a pair of cheapo sennheiser's since I found them in lost and found in 2011. They sound great, but I'm pretty sure I blew a driver in one side and they're falling apart. Who knows how old they were when I found them. Anyway, I think I would prefer a closed headphone design. My budget is 200 or less, I don't want something wireless unless I can plug it in to reduce latency. I don't want a headset with a mic either, I won't use it. I have a U
  7. If there's going to be a Minecraft server, we need a forum section for it
  8. We've seen Nintendo and Capcom doing some of these for Nvidia, mainly in China or other regions. Square has been overpricing their older games on mobile for a while. But my question is, where are the PS2+ games? Earlier, I was playing GameCube games on my phone with Dolphin. Metroid Prime 1 runs almost perfectly. I can only imagine what a true port would be like. Xbox One S controllers now support Android, same with Android 10 and Switch Pro. Razer is making $100 joycons for 2018 phones. My note 10+ has a bigger screen, and when paired with xbox one s controller, it pla
  9. I love my PC, but sometimes it randomly turns on. Even when the mouse and keyboard are unplugged. I thought it might be because my cat was messing with them, but it still does it. I have had to unplug my LED strips because the lights wake me up :(. I'm running windows 10.
  10. So I built my PC a while back, right now I have 4690k and of course DDR3 RAM. When I build it, DDR4 had just come out, and 1000 series were impossible to get a hold of. I eventually got my hands on 1070 after years of my placeholder 750ti. But with the next gen consoles around the corner, I have no doubt that PC games/ console ports will take advantage of newer hardware. I am fine lowering settings to conform to my GPU. But what I'm worried about is my 4690k, and to a lesser extent, my RAM. Right now I have used my MOBO's built in overclock for a modest over clock and games run fi
  11. I have the 10+. I put my phone through hell everyday. Constantly paired with my Gearfit 2 Pro, occasional use of my Galaxy Buds throughout the day, near CONSTANT youtube/music playing with screen off, GPS for navigation (I do delivery driving) for 8 hours a day. I come home with around 50% everyday. I seriously use my phone a lot at work and I am happy with the battery life. My aging Note8 ended my work day at 15% if I was lucky. But the charger in the box is super fast, you can get nearly 20% in 10 mins, I cant wait to get my 45w charger.
  12. I use the Spigen Slim armor case. I have use Spigen since the note 4. I got the Ultra Hybrid S first, but the kickstand fell off in less than a week, and I didn't like the case. But the Slim Armor is SO GOOD. Plus, Spigen has amazing customer service that has always taken care of me. When I got the Note 7 and it got recalled, I asked them for a discount for a new case, and they sent me one for free! Totally not their problem but they took care of me. Here is what I have: https://www.spigen.com/collections/galaxy-note-10-plus/products/galaxy-note-10-plus-case-slim-armor?variant=120
  13. A nice wireless charging pad would be nice. Lay my Note 10, my Gear Sport and Galaxy buds down on it and only have 1 thing connected to the wall? Sign me up. I alternate between the Gear Sport and Gear Fit 2 Pro, including my battery bank and speaker, that's SIX things I need to charge. It would be nice to have 3 of those on the same pad. Still waiting for my 45w charger to become available samsung >_>
  14. you can get a sketchy windows key for 10 and under on ebay. I bought one for like $6.70 on ebay 3 years ago. and if it gets revoked, that's fine. I'm okay with possibly paying $2 a year for windows. You can also save a little money by looking for a case that includes fans.
  15. Right click sound icon in task bar Sound settings> In that window, under related settings Sound control panel make sure your playback devices is 1. enabled and 2. set as default