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  1. from someone that has had vareous display setups straight out of hell: attaching factual value to upgrading monitors is really difficult, its kind of like upgrading your mouse or keyboard, as long as they work there's not much spec sheet sided stuff that'll decide worth, but you may view it differently due to experiences with your current setup. that said, that's one hell of a pricy monitor, but it'll gsync up and down trough a pretty large range from what i can find, so if your game cant make it up to 165fps, that's not really an issue. and seeing its slapping together 1440p, stupid high refresh rate, and gsync it's not *that* steep if you like to have all of those features. and something else i have to mention: dell monitor stands are freaking godlike, in hindsight i'd gladly pay €100 more for a pair of dell monitors than i did for my pair of benq monitors just for having those amazing stands.
  2. you can either use some bodge-y software solution (that'll probably not work very well), or you can take the display out the laptop and hook it up to some chinese display controller that plugs into your pc.
  3. if having your pc running overnight is bad for it, your pc needs some repairs.. the only thing it'll damage is your power bill
  4. not in the way you think.
  5. well.. a 1080, a 1070? but really.. why are you upgrading from a card that's less than a year old?
  6. yes.. to a point. you should care, to the point of having concluded they arent an issue, or concluded they are and fixed it. should also add that bodging a 40-50mm fan to your VRMs does A LOT for its thermals.
  7. it is not a root, it is a carrot. -- that said, my bet is that one of the many glorious bugs in ark is clogging up *something* (memory leak style) that reduces the speed things run at. i've given up figuring out why people lag on ark, there's too much wrong to even bother how to make things right. ark is the first place in history where i've encountered vertical tearing lines, they have somehow managed to do such a terrible job of making a game that having a default executable name (shootergame.exe -- much shooting happening) and a default "replace me" copyright footer are just mere details at the start of an endless journey with more depth than the game itself.
  8. it'd be really nice if companies talked about node yields more, because that sounds like a very plausible thing, but just like with HBM now, we dont really have a grasp on what goes down behind fab doors.
  9. they were all laptop parts.. and honestly.. it's a rare sight seeing 800 series laptops around because they appareantly were super unreliable (all laptops i've seen die when those hit shelves were 800 series GPU laptops, and i've seen a lot of them go by that year..) and were hot as all freaking hell, especially compared to the 900 series that replaced them the year after, and basicly kicked them off the market right away.
  10. then you, my friend, have been living under a rock. and potentially.. this fairly predictable ~20% performance bump per generation may be the reason why nvidia does so well.. because lets be honest, with AMD you just dont know what's gonna go down. a friend of mine is still rocking a pair of r9 295x2's waiting for AMD's new big toys to arrive, if ever. there's no doubt nvidia uses their strong marketshare and AMD's lackluster upgrade cycle as a way to inch up pricing at the high end, but if that bothers you, please be reminded that that is the reason i'm here as an nvidia user (mostly out of habit) recommending people RX480's over GTX1060s because AMD quite comfortably slid that thing RIGHT in there for the budget minded folks. now if only we had something to compete just one step higher.. nvidia can stick their GTX1080 and higher straight into their wallet, but the GTX1070 level of perfomance is something AMD really needs to find an answer to if they want to stay a relevant player, instead of "just that budget brand" of GPUs. IMO nvidia has kinda lost track of their own naming scheme with the GTX10 series, and i really hope a kick under their ass from AMD will solve that, but my worry (and lets be honest, that of all the professional folks AMD tried to ship this monstrousity to) is that that kick may not come soon, or ever.
  11. my first thought: oh snap, someone's not gonna get the aquired joke, and actually believe everyone at LMG is paid by nvidia...
  12. this is such a bad idea i question its legitimacy.. you cant make it past a captcha if you're this knobheaded.
  13. excel's poweruser features are simply more refined, which is kinda to be expected if applying common sense. excel has had a HUGE budget behind it, for a HUGE dev team, and has been used by a HUGE audience of power users willing to pay this cash for a good product. libreoffice is a fork off openoffice which are both funded by good will. libre's scripting engine is also WAY less powerful than excel, which has had a lot of refinement, and runs closer to bare metal than libre's which is essentially just some mess slapped onto java.
  14. remember epic sax guy?


    he's back for a second round:


  15. its a cable with a USB connector on one end, and a DC jack on the other. your best bet would be searching by connectors, if monoprice can do that. EDIT: and make darn sure that you dont buy one with the wrong DC jack, some are amazingly close visually but wont make propper electrical connection.