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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 3600x
  • Motherboard
    Asus ROG Strix B450-F
  • RAM
    32GB DDR4 FURY BEAST 3200
  • GPU
    Asus ROG Strix RTX 2060S
  • Case
    Phanteks Eclipse P400S
  • Storage
    2x 1TB Kingston A2000 NVMe (RAID 0)
    2x 1TB Samsung QVO SSD (RAID 0)
    3TB Seagate Baracuda
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    Corsair RM 650x Gold
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    Acer 24" 165Hz HDR10 IPS
    Acer 24" 75Hz TN
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    CPU: Be Quiet! Dark Rock 4
    Front intake: 2x 120mm Noctua Chromax black & Corsair ML 120
    Top intake: Corsair ML 140
    Exhaust: 120mm Noctua Chromax black
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K95 Platinum RGB
  • Mouse
    Corsair Nightblade
  • Sound
    Kingston HyperX Cloud
  • Operating System
    Win 10 Pro
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    Huawei Mate 20

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  1. Yeah my memory may not serve however TIFF may also be uncompressed which is what you would prefer for long term storage.
  2. Well, I don't know for SSD but I suspect HDD are better for long term storage. Some file formats are better for long term storage than others such as TIFF (I seem to remember) for images.
  3. Yeah man. Remember GTA Online? Read half a book during loading. Well... I'm not gonna sit with a stopwatch while the games load... That's the only time I think you'll notice any difference between different SSD.
  4. Ever tried to DDU the graphics driver?
  5. Well of course computers have generations but computers go through generations faster than consoles and consoles do longer leaps from one generation to the next. Also it is possible to combine generations on a PC, if I got a 30xx card now and put it in my PC I would have the latest gen GPU but an older gen CPU and it wouldn't even be a problem. Also computers have different tiers of components so an older gen PC can be faster than a newer gen entry level computer. TLDR; yes, but it's different.
  6. No, I think it's just a bad XMP perhaps. On my old 16 GB kit I had to manually set some timings that wasn't automatically applied and on my current 32 GB kit I had to use Ryzen DRAM Calculator to find timings and voltages. I went from there and loosened timings even further. Also you have a kit of 4 DIMMS which is harder to OC than two but download this and see what it says (you need to know your DRAM manufacturer and what die you got). https://www.techpowerup.com/download/ryzen-dram-calculator/
  7. No problem. I forgot to mention. Make sure that in settings "apply OC settings at boot" is turned off until you know you have a stable OC. Or you will have to go safe mode to uninstall GPU Tweak if you can't boot normally.
  8. Yeah sure mate. First of all, keep in mind that when there is not much load on the GPU it will not boost because it would be pointless. Minecraft will not demand that much from the GPU. So with that out of the way.... Memory will always stay at the set speed unlike the GPU. Download Unigine Heaven https://benchmark.unigine.com/heaven Install it and run it, now with highest preset possible (extreme) and fullscreen UNTICKED.. You can press space to pause it, will still produce load on your GPU. You may also run a benchmark run for reference. Open GPU
  9. Yeah, it's a well known condition in Asia particularly in Japan. I've heard it's started to spread recently. Did you boot first try?
  10. Well as far as I know, you will have 8GB dual channel and 12GB single channel. So in cases where you use more than 8 GB RAM the system will operate slower. If it is noticable I don't know.. I would rather get one with stock 16 gigs dual channel and not worry about it.
  11. Try experimenting with Vsync on and off. If you can turn on Freesync try experimenting with that as well (while Vsync is off). If that's no joy... Try checking Windows.. I know you reinstalled but do it anyway. Open command prompt as admin (search start menu for cmd and choose run as admin) run the command below and reboot if it fixed things. sfc /scannow Open cmd again like before and this time run two commands. DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /ScanHealth DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /RestoreHealth Again reboot if
  12. So you say but still I think my monitor is ok. Not great, but it doesn't cost great money either. Shrug.. I dunno... I got this monitor thinking I wouldn't bother with the HDR but after trying just for fun I found it ok. It's probably pointless but I tried taking some pics for OP. It's still no very bright outside but there is a LED spotlight directed more or less at the monitor without it bothering me. In the first image the monitor in question is to the left, at this point I forgot to turn HDR on my phones camera.. I dunno if it would make any difference one way or the other but
  13. Clear CMOS and reapply XMP. Check your manual for the procedure to clear CMOS.
  14. Hey, I have that monitor. The 250 nits was of concern when I got it but with HDR enabled it's ok. Not great but ok even with natural light (I got two huge windows right next to me). If you are looking for a super bright HDR you need to buy another monitor but it's ok for me. Refreshrate is good and I think the picture quality especially with HDR is pretty good for such a cheap monitor. It was better than I expected in terms of picture quality but she is one heavy gal lol. But yeah for me it's bright enough.