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  1. Is this a bad battery?

    what does the OS say about the battery? besides that, this looks like a wonky charger to me.
  2. UPS Sugession

    if the UPS cant provide the amount of power requested, it'll either shut down (if its a decent unit), or go thermonuclear (if you buy garbage) that said, as before mentioned run times are quite.. "minimal". you'd probably want to buy a higher spec unit just for the extra run time of running it closer to 50% capacity.
  3. UPS Sugession

    the point of a UPS is to bridge gaps, or at least give you the time to shut down. most UPSes for home use, when maxed out, will have difficulty hitting the 15 minute mark.
  4. HP's "Landfiller" Desktop PC

    my guess on why, is that the cases they use for these bottom-of-the-barrel shitboxes are actually also used for decent systems, except the decent systems *do* have the expected cutouts. guess its cheaper to just take a case they have off the assembly line sooner, than it is to engineer a smaller chassis just for these things. that said, for as long as the board *works* it makes for a really powerful oversized raspberry pi
  5. so.. new experience today..


    i went to the supermarket, but i was 15 minutes early and the supermarket wasnt opened yet.

    thing is, our local supermarket has a bakery/snackbar attached to it which opens before the actual supermarket does.


    so.. i had breakfast *at* the supermarket today.

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    2. Jtalk4456


      you said "breakfast" I thought you meant some good old eggs and bacon, maybe a bagel

      you LIED to me!


    3. manikyath


      well.. you can get something more extravagant there too, but i'm not a breakfast person.

    4. Jtalk4456
  6. Power Usage of TDP = Power Consumption?

    as mentioned, TDP is a measure of thermal output. adding up the TDP of all major components (this includes memory) theoretically will approximate your power consumption because the only way it can leave your system is trough heat or light. that said, dont use tdp to estimate power draw, it *will* be off in ways you dont expect. just get some sort of power meter to plug into the wall socket if you want to figure out power draw, or a current clamp (these are pricy) if you wanna know about power draw on specific connectors.
  7. this sounds more of a "bad luck" case than actually being caused by the specific situation. in one of my "for shits & giggles" builds i have the psu being held in place by a PCI slot, as long as you're not touching contacts or bending the board, nothing should be wrong. that said, as @M.Yurizaki said, electrical tape (or any other non-conductive tape) is a good peace of mind.
  8. windows is downloading an update for the calculator app..


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    2. manikyath


      remember when ios11 -> no, i quit at 4.2.1

    3. BlueChinchillaEatingDorito


      @themctipers they did add fluent design to the calculator app. Though for me it's sort of hit or miss. Sometimes it gets the memo to do it, sometimes it doesn't. 

    4. themctipers


      pre iOS 7:

      Image result for ios 3 calculator

      iOS 11 calculator:


      Image result for ios 11 calculator


  9. so.. nzxt made a power supply that lets you monitor wattage on the 12 volt rail...

    which IMO is the least interesting rail to monitor. 

    two facts about the 12 volt rail:

    - you expect the voltage to be rock solid in any decent power supply.

    - its available wattage suffices, because its the decisive factor in choosing a power supply.


    here's more intreresting stuff to monitor:

    - the 5 volt rail power draw (because USB)

    - the input voltage

    - stability of input power

    - input wattage ('from the wall')

    - power consumption figures over time

    - those figures combined with a configurable dollar amount.


    if nzxt can give me that i'll bother, otherwise no thanks.

    1. Comic_Sans_MS


      Exactly that. That replaces the need for a smart UPS, and the data collected is nice, and combined. Also, I love data, so that'd just be amazing. Data is amazing.

  10. Ps4 you dont use

    asking for free hardware on a forum with no other reasoning that "i cant afford it"? you'd get a smack in the face at most. if you look around enough, there's someone asking for free hardware every day.
  11. Windows crashing because of thread count exceeded?

    i found your problem. snarkyness aside.. run antivirus scan, antimalware scan, get rid of any software on your system that you dont need, and go from there. i'm taking a wild guess this is something software related. also, for good measure this.
  12. my guess is its just disappointing drivers, but past that.. have you snooped around the ubuntu forms yet?
  13. we have noble chairs at work, more specificly the leather EPIC series, in white. and.. sitting on an AKracing at home, and having had one of those ergonomic office chairs.. i'd toss both those out the window in trade for a noble chair. for all the irony in having bucket-style car seats at your office.. noble managed to put the quality you'd expect from a nice car seat into a desk chair, at a price thats still more palettable than something like herman miller. but yes, the majority of "gaming" chairs.. is mediocrity for a profit.
  14. Best hardware monitor

    i like hwinfo, combined with a rainmeter skin, but to be completely honest with you, refreshing more than once per second is going to cost you more cpu power than you could stand to gain from monitoring your system.
  15. so.. i tried wood glue to prime my 3D printer's print bed.


    it is garbage.

    1. manikyath


      wood glue + water is a very good cleaner for buildtak tho :P