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    keeper of the magical rowenta space heater
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    i7 4790k
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    asus Z97 mark 2
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    16GB DDR3 1600 (corsair vengeance LP)
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    asus GTX970 strix
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    Fractal Design Define R5 (black, no window)
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    240GB sandisk Ultra II / 2TB WD black
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    corsair RM750
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    2x BenQ BL2420PT
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    Be Quiet dark rock advanced C1
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    logitech G110
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    logitech G500
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    hyperx cloud | pioneer vsx-c300 | PE HSV 40T
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    MSX anniversary
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    commonwealth in the former soviet banana republic of belgium
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  1. Tag for Best Answer.

    then i've just also been getting "like"-s every time someone marks me as best answer, great to know then
  2. as long as no power touches it, nothing can go wrong, just be patient for it to dry out. (which if it was just sweat, probably not talking "dunk in the sea" here)
  3. RAM 99% and not in game

    gonna need more info here.. - what hardware are you running, other than the ram? - what are we looking at software wise? - when is the last time you rebooted?
  4. Tag for Best Answer.

    iiirc, it notifies as a "like".
  5. Memory Match Question

    the closer they are, the more chance you have they work together. that said, i've totally made 4 random mismatched sticks work with some fiddling. the chance of it not working at all is VERY small, but i do recommend buying as close as you can, just for the potential saved headache.
  6. Logitech G903 charging pad

    because thats not doomed to go wrong at all.
  7. Logitech G903 charging pad

    but how will it ship?
  8. how about a laptop worth speaking off at all under 200USD? also.. why do these kind of topics always come from people who joined 9 minutes ago?
  9. Tag for Best Answer.

    the thread OP can already do that, i dont feel like it'd be a good idea to let other thread visitors give an opinion on what they believe is the best answer.
  10. or a sinewave so dodgy that the UPS cant straighten it out? i mean.. power grids can do some incredible stuff before your house lights even notice.
  11. did you happen to move since this thread was made? because if light flicker is notable, thats plenty to mess with your computer, and UPSes arent magical devices of power smoothing, they can only do so much, or kick over to battery.
  12. then why do you buy a 1000 watt power supply?
  13. mind you, that thing is only rated for 900 watts
  14. that i do agree on. or he may just have an absolutely hilareously bad power grid.
  15. agreed on the "best power supply on the market" thing here, although i dont think there's many people i'd recommend spending $1000 on a power supply.