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  1. if you want to, this forum falls under canadian law, and as far as i know canada is a free country that said, there's a rather small amount of people that would tell you such a gpu bracket is a good idea, because it leaves the vram and more importantly the VRMs with mediocre cooling. it will give you much better temperatures, because it watercools the thing that reads out the temperatures (aka the GPU die), but dont expect mindblowing overclocking results or super quiet operation.
  2. in a bit of a rough explanation: on the side of the cpu, you can see a "thread" like a lane of a highway, each thread can take one car per a given amount of time. a highway may have a number of lanes, in some different configurations, but in the end its all lanes. on the software side of things, a "thread" is a truck driving on the lanes of before mentioned highwy. if a piece of software only has one "thread", it can only use one lane at a time, leaving the others of your cpu unused. if a piece of software has multiple "threads" (for example, chrome has a thread for every tab and every plugin you have) these are multiple trucks that can be spread out over the lanes of the highway.
  3. last time i checked, lower center of gravity makes things more stabile. i have a system with a seasonic prime in the top, that thing cant wait to fall over
  4. 8x, not 16x. and on the crossfire side of things, thats 4x.
  5. totally on accident i got a mobo for my server that has a 4x slot just for this kind of purpose, or in my case, a chinese raid card
  6. *if plugged into the right pcie slot on the motherboard, consult your motherboard manual for more information. -- on topic, as long as you have enough bandwidth (which is extremely unlikely you dont with 8 lanes, if not for some intensely bad coding on the game side of things) there's no notable difference.
  7. that would be a reasonable assumption to make since we're on a tech forum and not the sewing corner of the local bingo center, but then it'd be sensible for it to be under CPU, not under general.
  8. a.. thread? a thread? or a thread?
  9. define R5 seems a good fit, and with that seasonic prime 750w titanium in the bottom that case will weigh more than a kid pulling on it to make it fall over
  10. in the words of a friend of mine who lives in israel: it all sucks.
  11. my main rig struggles to break the 300W barrier, 750W power supply, because fanless operation my server... can barely touch 100W and it has a 650W 80+ titanium power supply
  12. d03778dc10.jpg

    first 4 science packs automated, this is getting out of hand xD

  13. i slice my preference for fan brands in 4 categories: - dirt cheap: xilence - price/performance sweet spot: the black & white fractal design fans (and probably about every other case manufacturer in the same price bracket) - best of the best, and its not gonna be in my face: noctua - best of the best, and is defenately gonna be in my face: fractal design venturi. there's a notable amount of diminishing return on the high end of that, and there's a notable "this is garbage" on the low end of that. but in the middle.. between the fans i've seen.. its down to looks and preference.
  14. make a backup, make sure its not your only phone, and just in case prepare to have a few sleepless nights to get it to work. oh, and do research, LOTS of research.
  15. i expected it to be something that "clicks" onto the underside of the macbook in kind of a "semi permanent" way like the extended batteries for elitebooks do.. i'd have found that a much better solution.