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  1. you should realise it's not 2007 anymore, and install windows 10.
  2. compared to having fans spinning.. it's neglible.. this is about 2 watts, for example.
  3. AMD has drivers for W7, but MS themselves doesnt support running windows on ryzen so wether or not AMD wants to support it or not, it's not exactly a good idea.
  4. i think it was an "exclusive" thing for the people who funded a certain amount of money into the new office thing they had going a while back.
  5. afaik the only thing that's more or less 21:9 (not exact) is movies made for 2.39:1 cinemas, which i dont exactly think you can find on store shelves as DVDs as it stands the most common aspect ratios are still 4:3 and 16:9, with 4:3 slowly becoming a dying race. -- as for OP's question as for recommending 16:10.. if you want that tiny slip of extra vertical space, buy 16:9 and learn to work with your taskbar to the left or right, it's more awesome than people give it credit for.
  6. exactly why the people who engineered it didnt mind windows XP.
  7. 16:10 is a standard but as said.. it's more useful for productivity, and even there the benefits are questionable because usually 16:10 displays are narrower, instead of being taller.
  8. i have a 32GB lexar usb stick.. only ever used it because it was 32GB because everything else about it was bleh..
  9. this. it's often not that they dont want to upgrade to a new OS, it's that the 3 million bill may have been a 6 million one if they had to re-engineer all this crap for lets say.. windows 10.. which FYI.. windows 10 calls home constantly, which would you rather have on your aircraft carrier?
  10. because "some dumbass" can magically hook an aircraft carrier into the internet. if this is connected to any network at all, it'll be straight hardware sticking it into a virtual armored fortress with no way out or in except for those who specificly require it (which, for example, wouldnt be youtube.)
  11. i just wanna note that streaming at 1440p would be utterly useless. the people who have displays big enough to "see" a 1440p stream is a stupidly low percentage, the people who would use that *entire* display for content consumption is once again only a tiny slice of that, and for about everyone else that would watch your stream (that have any idea what they're on about) would rather have you put more bitrate into your 1080p stream than squeeze out a 1440p one.
  12. yeah.. thats defenately an icy box issue as well
  13. if have budget for quality, you could look into icy box. they make some pretty nice stuff, but you end up paying for that.. beyond that, sharkoon, being the chinese giant they are, has a whole range of enclosures, one of which might be your perfect fit.
  14. i have this monstrousity from sharkoon, and so far it's served me well: it's got SATA on one side, laptop IDE on the other, and the rubber plug covers the desktop IDE interface. it also supports "hardware" write-locking the drive so you cant write to it. EDIT: forgot to mention, it comes with a power adapter that feels of sufficient quality to rely on (which unfortunately isnt exactly a given..)
  15. doesnt quite fit a dell sff that said, if you want to go the route you're going, a dell sff is probably not a very good starting point..