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  1. Used too see one every day on the way to school back in the early 70s and payed it no attention at all, which is even more odd considering I'm in England, it must have been one of very few over here.
  2. I'd reuse it but only as a temporary measure until I can source one that fits. Worn sprockets will wear out a new chain fast.
  3. Snap on tools and the odd Apple phone.
  4. I got a scar on my speedy in the exact same place from the same thing ,glad you are ok-ish. That's the mag side BTW.
  5. Go visit the local tip.....same experience, it's not like it looks in the movies. The pyramids aren't in the desert like you imagine they are in the back of a slum filled with rubbish and beggars.
  6. I had a saloon nearly 35 years ago , still remember the reg 275 MAR
  7. They are all over Ebay and Amazon, people make their own. This is the kind of thing you are looking for. https://pyramid-parts.com/products/castrol-sealbuddy-fork-seal-repair-tool
  8. Sometimes you can get away with cleaning the seals out with a fork buddy.
  9. For sure , been looking for just the right one for a while now.
  10. The Ti one is owned by a guy called Jay and he is on Dibs custom cars stand at most of the showns, I haven't done any shows this year because of a new jetski has been keeping me busy. must be the same guy.
  11. The only serious rust issue is the jacking points other than that they are structurally very good, on the cosmetic side, some can be a bit Archie and can start in the petrol flap or the panel under the boot. funny enough the early cars seem to be better than the facelifts in general. BTW that's my pals E38, either would be epic.
  12. Very much so , beat the snot out of that one with a welded diff for nearly five years and then sold it to a guy in the club, only problem is over here is the 6 speeds are getting very hard to find and people are wanting a lot for them now. I replaced that with a E61 535d and have to say it's better in every way, even the box is pretty good for an auto.
  13. I ran them on this 540/6 drift daily and they were great almost as good as the pss09s on my M5 at a quarter the price