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  1. Nvidia GT1030

    the question is why you're buing a 6 year old system to shove a brand new GPU into it. but yes, it should work.
  2. Improving fan efficiency by reducing the tip gap.

    happen to ever seen how much dust tends to get built up in a system that doesnt have someone caring about a 2.75°c difference sitting in front of it? i've seen a "several mm wide" gap around fan blades get stuffed by dust in less than a year, having a <0.1mm gap in places like that is a jam waiting to happen. besides, i hope you didnt print that shroud in PLA
  3. Improving fan efficiency by reducing the tip gap.

    yes, and i've had several cases of said venturi AF "touching rim" in action due to less force than you'd imagine, coming to say, its in a dusty spot, the chance of dust or dirt getting in the way is probably a factor as well.
  4. Good BD Player For Desktop?

    i just got *literally* whatever the hardware store gave me when i said "a bluray burner" last time i used it was to copy a bluray to an .mkv, and it managed to convert twice as fast as watching the movie takes.
  5. Workstation laptop, what to get?

    buisiness laptop for what sort of buisiness exactly?
  6. Improving fan efficiency by reducing the tip gap.

    you can bend them out with one finger, without holding the fan in place to stop it from rotating away from your finger, *thats* how flimsy they are.
  7. Improving fan efficiency by reducing the tip gap.

    you REALLY dont need much force, especially on bigger fans, and when your tolerances are tending closer to zero, force required tends closer to zero. there's a golden middle way somewhere in there, which i guess most manufacturers have found. i'm sure that noctua could easily get their fans an extra edge in silence and efficiency, but i'm also sure that they dont want to degrade reliability.
  8. Improving fan efficiency by reducing the tip gap.

    now keep that there for 10 years, on something like for example a venturi AF: as opposed to.. you know, some sunun maglev.
  9. Improving fan efficiency by reducing the tip gap.

    my bet as to why manufacturers dont make that gap tighter is because it is already so narrow that "careless/forceful mounting" can warp the frame enough to make the blades touch. besides, they'd have to factor in long-term stuff like maybe over the course of 10K hours the fan blades could slightly warp from centrifugal forces, to name one extremely odd example.
  10. you know.. you can barely tell this is just a pale 3D print with electrical tape around it...



    oh, and ducktape feet offcourse :P

    1. 8uhbbhu8


      Oh my god. I love it!!!

  11. while on the throne i thought of an idea how intel could get money out of enthousiasts without making them angry:


    - have a somewhat seperate platform thats in between the regular desktop series, and the same-socket xeons.

    - it has a switch to go between "rig" and "workstation" modes

    - in "rig" mode it supports consumer chips and overclocking

    - in "workstation" mode it supports xeons and enables ECC support

    - have only one platform specific CPU, which is the same as whatever i7 is on the platform at that time

    - said CPU is supported in both modes, and switches features along with the board

    - instead of a power and reset switch, it has two power buttons, one for each mode

    - each mode has its own bios settings, down to fan control and boot drives

    - include on-board flash storage that allows you to store multiple bootloader partitions, and choose between them as boot options, or as backup and restore.


    in essence, the idea would be its a platform that "by day" can be a fully certified workstation with ECC memory, and "by night" can be a sick overclocked gaming rig, and while there's only one chip that supports both sides, the platform isnt "married" to that cpu, because when only using one specific mode it can use the chips of two different platforms.


    what's in it for intel:

    - they can charge enthousiasts more for a niche chipset

    - the section of workstation boards keeps to *actually workstation* boards, giving the enthousiast workstations their own category of crazy ideas.

    - it saves them from people yammering about the desktop platform being locked out of xeons.

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    2. manikyath


      pretty sure you can run ECC non-reg in non-ECC boards, just without ECC enabled.

    3. 8uhbbhu8


      hmmm But ECC only goes up to a certain speed doesn't it? I was thinking it would become a bottleneck in games?

    4. manikyath


      nah, with intel that's a non-issue, in the very best case you'd gain maybe a few frames.

  12. power on USB keyboard

    as in one of these: or the other way around?
  13. power on USB keyboard

    i think its due to the vastly different type of interface USB is, to listen for a USB keyboard input you'd essentially have to have the entire usb stack running, to know where the peripheral is, what presses are or arent happening etc. on the flip side, wake from ps2 is literally just sending power to the ps2 port, and waiting for an interrupt.
  14. so.. i got one of these x-mini speakers what must be like 6-ish years ago now..



    i just found it in my mostly un-used laptop bag, and decided to disassemble and clean because the rubberized casing got a bit yucky..


    and well.. i decided to fire it up outside of the casing while that was drying out.. this tiny ass spreaker really packs a punch.. and the quality actually doesn suck.

    1. manikyath


      recharged it (it was running off of the juice from when i last used it years ago) and now its bouncing again, like X-mini's do :P

  15. Best Dust Filters?

    nah, to be honest as long as it doesnt severely impact thermals, dust is literally only aesthetic.