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    Solar System, Galaxy


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    Asrock H97M pro
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    2X8GB DDR3
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    MSI GAMING X 1060 6Gb
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    Sumsung 120GB 840 EVO
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    Cosair RMx 550

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  1. Devin92

    Why did you buy an Android phone?

    Because there's so many brands using Android, which mean you can choose the one that suit your need. Apple on the other hand have pretty much two style of smartphones to choose from (pre iphone X and after iphone X).
  2. Devin92

    Possible First PC build

    if you are building in late 2019-early 2020, it does not make much sense to plan now. More promotions will come, and new product will be released.
  3. Devin92

    AMD vs Intel

    so 1080p high refresh rate. Intel CPU will be a better choice in your case. And in your price range, i5 9600k is probly the best choice. I will also suggest you to pay attention on AMD's keynote at CES today. Zen2 might be introduced and probly there will be a IPC increase, but no one knows for sure how much it will be. I doubt it will beat a overclocked intel cpu. Also, your psu is enough for the build regardless which cpu you choose.
  4. Devin92

    AMD vs Intel

    what resolution do you play on and your monitor refresh rate?
  5. anaconda is a virtual environment that is quiet popular within the coding/AI area. Why would a software company Microsoft choose this name is really puzzling.
  6. i hope you are buying the motherboard and cpu used/ with huge discount? buying haswell cpu and motherboard new/ full price in 2018 is pretty bad idea.
  7. Devin92

    Samsung's latest still lagging behind the iPhone

    what phone are u using? i am running a galaxy s7 but its laggy af. especially google map. 0.5s response time constantly.
  8. Devin92

    Lab Grown Meat gets closer to see consumer plates

    here is my concern. a chemical PHD i know told a story. One of her professor tried to reproduce wine by pure chemicals. He used spectrometer to identify every element in the wine and their concentration. The liquid produced have the exact same spectral performance, but that liquid does not taste the same at all. Man made meat is really good, since it reduce carbon footprint of meat as well as the animal abuse involved in the current production. But artificial food is dangerous and need way tighter regulation and a very long time to exam in order to make ppl believe they are safe.
  9. Devin92

    pixel 3 lite rumor

    This is a rumor from a Russia sight of hands on of pixel 3 lite with sd670. 1080p lcd screen. Is this legit? They do have pictures. https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/11/16/pictures-pixel-3-lite-emerge-headphone-jack-budget-pixel-dreams/ https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Frozetked.me%2Farticles%2F3751-eksklyuziv-pixel-3-lite-sargo-v-nashih-rukah-s-jack-3-5-i-snapdragon-670&edit-text=&act=url If this is real, i will be more attractive than the pixel 3 and 3xl
  10. This is my thought on the matter, it might be totally flawed, so treat is as a troll: NV want to promote the new RTX line up. If they raise the supply of the old 1060-1080ti line, people will mainly want to buy those and hurt the sales on the new RTX cards. It might give better sales figure, but it will give the inverters the feeling that the new direction NV is taking which is ray tracing is not promising and not well received by the customer. So in turn, they will choose to release the rumored rebranded 1060 to answer the new rebranded 580 and ease out the over stock old chip but leave the 1080 and 1080ti as it is, so people looking for high end GPU will be forced to buy the new RTX cards. And when the time comes, if the sale is good they will have the over stock solved over time and have good sales on the new cards, and if the sale is not good, they will blame the overstock and the some production issue BS that does not give enough supply for the new cards.
  11. Devin92

    Will this run/work

    as @Vasllo said, 256gb is good enough. however, ssd price are dropping now and depend on where you live, it's holiday season soon, so you may get a good deal on 512gb ones. and if you are gonna oc, the cpu cooler you choose is not really better than the stock one. it's just low profile. so something like be quiet or dark rock or noctua is good. anything lower tier than these are not worth it since the stock cooler is good enough.
  12. Devin92

    Will this run/work

    it will run. here are some suggestions tho: you dont need a 750w power supply. A decent 650w or 550w (if you are not overclocking) is sufficient for your build. you may also want a ssd as ur boot drive which is much faster than a mechanical drive at loading os and softwares if you are not planning on overclock, the cpu cooler is not necessary. the included cooler is very good and even can support some mild oc.
  13. This is good and all. My question is how long can we see phones using this chips. SD710 is announced in the beginning of 2018 and now have barely seen any phone with it. So if 675 is suppose to be in Q1 2019, phones using it will be more popular early 2020. Jeez... thats a looooooooooooooong time to wait.
  14. Devin92

    YouTube Outage

    First thing come to my mind.
  15. Devin92

    Why did you buy an iPhone?

    One reason to prefer iphone other than Linus has already point out: whatever iphone have, its generally the top 2 in the industry. Good display, good speaker, best chipset, good camera, good app optimization. ofc it has fked up moments such as the 'you are holding it wrong', but generally speaking, if an average person buys a iphone, he/she wont go wrong about it and seriously regret the purchase. However it might be the case if you choose a android device. like even some pixel device is fked up reading the comment from other ppl on this thread. but this probly wont happen on a iphone.